The Rugged Path

18 years after the Battle of Yavin...
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The Rugged Path

Post by Topgun220 » Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:48 am

The thick tabacc smoke clouded the vision of those at the table, the dim lighting did not help either. Despite the vision hinderances all could clearly see their hands. Three human men, a Zabrak, and a togruta all sat at the table. There was dead silence as a recently placed bet by the Zabrak was waiting to be called by the others. They folded in turn except when it was his turn, the human was in a dark blue trenchcoat. His face was stern and a few small scars could be seen even in the poor sight conditions, he called the bet. The zabrak grinned and laid his hand down, the human was emotionless as he set down his slightly better hand.

The Zabrak looked at the human's cards, then to the human, then back to the cards. He rose up, yelling a pointing at the human. "You cheating scum I know you have something up your sleeve!" The zabrak grabbed the hand of the human and turned it palm up. A circular scar roughly the size of a blaster muzzle was directly on the palm of the man's hand. The Zabrak never got to pull up the man's sleeve. The man lashed out with his free hand, gripping the Zabrak's forearm and pulling it off his hand.

"Don't touch me." He released the Zabrak as he stumbled back, the Human remaining seated as others around the table were cautiously backing away a bit. "I will offer you a chance to win back your money, sit and play another hand." The Zabrak sat slowly, suspicious of the man. The others also returned to the table. A few hands went by and the Zabrak slowly won some of his money back. Eventually they found themselves once again in a large pot, the human placed a massive bet.

"I don't have the money to call but I will place my starship, a Vanguard-class Heavy Gunship, as collateral." The human nodded, and laid down his cards. The zabrak's grin dropped immediately, he reached into his holster and withdrew a blaster. The human still did not react.

"You are a dirty cheater!" The zabrak yelled pointing his gun at the human.

"You never should have called that large of a bet with that bad of a hand." The human said simply, the Zabrak straightened his arm and took aim at the human. The man waved his hand and the blaster flew away from the zabrak's hands. Startled the horned alien stumbled backwards and nearly fell. "You will now transfer the ownership of your starship to me, Xavier Corwyn, and I shall pay you half of what it is worth...a much better deal than you deserve." The zabrak did as he was told.

Xavier walked out of the cantina quietly but his path was blocked. Three men armed with blaster pistols stood in his way. "We don't appreciate special folk like you coming in here and taking our money." The closest one said menacingly.

"I don't have time for this, leave me be and you'll live." The men looked between themselves before raising their blasters. Xavier thrust his hand forward and all three men were knocked back off their feet. Xavier drew two blaster pistols and fired quick precise shots as they rose. He shot each of them in their weapon arm and one of their knee caps. Xavier holstered his blasters and continued on his way as the men rolled about on the ground screaming in pain.

Xavier arrived at his new ship, The Lucky Shot, not long after. After several days on Nar Shaddaa Xavier had amassed a small fortune using his jedi powers to give him the upper hand in numerous card games. Master Genwil would not approve but Master Genwil was not here. He had left during the Xen'Chi war, Xavier had left Onderon shortly after. Technically his jedi training was complete but due to his troubles with the dark side they refused to let him undergo the knight trials. So he left them all behind, he would find his own way.

He wanted to travel to Ossus, the ancient jedi artifacts there might offer some guidance or help. He just wanted things to be clear for him, clean cut and understandable. He was dealing with too much gray, too many maybes or what ifs. Xavier needed a crew though, he could fly the ship himself but he would prefer it left in more capable hands. Not to mention he was no archealogical expert or a mechanic, yes he needed a crew or he wouldn't be going anywhere.
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