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STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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“Unknown, this enemy is” The former grandmaster stated. “when facing them, caution must be had,” and rested on his cane, his diminutive stature feeling the weight of age. It wasn’t often that Yoda felt compelled to approach the Jedi Council these days, since it was in the capable hands of Obi Wan Kenobi, but in this case, the former Grandmaster knew that he would be needed. He shook his head “Rush not into battle, we can.”

Anakin Skywalker ran his fingers through his graying hair. “I agree, Master Yoda. The events on Tattooine proved that.” He turned to the current Grandmaster. “The expeditionary team were all eliminated, their weapons seemed useless, and their Armor was completely ineffective from the limited information that was sent back.” The Jedi Master stated, tapping his right hand on the council chair, and brought up a display panel. “They’re from a structure which has recently appeared in the western Jungland Wastes.” Skywalker stated, pointing to the Pyramid building. “The Republic forces haven’t been able to get close enough to conduct a full scan, but it’s believed that it continues underground. Its surrounded by a shield, which not only acts as a protective barrier, but as an anti-personnel countermeasure.” He turned off the display. “We have offered our assistance to Chancellor Organa. He has authorized the Jedi to investigate, so long as we do not interfere with the military action currently in progress.”

Kenobi sat in deep thought. There had been an agreement after the Clone Wars that the Jedi would remain out of the Republics military affairs unless tasked by the Senate. The then Chancellor Palpatine had orchestrated the events with the Separatists, the Republic and the Jedi, all in an attempt to wrest power for himself. The war kept all involved focused on the conflict rather than the true enemy, Darth Sideous. The Sith Lord had even attempted to seduce his own apprentice, Anakin to the Dark Side, and had nearly succeeded. Anakin had said that without the intervention of the civilian who had spoken with him before he joined Mace Windu in arresting the Chancellor, It may have turned out completely differently.

“I agree with Bail Organa on this, we should dispatch Jedi to the location, purely on an observational capacity of course.” Kenobi finally said. “We should see for ourselves what has occurred.”

Master Windu, sitting to the right of him, nodded in agreement. “Have you a suggestion of whom to send.” Kenobi looked to his former Padawan, who suddenly looked much like the younger man of 20 years prior. “Actually, Master Windu…” he paused. “I’ve asked two of our finest, who were in the Outer Rim as it was to look into it.” Kenobi raised an eyebrow.

“And these two would be…” though he was certain that he knew the answer.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ROGUE SHADOW: TATTOOINE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker eyes glanced over the controls, as the counter slowly clicked down to zero. “Were about to revert, Galen. One minute.” He said, feeling the area on the back of his head, where his Padawan braid had been only a few weeks earlier. Jedi Knight Galen Marek took his place at the Co-Pilots seat, noticing his young partner’s actions. “It takes time to get use to not having it.” He said, smirking. Luke and his twin sister, Leia both began Jedi training at the same time. Somehow, Luke had completed his trials earlier than Leia had.

Luke glanced over. “Not having what?” the younger Jedi asked, feeling self conscious and returning his gaze back on the console.

Galen smiled broadly. “Nothing.” He said. “What’s the closest star port to the location of the pyramid?” He said, bringing his own console to life. “Mos Eisley, it’s the closest by speeder bike.” Luke sighed. “I wonder what we’ll find there.” Galen shook his head. “From the message Master Skywalker sent, nothing good. The expeditionary team sent by Colonel Talmut ended in disaster.” As the Rogue Shadow broke from Hyperspace into the very real space near Tattooine, Six Republic Stardestroyers sat in orbit around the backwater world, with white and red TIE Fighters moving in a basic patrol pattern. “Well, that’s interesting.” The older Jedi said. Luke looked glanced over. “How so, we knew that the Republic was here. It makes sense that they would have a sizable force.”

“But the pattern they’re in is to keep outgoing vessels from leaving. They’ve stopped all traffic in and out of the planet. They wouldn’t stop” Galen stated, and punched up the transponder codes, patching a line to the Tac-net.

“This is the Jedi Order vessel Rogue Shadow, requesting permission to pass through the blockade on official business..” and within a few moments, received a response.

<<<Approved, Rogue Shadow. Proceed to Mos Eisley Spaceport heading vector 209-46-6: Docking bay 65 is clear. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in the city for crowd control. Colonel Talmut will be expecting you.>>>

“Understood.” and looked over to Luke. “Were clear, take us down.”

Luke nodded. “Galen..” he began. “We should check on my Aunt and Uncle, especially if something is happening that…” Marek held up his hand. “I know Baru and Owen too, Remember. I was your fathers Padawan, and I was practically raised with You, Leia and Taya.” He said. “They are very much in my mind as well.” Luke nodded, and brought the Rogue Shadow into descent into Mos Eisley.


It was night on Mos Eisley as Luke and Galen moved through the Star port, and both could tell that tensions were high. Even without the force to increase their empathy could tell this, as the owners of the ships in the docking bays were shut down. As the two Jedi walked down the promenade, angry eyes followed them, followed by cat calls from others whom they had already passed. Galen just let it roll off his back, as they were just words, and they were frustrated with their cargo’s just sitting. Much of a long haulers profession is being able to get their cargos to their destination on, if not under, time. At this point, they will have to eat some of the profit during this crisis. To some, it would be an inconvenience. To others, it could easily ruin them. Republic Troopers were patrolling the Starport, ensuring that nothing got out of hand, which to this point, was relatively peaceful.

They stepped out into the evening winds of Tattooine, and headed towards the Command Center for the Republic Military, which oddly enough is situated next to Chalmans Cantina. More troops were in the streets, moving towards the end of town. Numerous blue and white AT-AT and AT-HT could be seen in the distance, sitting in Idle. Galen pointed towards the command center, where there was a large crowd of Spacers standing about outside, listening to one another civillian. As the two Jedi approached, they could hear the man standing in front of the crowds.

“The best chance most of you have of getting off this world is to agree to take refugee’s with you. Their not going to be able to hold them off for long..” the man said. His attire didn’t match what passed the for the norm on Tattooine, which marked him as a probable spacer. “You..” he pointed into the crowd. “Yeah, you, with the Wookie..” he said. “How much space do you have in your holds.”

The man he pointed at, a Corellian, shook his head. “Maybe you haven’t looked around, but there aren’t enough ships here to take the whole population of Mos Eisley off world, let alone the rest of the settlements, pal.” He said.

The man rolled his eyes. “I didn’t say the population, I said Refugees.. The Soldiers won’t be able to stop them before they start to branch out to the settlements.” The Corellian’s face changed from frustration to understanding, as The wookie growlfed something behind him. “Good question, Partner. Who’s THEY?”

The man paused a moment before answering. “Daleks…” he said. “Next Question..”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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“Come on Taya.” Crystal knocked at the door of the refresher. “You’re going to make us late. The council has asked us to be there right now!”

“They’ll wait.” The reply came back in a very nonchalant voice.

“Taya, you may be a Skywalker and you might get away with it, but I’m not! Hurry up!”

“But you are my best friend.” Taya came out of the refresher with a towel hung around her body, and her crimson red hair lying across her shoulders. Taya smiled at Crystal as she brushed her hand across her cheeks. “You know me Hun, and so does the council. They will wait for us.” Taya walked into her room letting the doors close behind her.

“I can’t believe that you are taking our first assignment as Knights with such a terrible attitude. We’ve been friends throughout all of our training, and I still say that with a friend like you, I don’t need any enemies.” Crystal stormed out of the main living quarters that she had spent the past eleven years in, and headed to the council chambers.

The doors opened and Crystal entered in among the members of the council. “Crystal Roshia it is good to see you are doing well.” Obi-Wan smiled at his former student. “But where is your friend?”

Crystal’s eyes rolled back somewhat as she tried to think of an excuse. “Well, Master Kenobi. Taya had to get ready, and didn’t realize…”

“What time it was.” Anakin interrupted and then looked down upon Crystal with a stern look.

“Well, Master Skywalker.” Crystal began to stumble. “She just had to…”

“I had to get all dolled up for the council.” Taya walked into the room dressed in black leather, and a black Jedi cloak flowing behind her. “You wouldn’t want me to show up in a towel now would you?”

Anakin felt his eyes roll into his head on the response.

“To be late, is to show disrespect it is. However, time we have for these conversations we do not.” Master Yoda walked up from behind Anakin. “Time it is to start this meeting.”

“Master Yoda is correct.” Obi-Wan took his seat and looked across the girls. “We’ve been deliberating on where to send you, for your first mission. We thought about sending you both out on separate missions, but upon Master Yoda’s request we are going to send you together.”

“Master Kenobi, isn’t that quite unusual?” Crystal asked bowing graciously as she spoke.

“Unusual it is, however needed, I believe it to be.” Yoda sat back into the chair that they had brought in for him.

“What is our mission then?” Crystal asked anxiously.

“Impatient are we?” Mace asked as he leaned forward.

“Not impatient Master Windu. Just anxious to serve the council, Master.” Crystal kept her mind clear as she could.

“You both have been chosen to go to the world of Zahntou on the outer rim. There you will deliberate with the upper class. They have asked us to send a Master Jedi to represent the Jedi order in this matter. However, Master Yoda has advised us that he believes sending a Master Jedi would do more harm than good, in this case.”

“May I ask why that is?” Crystal looked back over to Yoda.

“Need a reason, you do not. Deliberate this, you will.”

“Yes Master Yoda, whom shall we contact on Zahntou?”

“You will ask to speak with Zahn Chaolf. He is the leader of that world. The senator of Zahntou has given us all the information you will need to get through the defenses of the world.” Master Windu held out a datapad.
Taya reached out and took it from him.

“Is there anything else Master’s?” Crystal asked as she bowed again.

“The Darkside, strong is it on Zahntou. Be careful of who you trust.” Master Yoda responded.

“Remember Crystal. Be mindful of your feelings.” Obi-Wan looked over his former student. “That goes for you as well Taya.”

“And may the Force be with you.” Master Windu finished up.

Taya and Crystal both bowed before the Masters.

“Wait up Taya.” Anakin stood from his seat, and put his arm around her shoulders. “I see much of me in you, and that scares me.” Anakin started walking out the door with the girls. “Please, be careful. And Crystal, I’m going to hold you…”

“I know, I know. I’m going to be held responsible for getting you your daughter back in one piece. Why should that change now?” Crystal smiled at began to walk slightly faster, giving Taya a bit of time with her father.

“Taya, take care of Crystal as well. She has a good mind on her, and a wonderful heart. But I think she may need your saber expertise.”

“Yes father, I think I can handle this one.”

“I hope so.” Anakin smiled and ran his fingers through her hair. “May the Force be with you, always.” Anakin released her hair, and started walking back towards the chambers.

“And with you also, father.” Taya quietly said, knowing he would hear her.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Zahntou Capital<<<<<<<<<<<

“I don’t care what it takes, you will stop them from entering the capital building. Is that understood?”

“But sir, there are too many of them.”

“Then start blasting them with your blaster staffs. I don’t care what it takes, just do it!”

“Yes sir.”

The guard left the throne room and made his way down to where the riot was taking place. This was the third riot in the past week. It was starting to get out of hand, and though he didn’t want to, he had to get some help. The Jedi were now on their way, and soon they would make sure that everything went back to normal, or so he thought.

>>>>>>>>>>>>A few hours later<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

“Sir, the Jedi have landed, and are on their way here.”

“Has the riot stopped?” the Zahn asked firmly.

“Not yet, sir. They are still fighting back sir.”

“With what? They don’t have any weapons.”

“Actually sir, they do. They have come out with blasters and have started firing back at us. We had to take cover in order to keep alive.”

“Blasters? Why wasn’t I informed of this immediately?”

“Because we had our hand’s quite full Sir, I only left the fight to bring you the information about the Jedi.”

“If the riot is still going, how do you expect the Jedi to even get in here?”

“I don’t know Sir.”

>>>>>>>>>>>>Outside the palace doors<<<<<<<<<<<

“FREEDOM!” A shout came out from the crowd. “We fight for Freedom!” suddenly the riot began to settle down some as a man took a step up onto a statue of the Zahn. “That is what brings us here, to this place today. We aren’t asking for more money are we?”

“No!” The crowd shouted back.

“We aren’t asking them to sacrifice anything, are we?”


“What is it that we are asking for?”

“FREEDOM!” The voices came back.

“We didn’t come here to fight them with blasters, or with our fists. We came here to fight with words. Put away your blasters, and stop the fighting! We want our freedom, but we won’t get it by killing them!”
A silence went across the crowd. The man thought he had won them over, until he noticed that they were no longer staring at him. He slowly turned to see two robed figures one in white, and the other in black, walking up from behind him.

“Master Jedi!” the man jumped down from the statue. “You have come to help us, yes?”

“That greatly depends on who you are.” Taya pulled down her hood, uncovering her crimson red hair. “So, who are you?” Taya spoke with complete confidence in herself, and in her speech. Her words came out as if they were from the man’s best friend.

“My name is Thaof Oddelson, Master Jedi.”

“Then I’m afraid we didn’t come to talk to you, yet.” Taya began walking towards the capital as Crystal made her way following her. “You know what’s strange Crystal?”

“What’s that Taya?”

“You always talk to the Senators, the Jedi Masters, and the politicians. But I always end up talking to all the common people.” Taya smiled back at Crystal as the crowd continued to let them through.

“That’s because you never learned how to show respect. You always try to tie them around your finger, if not with your sweet, kind, innocent, yet misleading, voice, then by your flirtatious mannerisms.” Crystal pulled her hood of the cloak off, letting her jet black hair flow down her back.

“Oh come on now, I don’t flirt with everyone…”

“If it’s breathing, has a heartbeat, and can look you in the eyes, you do. Otherwise, I’d agree with you.”

Taya gave a small giggle as she started up the now clear stairs. As they got closer, suddenly Taya turned on her saber and blocked a staff blast from hitting her. “We are Jedi Knights. We are here to see the Zahn.” Crystal spoke up as Taya’s saber remained lit.

“Our apologies Master Jedi.” One of the guards spoke up and came out from behind the pillar. “If you will follow me, I will take you to the Zahn.”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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“The Jedi are here, sir.” The guard spoke as he entered the room.

“Why thank you for coming so quickly, Master …” The Zahn turned on his heels and saw the two women standing before him. “What is this? A joke?” he barked over their heads.

“I assure you that his is no joke Zahn Chaolf.” Crystal took a couple steps forward. “We are here to investigate the situation.”

“So, I ask for Jedi Masters, and they send me their children? I find this very insulting. The Jedi have made a mockery of the situation here. I have no use for you children!”

“Zahn Chaolf, I guarantee you that though we look...” Crystal began to speak but Taya interrupted her.

“You’re right Zahn, you have no use for us whatsoever, and we’ll go ahead and go back to the council and tell them that you don’t really need our help after all.” Taya turned and started walking towards the door, grabbing a hold of Crystal and taking her along.

The Zahn thought for a moment as he watched the Jedi walk towards the door. “Wait.”

“Wait for what, Zahn? Is there something you need from us?” Taya’s voice showed her irritation with being called a child, and basically useless to the situation.

“My apologies …” the Zahn took a deep breath before continuing. “Jedi. You must understand my disappointment, I was hoping to have an older one here, who could take care of this problem quickly.”

“What’s the problem?” Crystal walked back over to him as he pointed out the chairs that were sitting in his office.

“Please, sit.” The Zahn sat down in a large comfy looking chair. “Well, you see, we have a problem with the Cahn.”

“The Cahn?” Crystal questioned as she rested her hand on her saber.

“Yes, they are what would be considered the workers, the miners. They are needed to get the ore that your republic needs for the creation of your shields on your ships. Without them working, I’m afraid that our next shipment will be greatly delayed, which may cause the Republic to lose its influence in certain sectors.”

“We are aware of what the ore does for the Republic. But what do you want us to do about it?” Taya spoke up, in the same tone of voice that she now seemed to carry over into a sarcastic attitude.

“I want you to convince them to get back to work. What else would I call a Jedi here for?” The Zahn stood from his chair. “And if you can’t get them to go back to work, then you can go back to your council, and tell them that you failed, and because of your failure the Republics ore will be late, or they may not get it at all.”

“You listen up here…” Taya began to speak, as Crystal stood up and raised her hand.

“Zahn Chaolf, we will investigate the situation and see what we can do. I cannot promise anything yet, but I will promise that we will get to the bottom of whatever is going on here.”

“Then I suppose if that’s all I can expect from you Jedi, then I’ll have to accept it. Let your Masters know that I am very disappointed in their choice of representatives, and I am going to file a formal complaint with the Senate about it.”
Taya opened her mouth and Crystals hand grabbed her arm, squeezing slightly.

“Thank you Zahn, I hope we fulfill all of your needs.” Crystal tugged on Taya’s arm as she made her way toward the door.
After getting into the hallway several guards came up from behind them to escort them out of the palace.

“Why did you stop me? He needed to hear it!” Taya began to rage at Crystal.

“Simple, if we tell him what we think of him, he will become very uncooperative, and in that we will not be doing our duty as Jedi. Despite the fact that he is a ranting, self serving, arrogant leader, we still need him.” Crystal whispered to Taya.

Taya took in a deep breath and nodded. “Okay, so what are we going to do now?”

“I think we should contact the council, let them know how well it’s going already.” The girls got down to the bottom of the steps and began walking through crowds again. The people backed away from them as they passed them by. Crystal noticed the man who had earlier been giving a speech to the people, and walked up to him. “Hello, I am Crystal Roshia, Jedi Knight. May I ask who represents your people?”

“I suppose that’s me.” Thaof responded. “I didn’t ask for the job, but it seems that it’s been thrown upon me.”

“It is not very often that our destiny finds us so quickly in life.” Crystal smiled as she spouted off some wisdom she had learned over the years. “Would you mind walking with us back to the starport? We need to make contact with the council, but we’d like to hear both sides of the dispute.”

“Sure, I can do that.” Thaof smiled at Taya and began walking in front of them both.
One question after another, the girls began to ask of him. With every question it seemed that they sided more with Thaof than they could with the Zahn.

After reaching the starport the girls said goodbye and set up their communications to the Jedi council.
“Master Kenobi..” Crystal began to speak.

“Yes Crystal, what is it?”

“It would seem that Master Yoda is correct. There does seem to be something behind all of this, that is lying below the surface. The Zahn is a rather arrogant…”

“You are not there to judge little one.” Obi-Wan smiled at her.

“Of course not Master, but he seems to believe that he is better than those of what they call the Cahn. We’ve been told that the meaning of the word is basically the same as calling them bantha fodder on Tatooine. It would seem that they use the work class, and really don’t give them a say in any of it. The riots are based on wanting freedom from the oppression of serving in the mines.”

“Look harder into this you must.” Yoda’s voice rang out through the holograms. “For more I see there is in the motives of the people.”

“Master Yoda, you must agree that enslaving the people here is a bad thing.”

“Agree with you I do, but search through things you must. Find what hides, keep your eyes on the things that you can feel, not just see.”

“Yes Master.” Crystal pushed a button on the ship and then nodded her head. “Guess our work is cut out for us, Taya.”

“Tell you what Crystal. You deal with the Zahn, and I’ll take the common people. I’m sure with us both working on it on both sides, we’re sure to come up with an answer.”

"Okay Taya, but be careful."

"You know me." Taya smiled and took off towards the starport entrance.

"That's what scares me." Crystal whispered as she too started back toward the palace.
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Mos Eisley Spaceport: Tattooine

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Galen stepped forward. “What do you know about the pyramind on in the Wastes” he said as he moved through the crowd, Luke following close behind keeping an eye on the crowd. “If you have information, you should start by informing the Colonel all you know about these Darleks.” The crowd turned towards the two Jedi, and parted slightly. The Civilian who was speaking to the crowd raised an eyebrow. “Daleks.. DAH’Leks... And He already knows. Told him straight away when the Pyramid showed up.” The man said in a distinct Corscanti accent. “Tried to get him to start bringing the settlers into Mos Eisley, readying them for an evacuation before the Daleks started to expand out from their base. He decided to take troops out to the Pyramid,” and thought a moment. “But that wasn’t what you asked, was it.. Its IN the wastes, not On. In.. About a mile or so down IN, actually, and I know far too much about them.”

The Corellian snarled, “HEY!” He shouted, snapping his fingers. “Back on topic. You said that the settlements are going to be under attack by these Daleks. What’s a Dalek.” His partner snarled out in agreement.

“Quite right.. Hateful creatures, who’ll eradicate anything that’s not them, nearly invulnerable to all attacks.. unless they need a labor force, which may be worse.. Theyre drawn to the unique nature of Tatoo I and II. It creates a very rich field of uninterrupted energy for them to stage an expeditionary force here.. do you really want to hear this?”

Luke looked around at the crown, and noticed that they had added more spacers to their number. He nudged Galen. “This could get ugly really quick.” The man took a double take, as if seeing the Jedi for the first time. “HA! Jedi knights! Brilliant.” He said with a broad grin, and turned back to the corellian. “What was your name again?”

“I didn’t give it” the corellian snarled, and got a nudge from the Wookiee. He looked back over his shoulder, and gave up. “Solo. Han Solo. Captain of the Milli..”

“Good, take over here. Start getting the volunteers set up to take off refugees when they start coming in..” he said, hopping off of the crate, “and place a call to the task force commander.. Thrawn, I think his name was. Tell him the plan and get the ball rolling..” and pointed towards the main hatchway to the command post, and headed towards it. Luke looked over to Galen, and shrugging, followed. Galen stood a moment, looking at the Corellian named Solo. For a moment, he stood there, stewing in his own juices, then inexplicably, hopped up on the box. “Ok, Rinto,” he said, pointing at a Bothan spacer “How many people can the Chantoux take..”

Galen smiled, and followed his partner into the command center…

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Jungland Wastes<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

“Blue team, Report” Colonel Talmut said from the lead AT-HT, the heavier model of the AT-AT. The small hologram of the Troop commander saluted back, his phase lll armor’s unit paint annotatioing him as from the 102nd battalion. <<Were closing in on the shield surrounding the pyramid, sir. We should breach in 30 seconds>> the commander stated. Talmut nodded. “proceed with caution, the shield is also an antipersonnel weapon. .”

They had sent in probe droids at first, which were destroyed after initial contact with the pyramid. The next attack group sent in was likewise killed, their bodies still littering the desert surrounding the shield. After watching the data from their Armor Recorders showed that they died when the shield expanded across them. There had been no marks on them, they were just dead. Eighty troopers..

Now, he had eight hundred, nearly the entire battalion with the exception of rear area security and logistical support. They had destabilizers to shut the shields down, and once that is complete, they will bring the AT-ATs in. It would end much more differently this time.

The 102nd commander came back on. <<Shield breached, Colonel. We are moving in.>>

Nodding, he hit the Tac Net. “Advance..”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mos Eisley Command Center<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,

“There, that’s better.” The Civillian stated, now inside the relative quiet of the command center. “couldn’t hear myself think out there.” And looked at the two Jedi. “Honestly, Im hoping I’m wrong about what I think is happening in the Wastes. “ he said, moving behind the consoles joining one of the logistical troopers. Luke crossed his arms. “So your not even sure that these Daleks are there? Your creating panic for no reason.”

“Oh, their Daleks.. Oh, yes..” he said, placing a pair of ancient spectacles on his eyes. “I’m hoping that I’m wrong about their place within the Dalek command structure.” He patted the trooper on the shoulder. “Can you bring that up to the main screen?” the trooper nodded, and a short keystroke later, had the tactical map up. “On screen, Marshal.”

Galen raised an eyebrow. “Marshal…”

“Oh, sorry.. “ and produced credentials. Blank paper was inside of a Ident wallet. Both Galen and Luke examined the blank paper. Luke stated the obvious. “I don’t see anything..”

“Oh.. right.. Jedi..” the man said. “Well.. Ask Yoda, or Kenobi. They’ll vouch for me.” And returned to the tactical. “Their about to engage the Daleks…”

“Who should I ask MASTER Yoda that I am Vouching for..”

The man looked back from the tactical display. “Ah.. Tell them the Doctor sends his reguards..”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Crystal and Taya made their way back to the area that the rioters were still occupying, screaming and yelilng at the top of their lungs. Crystal gracefully made her way through the crowd, and walked into the palace as Taya broke off, walking into the crowd looking for the man she had met earlier.

"There's no doubt in my mind that these Jedi are here to bring this to a resolve as quickly as possible, we can't let them get into our minds. We have to stick with our demands, we must not break them. We deserve the right to freedom, and we will get it." Thaof was once again speaking to the crowd, which in turn was applauding and screaming. Taya smiled as she reached the humanoid male.

"Hey, Oddelson!" Taya spoke up, loud enough that her voice nearly echoed through Thaof's ears. "Come on down here will ya, I hate to scream at you."

Thaof smiled at the beautiful woman and jumped down, approaching her carefully. "What are you here for Jedi? If you aren't here to talk to me, then you must be here to talk to the Zahn, which can only mean something bad for us."

Taya smiled very sweetly as she got closer to him. "I'm here to find out what has happened to bring all of these people out of their homes, and their work, and bring them to the captial building to start a fight. A docile people for many years, and yet now you've decided that you want something better than what you have. Why?"

Thaof thought for a moment before he answered. "Well, I guess we all felt used and abused all these years, but just didn't realize that it was all of us that felt that way, not just ourselves."

"What changed?" Taya started to walk away from the large crowd toward the gate.

"I'd have to say that it was almost a vision, a vision of a better place, a better time. A vision that was given to us by an outsider who came in among us, and convinced us that we deserved more and honestly, I had to agree we did. He chose me to find out who would support us, and who wouldn't and then he left." Thaof stopped for a moment. "That was about three standard weeks ago, since then I got up the support and we started riots about three days ago."

"You've been here for three days then?" Taya continued walking to the gate.

"We've had a presense here for three days, yes." Thaof continued to follow her, but couldn't explain why.

"Why don't you tell these people to go home to their families, and enjoy their day. The Jedi are here now to help their struggle, to come to a compromise. That should be good enough for now." Taya's voice was commanding but at the same time it was pleasant and enticing.

Thaof didn't have time to respond before Taya spoke up.

"Citizens of Zahntou, listen to me." Her voice traveled among the crowd, and they all quieted down and turned to face her. "Please go to your homes, enjoy your day. We are here to help you all." After she spoke, many of the people looked over to Thaof who merely shook his head in an affirmative way. Then they all began to break up and soon were all out of the courtyard.

"So, Thaof. Mind showing a girl around this beautiful planet of yours?"
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Mos Eisley Spaceport: Tattooine

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Luke asked the obvious question. “The Doctor? A Doctor of what..” the young Jedi asked. Watching the tactical display, the Doctor waved absently. “Oh.. loads of things. They’ve breached the shield..” he said, watching holographic Icons of the troopers moving across the Jungland Waste, keeping pace with ten All Terrain Armored Transports. “The Colonel used the destabilizer on their shield.. I’m honestly surprised that worked.” he said, shaking his head. Luke moved to the Doctor’s side. “..Unless it’s a trap.” Galen followed suit, and moved the Doctor’s other side. “Invite them in, and snap the shield back down..” Marek said. “They would be like Womprats in a cellar”

The Doctor nodded, “It depends on which Daleks these are..” and reached for the Comm. “Will this get to the Task Force?” he asked the Comm Tech. The female soldier nodded. He keyed the comm, and still looking at the holographic display. “Colonel. This is the Doctor, can you hear me…”

<<<BzzzrkoctorSHAAAaazchannelBZZZzzzTlear>>> Came the response. “Their being Jammed.” Galen said, still watching the display. The Doctor shook his head. “Not just them, we,” And pulled a small stylus from his pocket. “The Daleks know were watching, Their sending out a Tandem signal to break the communication lines.” He said. “I had hoped that they weren’t Imperial Daleks, just the Renegades. That confirms it.” He said, and pointed the stylus at the Comm Panel. The sound that came from the stylus was high pitched, but not uncomfortable. “Can you hear me now, Colonel”

<<<We hear you Command. Did you break the Jamming..>>>

“Only locally, from this unit. We know what kind of Daleks they are. Get as many of your men out of the area as fast as you can.” The Doctor said. “

“Somthings happening from the Pyramid.” Luke said excitedly, pointing at the Holo Display of the Pyramid. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Galen tuned his gaze from the AT-At’s to the Pyramid. The top portion had split open, and a single light strobed from behind the splits. The split continued to open down the edges of the pyramid. “Colonel, get your troops out of there.” The Jedi said into the Comm.
<<Keeping ground units in reserve. We are engaging the Pyramid, first contact in five tics>>

THe holodisplay showed tracers streaming from the AT-ATs, and impacting on the surface of the pyramid. Heavy explosions showed on the display, as a sudden wave of energy shot from the four corners of the pyramid. THe display showed the sand surrounding the Pyramid turned to glass, a glass which expanded as the wave hit the AT-ATs. Units disappeared from the board as the wave passed them, leaving behind a red x. This included the Colonel’s Vehicle. Another opening cracked, this time from the upper portion, and from that new opening came hundreds of machines. They were Cylindrical, with a rounded head. Along the bottom half of the machines were dozens of equally spaced spheres. On the head was a broom handle projection, with what looked like a plunder on the end. THey were using repulsors to keep aloft, allowing them to move quickly across the sand. The Holo went blank after a moment or so, and all that could be heard was the screams of the hardened Republic Toopers. There was silence for a few breaths, followed by an high pitched electronic voice. Even though there was no real emotion to the voice, it had the distinct feel of pure Rage and Hatred.

Over the Comm, a single message came from the speakers…

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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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As Crystal walked into the palace something started to bother her. Master Yoda had one time introduced her to what the dark side of the Force felt like to be around, and that was what she started to feel. It lived and breathed on the planet from a Sith occupations thousands of years before, but there was something else...

"Jedi, you have returned. What have your masters said?" The Zhan sat proudly on his throne.

Crystal noticed a figure disappear behind the throne as she entered the room. "Yes, I need to do some research on your planet, so that I may be able to help you."

The Zhan nodded and stood from his throne. "I'll have a guard take you there immediately." As he spoke the figure moved out of the room very quickly. "Jedi, is there anything else, you seem distracted?"

"No, that will be all for now." Crystal turned to see a guard standing directly in front of her.

"This way." The guard walked out of the room, not leaving any opportunity for even a pause for Crystal.

The hallways reminded her of her home planet of Naboo. The architects must have had the same ideas as they were building. Crystal found herself keeping pace with the guard, but able to look around. Then it occured to her, she was being followed.


Taya sat in the speeder as she looked over the planets surface. The Blue sky was lit with red on the horizon which changed into a purple color as it moved upward. It was noon on the planet, as the sun was directly above them, with a large halo of yellow coloring spreading out from the sun, and turning orange to meet the purple band across the sky. It was definately one of the most beautiful skies she had ever seen.

"So, what do you think of our planet?" Thaof interrupted her thoughts as they started up a large mountain.

"It's different, very beautiful, but different." The speeder came to a rest at the top of the mountain, and Thaof hopped out of the speeder.

"Come over here." He spoke as he walked over to the edge of a cliff. "This is the best place to look at the capital city." Thaof smiled to himself as he looked over it. "To your left, way out there." He said as he pointed. "That's the mines."

Taya looked over in the direction he was pointing and could see smoke comming up from the area. "What's the smoke?"

"It's a poisonous gas. It appeared when the miners of old were digging. They hit a pocket of gas, that hasn't stopped yet. They all died about three months after being exposed. We lost two generations of miners before they realized it was an odorless, colorless gas. We started using respirators and found a way of marking the gas. There's a machine that produces the coloring, and the gas picks it up, so now we can see it."

Taya began to see a reason why the miners would be a bit upset over things, having to deal with the possibilities of death every day they went to work would be rather dangerous.

"Now, if you go a little more to your left... See those small huts?"


"Those are the workers homes. That's where I live. They span past the horizon." Thaof walked back to the speeder. "Come on, my wife is expecting us for a meal. It should be ready about now."
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Grand Admiral Thrawn watched the carnage from the RSD Excellion’s tactical bay, as more of the ground offensive died in the field. The Chiss officer knew that soon, the Machines would be finished with the Republic troops, and move on to the homesteads and onto Anchorhead and Mos Eisley. The largest mistake was made by Colonel Talmut for holding back Air support. Ensign Toors, the young tech officer running the tactical board, continued to follow the slaughter of the 102nd Republican Regulars. Thrawn shook his head in frustration, with Talmut as well as with himself. Had he gotten here earlier, with the remainder of the Chimera fleet, perhaps the conflict would have ended differently.

The comm tech in the Tactical bay spoke out. “Admiral, incoming message from Mos Eisley Command Center, a representative from the Jedi Council.” Thrawn nodded, and moved over to the comm bay. “To whom am I speaking, Petty Officer.” The female Human stated, “Jedi Knight Galen Marek. He and his partner arrived in system shortly before we did. We also had an additional communication from a smuggler, saying he was representing a group of spacers who were willing to take refugee’s from the combat zone in exchange for Exit visas.”

The Grand Admiral crossed his arms across his chest. “Tell the Jedi to come up here, it would be better to speak In person, as we do not know these machines capabilities to break our communication lines. If the Smuggler contacts us again, direct it to me.” Thrawn then walked up the steps to the command tier and motioned to his second in command. Captain Palleaon stepped forward. “I want the system locked down. Nothing in or out without us knowing about it.” Palleaon was about to speak, but Thrawn spoke for him. “I am aware that the Calais Nova has already done this, add our fleet to what has already been deployed.”

Palleaon nodded, and moved off, leaving Thrawn alone to with his thoughts, looking at the surface of the planet called the Armpit of the Galaxy. It appeared the Armpit had become a rather important place..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT: TATTOOINE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

<<<Jedi Marek, you are to join Grand Admiral Thrawn on the Excellion. A shuttle will be dispatched to collect you directly. Five minutes.>>> the holographic Comm Tech stated, and closed communications.

Galen’s lips tightened. “I’ll be ready.” He said to the blank comm panel. He turned to Luke, and motioned him to follow. The two of them walked out into the Tattooine night air. “Contact the Jedi Council, and let them know what has happened here. “and looking back at the Doctor. “Find out about him, if you can. I can’t get a feeling from him.” Luke nodded “I’m not feeling anything dark about him. I think he’s on our side.” The young Jedi said. Galen turned to him. “I do as well, but it’s better to be certain. The Doctor said to ask the Jedi Council about him, and I think we should do just that.” In the distance, a Tyderium shuttle was making a combat landing in the roadway, its ramp dropping as it settled on its struts. “Don’t do anything stupid, Little Brother.” Galen said, as he brought up his hood, smiling. “I don’t want to have to scrape you up off of anything.” Luke smirked. “You just have a good time with the Higher ups, Big Brother,” and stepped back out of the repulsor wash range. The Shuttle was up and off before the hatch was fully closed, allowing Luke to see Galen’s silhouette salute him off, leaving Luke alone. Take over, Galen said. How was he about to do that.

“Off the meet the Admiralty then?” the Doctor said behind him, Luke nodded. “He’ll sort it out.” He said, and turned to the crowd, which seemed to have dispersed somewhat. “Which was the man you put in charge of the evacuation?”

The Doctor motioned towards the man in the black tactical vest. “That one, Names… Solo, it think. Corellian.” He said. “He certainly whipped them into shape, didn’t he.” He indicated. Luke shook his head. “He’s a criminal. A smuggler. We really shouldn’t trust him too far..” From the starport, the sounds of freighters engines warming mixed with the sounds of proximatiy claxon as the berth's caps began to pull back. Apprearenty, the Corellian had been able to convince the SPA to "pop the corks" on the spaces..

The Doctor scoffed. “NONsense, some of the most honest and dependable people I’ve met were criminals.” as they approached. Solo was talking to another human spacer. “..Good, get the Taursusas out to Anchorhead, and pick up as many people as you can fit in your hold. We’re running out of time, and the faster we get the farmers the faster we get to get our cargos out of here..” then the corellian looked up, “Ok, the other spacers are heading out to the farmsteads to get the outlaying regions. We just need a place to put…”

The Comm tech from the Command Center poked her head out. “Captian Solo, Doctor. We have incoming!”
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Solo’s lips tightened. “How soon.” he asked the Comm Tech. “Who’s In charge back here.”

“The highest rank we have back here is the Ensign in charge of Embarkation. He’s inside the SPA offices.” The tech said. Solo shook his head, as The Doctor leaned in. “She’s looking to the man with the Blood stripes on his trousers for orders, Captain.. The Jedi is a little too inexperienced for this sort of thing.”

Solo stood for a moment. He didn’t sign on for this. He hung up his Republican Uniform years ago, after the command ripped it apart. “Fine.” He said. “CHewie, get the Falcon’s guns on line, Pass the word to the other spacers that haven’t taken off yet. We’ll set up and anti air defense,” and after a moment of thought, “ And send out any one who has a blaster. We may need them for city defense.” And with that, the Wookiee rushed off. THe Corellian headed inside the Command center. “Recall your troopers out here, any heavy weapons they have get the up and running. “ and turned to another of the command troops. “What do we have at our disposal.”

“We had set up shield generators around the city, but there was a problem with the power couplings. Colonel Talmut figured that they wouldn’t get as far as Mos Eisley if any of them got past the ground offensive. We also have three AT-ATs here in reserve.” The Trooper stated. Solo gruffed “Pretty short sighted or him.” And continued. “We need to get that shield up. How much time before they get here.”

“We can take care of the shield, Captian.” Luke said. “We just need to know where it is..”
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Naboo: Theed

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Two hundred twenty seven…

Two hundred twenty Eight…

Two hundred twenty nine…

Two hundred THIRTY!

Leia Amidala Skywalker, Jedi Padawan, breathed out and removed her curled legs from the chin up bars, and flipping her body over backwards, landed on her feet. Inverted stomach curls were a fairly simple exercise, but they had helped her think. There were other ways to strengthen ones abdominal muscles. Pulse vibrations applied to the muscle group, sonic agitation, but those tended to be purely cosmetic. If one wanted to add strength, as well as appearance, then the work must be done. There was nothing better than a good sweat to clear out cobwebs from the brain, and work out kinks in the body. She felt she had both. Leia looked around the small gymnasium that was a part of her family home, little used these days as for the most part the family lives on Coruscant. Leia would be with them now, had not the Jedi Council ordered her to take a sabbatical from training, following her failure at her Trials. Grand Master Kenobi had insisted she remove herself, to find her center before attempting them again.

Leia still couldn’t believe it. She had failed her trials.

Her twin brother had passed it, and was now partnered with Galen. Even her sister Taya had passed them with flying colors. Well, she thought, not flying but she had done well. Her trials were not disclosed to the remainder of the Order, and the Council was keeping very quiet about it.

Leia went over them again and again in her mind, as she laid down on the gravity bench, and attaching the repulsors to her hands . Her skills in the Jedi arts were more than sufficient, as she had been able to survive the cold on Desolence and complete the mission that she had been tasked with, all the while evading that Holodroid concocted by her father, and eventually defeating it. It was when she faced the Dark Side, the true dark side, did she fail.

Twenty.. twenty one.. twenty two..

Desolence was at one time a world where the ancient Sith Empire would send those who they wanted dead. The world itself had a taint to it, but in particular, there was a Temple, deep in the frozen wastes. Even after all that she had endured in the trials, she refused to enter it. There was something there, something so dark, so evil that she knew she wouldn’t be able to leave there without being forever changed. Master Kota, who administered the test, had insisted that many did not complete the test their first time. Leia appreciated Master Kota’s kindness, but knew the truth of the matter that those who failed them were considered for remedial training, or worse put into the Jedi Service Corps.

Thirty four, thirty five..

Would that be so bad?

Leia shook her head. No, that wouldn’t be acceptable, not in the least. She was to be a Jedi Knight, like her Father, and her brother and sister. The thought of the disappointment on her father face would be too much. Leia had to pass then when next they were offered. There wasn’t another option.


The young padawan thumbed the disconnect switch, and allowed the gravity nodes to drop to the ground. It was enough for today, she felt, and standing, headed towards the steamers, stripping off her gym togs as she moved through the gymnasium, and tossing them into the small bag she had brought. Laying down on the heated wood, she reached out with the force, and brought the stream up to the level that she felt her perspiration running almost instantly. It would be nice to have some company here at the family home, she thought. Taya would be nice, as she loved her little sister dearly. Taya was her intellectual equal, and their conversations turned to arguments of course, but they were fun. It wasn’t often that she had the opportunity to speak to people that Leia didn’t have to downgrade the conversation so that whoever she was speaking to could fathom it. With Taya, she could keep up, she had distinct views and was a brilliant debater. Her fondest memories was of her mother, Taya and Herself debating some political issue, with all of them feeling amused as Luke would look completely out of his element. Their brother tried, Leia had to give him that.

Galen knew better, for the most part. He would listen, of course, but he would stay quiet. Galen was raised with them, and very much a big brother to Luke, Taya and herself. Though there were times, she wished that he wasn’t. He had always been there, as her father’s apprentice, and has been accepted as one of the family. As they were moved off to masters, they saw far less of each other, to the point where her siblings, and Galen had began to look like different people each time they met, which was particularly funny when Luke’s voice changed.

Leia closed her eyes, unsure of how she felt about her present thoughts. She was suppose to be reflecting on her failure at the trials, and she was thinking of the Crush she had on her Father’s Apprentice, and as hard as she tried, she can’t get it.. him, out of her mind.

Maybe she should explore it more…


See-threepio moved through the Skywalker family home, excited with the news he was bringing to the young Mistress. Her mood was melancholy at best, these past few days, and the droid hoped that this would bring some cheer to her. Each evening, she retired to the gymnasium, to work off nervous energy, she had told him, and each evening, Threepio would check on her, to ensure her safety. Mistress Leia would be in the steam bath, once her workout was completed. Tonight was no different.

He marched to the baths door, and activated it. The blast of steam from the room fogged his photoreceptors, obscuring his vision, as his dew sensors registered the steam “Mistress Leia! Wonderfull news!”

“THREEPIO!” she screeched! “What is it!” she sounded most upset.

“Oh, your Parents will be arriving at Naboo within the week! Isnt that wonderfull..”

Through his foggy sensors, he could tell she was now sitting up. “Great… That’s… great..” and stood. Threepio said, concerned. “Mistress, perhaps you shouldn’t stay in the steam so long. You look flushed..”

“Just… hand me the towel…” she said..
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Mos Eisley Spaceport: Tattooine

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“How long till they hit Mos Eisley…” Solo yelled into the comm, standing on the roof of Chalmans Cantina, watching the sky line with macrobinoculars. “I’m not seeing anything on the horizon yet.” An pulled them from his eyes. Seven of the more heavily armed freighters sat at the outskirts of Mos Eisley, their cannons at the ready. The Millennium Falcon sat in the second line, her own cannons aimed at the sky. He could see Chewbacca in the Gunners nest, waiting for the first of the bad guys. They had brought out segments of duracrete barriers used to keep area’s cordoned off, to create firing lines for the Troopers, spacers and the few Civillians who had agreed to fight.

<<<We are currently tracking four what we believe to be troop transports en route to Mos Eisley, at current speed, three minutes.. Similar craft have been spotted at Bestine and Arnthout. We have lost all contact with both cities. The citizens of Mos Eisley are currently remaining inside their homes, and in the Starport.>>

Well, that’s just great, Solo thought to himself, “Any word on the Republic? I don’t suppose they have any form of interest in this?”

<<<None so far, Captain.>>> the comm techs voice came over the comm. Solo snapped it off, and reset it, “What’s the word on that shield.”


Luke and the Doctor were moving quickly through the town, to the shield generators control port. It was a standard field generator, Luke decided as they approached it. There wasn’t a reason it shouldn’t work. The Doctor took a quick look over the control console, as Skywalker looked over the reported problems of the power coupling. “These couplings are completely mismatched, theres no way to get these up and running” he said as the Doctor landed next to him. “Never say never, Luke.” He said, putting on the spectacles, and brought out his stylus. “Ah.. “ he said. “We can cut these down and hard wire them. Do you have your lightsaber handy?” the Doctor said, which Luke brought his lightsaber from its belt hook. He ignited it, its blue blade illuminating the Coupling. “Cut these ends off, and then gash it down the side about half a meter,” And moved back to let Luke work. “Should go quicker than a torch.”

Skywalker got to work, as the Doctor watched. “A rather.. unique lightsaber, isn’t it?” he commented. Luke shrugged. “It’s comfortable for me, and it’s incredibly stable.” The Jedi said. He had to admit, it wasn’t what most would consider elegant. The Power Cell was larger than was normal, and slightly off center, and the hilt looked to be cut from an old Slug thrower barrel. The Focusing ring appeared to be likewise from a completely different Slug thrower, adapted for use with the Jedi weapon. It was clunky, as his sisters called it, but he built it. It was his, and he was proud of it. “How about that gadget that you got there.”

“Oh, this.” The man said, “Sonic Screwdriver. Handy little tool.” The man stated. “Don’t cut too deep.. we’ll end up having to cut more back, and I have a feeling we won’t have that much time.”

“How do you know so much about them.. these Daleks.” Luke asked. “I’ve never heard of them before.” The Doctor continued his work, as he changed an apparent uncomfortable question. “So.. You’re a Skywalker, yeah?”

Luke nodded. “My father ‘s Anakin Skywalker. Do you know him?” and looked back over his shoulder. “Mind you work..” the Doctor scolded, to wit Luke concentrated on the cut, nearly done. “Yeah, Your Dad and I go WAY back. Decent fellow.. a little moody.” And exclaimed “There, that’s done it.” And the Jedi snapped off the Lightsaber. A distant explosion rumbled the ground, both looking up. “They’re here..”

Luke’s mouth tightened. “Were too late.” As tracers from the Smugglers cannons reached into the night sky.

The Doctor went back to his task. “NON Sense. Ample time..” And continued on with his work. “Though it may be a good idea to watch my back while I complete these circuits...”


“two down..KEEP THOSE GUNS TALKING!” Han Solo yelled into the Comm as he sprinted across the field towards one of the EWeb cannons, manned by one of the Republic troopers. The second of the saucer shaped vehicles crashed into the desert. Whoever these guys were, their Drop ships were pretty vulnerable to ship board cannons, though it needed to be concentrated. “One at a time, The less that land is the less that we have to deal with down here.“ he stated. “Keep Sharp, Trooper. Their gonna come out, and their gonna be frak’d off!” The former Republic officer said. “Whites of their eyes, got it?”

“Yes sir!” the trooper acknowledged, as the Freighters cannons downed the third saucer shaped transports. <<<One more to go!>> Came Jaz Hovis voice from the Rabid Bandit, a YT 1200 freigher. “Terrific! Don’t get cocky!” he yelled into the mic. “Concentrate on the last one!” Solo’s eyes glared out when the Bandit exploded in a fireball near the edge of the town square, igniting the buildings around it. The second explosion had to have been the power plant, as it knocked Solo off his feet, along with the Trooper beside him. The Corellian felt as if his head was about to come off, and he could taste blood. His ears could discern nothing but the loud ringing, and his vision was blurred. As he attempted to stand, he could see the white and blue Phase III armored trooper suddenly illuminate, to the point where he could see the troopers bones through his armor, before he ragdolled to the ground, dead. Solo looked up, as the smoke and debris choked the street, Citizens from the buildings closest to the explosions attempted to run to safety, their blurred faces taking on masks of terror to his blurred vision. Silent screams came from the innocent as their bones showed through their flesh, and likewise ragdolled to the ground.

As the Corellians vision cleared, he could see four shapes coming from the fire. They were human height, and roughly cylindrical, some form of battledroid. Domed heads sat atop neck rings, with the head having two jutting protrusions, and a single eyestalk with a round receptor at the end. On the body was a nasty looking gun, or at least what he thought was a gun, and another arm with a plunger attached. On their lower section was equally spaces spheres, giving the lower section a bumped look. They glided across the ground effortlessly, firing a beam weapon at the firing lines, and the fleeing citizens. Of course, we wasn’t behind one of those..


Solo pulled his own blaster, trying to focus on the lead droid, which he noticed was as red, in contrast to the others blue casings, but his eyes were betraying him. He wiped them with the back of his hand, and noticed that it came back red. He was bleeding from somewhere, but he couldn’t tell from where. Another trooper was hit, directly in front of him, his bones showing through his armor before dropping to the ground. As his hearing returned slowly, he began to hear a high pitched, electronic voice. Blaster fire began to trace over his head from the firing lines, impacting on the surfaces of the machines, absorbing into the skin of the mechanical monsters.


White of the eyes..

Solo attempted to bead in on one of the droids, his hand shaking horribly. His DL-44 was solid In his hand, and he focused on it. Closeing his eyes, he shook off the dizziness, and opened them, and fired on the protruding eye..


THe Eye exploded, the stalk dangling on its mount. The machine began to rotate around in a circle exclaiming “Vision Impaired! Vision Impaired! I cannot see!” Solo yelled out. “HIT THE RED ONE!” his own voice muffled by the ringing.

Fire was consentrated on the red Battledroid from behind the fireing line, which began to smoke and flames came from the neck rings. It stopped moving, the smell of burning circuits, metal and flesh wafted towards him. Movement from his peripheral brought his attention to one of the blues, which had its gun trained on him..


Something brown and furry tackled him, knocking him to the ground, as the beam traced over him where he had been standing. Chewbacca rolled with him, and came up with the bowcaster, fireing into the eyestalk, and continued to empty the energy quarrels into the body of the Dalek. THe ginger furred savior hefted him, and took him behind the fire lines.

Chewie mewed the most obvious question. Are you all right?

“I’m fine, Partner. “ Solo said, patting his friend. His senses were back, for the most part. “Lets clear these things out, before…”

Above him, the Corellian saw what looked like the shield suddenly snap into place, and cover the areas of Mos Eisley spaceport in its protective energy. The Jedi and the Doctor had done it. ..
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Taya and Thaof reached their destination as they drove through the alley between the small homes. Taya was suddenly reminded of a city she was in several years before. The city wasn't as run down as the one back on Tatooine, but it seemed lonely. The people who were out and about were dressed in rags. Thaof seemed to be the only one who was dressed a bit better, but even his clothing seemed more like rags compared to those of the Zhan and his staff.

Thaof brought the speeder to a rest outside of his home. "Zorai, we're here." Thaof yelled into the home. "I brought a guest, a Jedi."

The woman came out of the kitchen, her hair was a sandy brown, and was tied up in a tail that layed behind her. She wasn't the most beautiful woman, but she had a certain flair about her. Her clothing was much like her husbands.

"Welcome to our home, Master Jedi." She walked over, and bowed before her.

"Please, call me Taya." Taya smiled and put her hand on her shoulder. "And no reason to bow."

"What's for dinner?" Thaof broke the silence between the two women who just looked at each other for a moment.

"I've made up some soup, and a loaf of bread." Zorai disappeared into the kitchen and came back with the food, lying it on the table.

Taya sat and after being served by Zorai she began to eat. The dinner conversation was dry to say the least, but Taya learned much about the mines, the miners, and the Zhan. Things that no history book would have in it. Taya took good mental notes on all the things they had said, and after dinner Thoaf took her out to meet some of his neighbors. The day began to turn into night as Taya sat ontop of a small cliff a ways out from the small huts.

"Taya?" Thaof's voice came up. "What do you think?"

"I think our job has gotten quite a bit harder." Taya looked up at him and shook her head. "But, if it was easy, they wouldn't have sent Crystal and I both to handle it." She gave him a small smile. "Besides, I enjoy a challenge. Question for you though. Out beyond the horizon, it seems that there is something there, what is it?"

"Ancient ruins, they've been there forever."

"Anything in them?"

"Wouldn't know, no one has ever gotten into them." Thaof sat beside her as the sun began sitting on the horizon. "Are you staying the night?"

"If it wouldn't be to much of a problem for you."

"No problem at all, we'll get a cot set up for you."

Cystal sat in the library of the Zhan, reading through the history of the planet was worse than trying to read through the accomplishments of a Jedi Master the age of Yoda. She thumbed through much of it, it seemed that all of the history books were written from the nobel's point of view, instead of the peoples. Crystal couldn't find anything about the work conditions, nor anything on the production of the rare ore they mined there. It seemed like every time she thought she found something, it turned out to be another Zhan from the past bragging about himself, or his family.

Crystal put the book back on the shelf, after leafing through many of the books she felt her stomache starting to turn. In an effort to find something to eat she got up and started out the door, when she realized that she still wasn't alone. Someone was still following her, and had been watching her the entire time.

"Okay, whoever you are, come out. I know you are there."

A man dressed in a dark cloak walked out from behind the bookcases and bowed before her. "My apologies, but I was curious to see the Jedi in our midst."

Crystal squinted to see the man's features through his hood. "May I ask who you are?"

"I am just a humble servant of the Zhan, a cherished councilor, and friend. I am actually responsible for you and your friend being here. It was my idea to ask for help from the Jedi."

"Perhaps you can show me where I can get something to eat then?"

"Absolutely Jedi, this way."
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…We now interrupt this episode of McTaggart for an important announcement..

<<The impeccably dressed, Zeltron newsreader appears on the screen. Her hair is curiously bunned to the sides of her head as she begins.>>This is Usaal Vinn for GNN news. Reports are coming in from Tattooine that there is a large force of unknown assailants attempting to take control of the outer rim world. All travel to Tattooine has been suspended until further notice. We go live via priority hyper feed to our field reporter, Cassiopeia Ken. .

<<The screen changes to a night scene of Mos Eisley space port. A pretty human woman wearing a utility jumpsuit with GNN emblazoned on the left breast stands in front of what appears to be several vessels lined up, firing cannons into the sky, near Chalmans Cantina. An explosion can be seen in the background. >>>“We are standing in the middle of Mos Eisley Space Port on the backwater world of Tattooine, while what’s being called the Battle of Mos Eisley is going on around us. Nearly three hours ago, Saucer shaped craft were seen near the capital Bestine, and several other settlements on this backwater world. All contact has been lost with the Capital, and Mos Eisley would have shared a similar fate had it not been for the gallant actions of those who have picked up arms against these mechanical invaders. A short time ago, the republic placed shields in place to protect the this vital spaceport, but we understand that some twenty of the battle machines are inside the city limits.”

<<The reporter moves quickly along the firing line as she Is talking, until the camera catches up with a Human male spacers, wearing a tactical vest. On his forehead is the tell signs of synthflesh bacta bandage flaking off of a gash on his hairline. With him is a ginger furred Wookiee. The Human is appears to be commanding the troops. A burned hulk of a starship burned in the distance, as well as a large number of dead litter the street. >>

“Excuse me, Sir... Excuse me.. Are you in charge?”

<<The Human looks at her, with a look of disdain>>

“Do I look like I’m in charge, sweetheart? Get inside unless you gonna pick up a blaster..”

<<A voice from off camera beacons the Human>> “Solo! There are three of them coming up Dune Street!”

<<The Human named Solo speaks into the Comm>> “Got it! Look, lady.. Stay out of the way..”

<<<Solo and the Wookiee begin heading up the street, towards Dune. He is motioning troopers and a couple of spacers to follow him. The reporter motions to the camera to follow..>>“I know a shortcut!”

<<The camera shakily follows the reporter as she makes her way through the winding alleys to what appeared to be a deserted street. Two republic troopers in Phase III armor moved quickly towards the area indicated by Solo. The Reporter is whispering at this point>>

“This is the area indicated by the man called Solo, and as you can see, two Republic troopers are just ahead. Perhaps we will catch a glimpse of..”

<<<She is cut off by a high pitched sound of an energy beam, as one of the troopers suddenly lights up bright green, his skeletal structure is visible through his armor. THe other Trooper is likewise killed. Coming down the street are three of the Mechanical beings, hovering slightly above the ground through the sand stone buildings of Mos Eisley. The words EXTERMINATE can be heard in the background >>

“Did you get that.. Tell me you got that. We are seeing the battle machines for the first time. They appear to be cylindrical, and have multiple protrusions along the.. what do you mean we’ve been spotted..”

<<< She turns to see the eyestalks all focused on her camera man and herself. A green blast comes from the gun mounted on the chassis, narrowly missing the Reporter and the sentient holding that camera. A terrified scream comes from Cassiopeia Ken, The Camera catches another green bolt, and a scream comes this time from behind the Camera, and hits the ground, after which it stays very still. The Reporter reaches down, and disappears behind the camera as she picks it up. The voice of Cassiopeia Ken can be heard.>>

“I will keep this transmission going for as long as I can, before I am hit by the death ray. The Republic needs to see this.. I will continue to rep..”

“Maybe report over here!” <<The camera is pulled off into the alley, to viable cover. On screen is a man, with spiky, slightly tussled hair. His face is gaunt, and wild eyed, and he appears to be wearing rumpled blue pinstriped clothing perhaps fifteen years out of style. He is pulling the cameraman, who can now be seen as a Rodian, to safety. >> “Be ready to run!” << The man pulls out of his pockets two cans of Spray paint. Shaking them vigorously, he spins them like the spacers in the old Rim Movies, before catching them, at the ready and winks>> “I’ve got them covered!”

<<Two of the battle machines come around the corner, and the rumpled man sprays the large blue electronic eye, covering it with paint. The blue machines begin to spin, firing wildly.. the high pitched voices scream with anger>>

“Vision Impaired! I cannot see! Vision Impaired! I cannot… GAAAAAAAAAA”

<<The two machines strafe each other with the Death rays, and smoke billows from the neck rings. THe lights go on on the other protrusions. The man spins them again, and tucks them back into his jacket pockets. >>

“There, not such a chore was it. ‘Corse, they were the Blue ones.. C’mon, you need to head back to the main promenade, it’s not safe out..” <<<Another chorus of EXTERMINATE rings in the background, as four more are suddenly visible in the mouth of the alley. The man turns, looking at the squad of machines, and pushed the camera behind the dumpster.>> “I’m going to need a bigger can of paint!”

<<<One of the machines suddenly is pulled out of the alley by some invisible force, and slammed into a building across the street, imbedding it into the wall with a crash. The tell tale Snap-hiss of a lightsaber is heard as the machines turn and head out of the alley, their green death rays firing. The camera rushed to the corner of the alley to view the street, and catches the ensuring combat. The screaching voice of one of the machine can be heard KILL THE JEDI! KILL THE JEDI! A lone Jedi knight had just sliced one of the machines in two, and dodges another salvo of the green death ray by side flipping away, and landing on the opposite side of the other. The Jedi slashes through the neck rings of the second, and again through the main body of the machine, which then flys apart with a visible distortion from the Jedi’s backhand motion…>>>

“It apprears that there is a lone Jedi attacking the machines, Three are already destroyed by the knights Lightsaber, and he had just impaled the final one through the center of its chassis. Black smoke is coming from its head.. “
<<< Soldiers and Spacers appear from down the street, as she shabby man with the spray cans goes infront of the camera. the man Solo can be seen talking to the Jedi over the shabby mans shoulder, who is overheard calling him Skywalker>>>

“So, your GNN, yeah?”

“Yes, we are GNN.. We are broadcasting to the Networks right now.. We want to get an interview with the Jedi and the Man who's in charge of this, and get some answers to our viewers.”

“AH… Yes.. Well..”

<<THe man spraycans the lense…>>>

<<Back in the main studio, the newreader continues from where the reporter left off..>>

"We will keep you abreast of reports as they come in... and now, sports!"
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“Then you see what is happening in Mos Eisley, and all around Tattooine, Admiral.” Galen Marek said to the commander of forces. “The Daleks are continuing to advance across the planet. Soon, there won’t be any settlements left,” as he pointed to the spot on the holomap of desert world. It brought up the tactical map of Mos Eisley. “The space port is the only area that is offering resistance, by a group of your troops and smugglers.”

Thrawn looked at the map of Mos Eisley space port. “Indeed they are. Impressive on their part.” He turned back to the Jedi. “I have a force prepared to assist in this endeavor.” He stated, passing Galen as he returned to the main bridge. “I’ve put General Veers in charge of the planetary offensive, and with his skill, I have no doubt that they will fare better than Colonel Talmut did.” He said, stopping next the a civilian. “Marek, this is Commander Lesures, from the Republic Scout Services.” He said, introducing the man. Galen gave the man a nod. “Commander..”

Lesures gave a short nod. “Jedi.. Admiral...” he said. “It should be arriving in short order...”

Galen raised an eyebrow. “It?”

Lesures nodded. “The Republic Scout Service is, in essence, a public works and safety organization. We clear routs, find new ones and remove stellar bodies that could endanger worlds, such as large asteroids that happen occasionally.” He said, looking out of the port window. “We are charged with dealing with it.”

“And how would that be dealt with. I would assume some form of explosive, to alter its trajectory..

Galen eyes are drawn to a sudden reversion from hyperspace, as the massive Star destroyer, easily ten times the size of its sister ship approaches the Chimera fleet, followed by multiple tenders. It shared a similar design to the Stardestroyers around it, but it was longer in comparison, and it was as if its forward point had been cut out, and in the space left behind a massive disk shape. A feeling of dread formed in his stomach. “What is that.. Thing?”

“That is the IDS Executioner.. It’s used to destroy asteroids that get too close to inhabited worlds. We are about to test its military application…” Thrawn stated. “The Daleks had brought up a viable test.”

“It will be brought down to a much less destructive power than would usually against its designed purpose, so not to cause permanent damage to Tattooine, or course. From our understanding, however, the Daleks are enough of a threat to warrant it. We have until the Tatoo I and II come up over the Jungland wastes. After then, they will be impossible to stop. They must be destroyed here and now.” The Chiss Admiral stated, and turned to Lesures. “Commander, How soon until the Super Laser can be charged and ready to fire.”

The Scout commander considered. “We can have a sufficient charge in about four hours, just before sunrise. Enough for two shots.” He said, and looked at the behemoth. “Its magnificent isn’t it.”

Ignoring the Scout Commanders praise for the planet killer, the Jedi Knight turned to the Grand Admiral. “I, as well as the Jedi Council, would be interested in knowing where you got this information about the Daleks.” Galen said, attempting to keep decorum. Thrawn raised an eyebrow, and motioned to the Comm tech. “Clear the bridge, and Bring up the recording...” he said and moved towards the console as non essential personnel exited. “I hope you have a strong stomach..” A simple hologram came up, aged and blue. A simulacrum of a Human looking male, with short cropped hair, too the skin stood in front of them. He wore a simple leather coat, black and worn and a simple shirt, which was covered with blood. Eyes that had seen too much peered back at him, but something was familiar about them. They had a similar wild, manic look.

<<<I am leaving this message, in the off chance I do not return before the Daleks do. They will probably appear on a world with two or more suns, exactly where I can’t be certain. >> he coughs, blood covering his hand. <<Where was I.. Oh, yes.. They will draw their power during the earliest morning sun, around sunrise.. Twin Sun worlds are rich in certain energies that will enable them to triple their production of Battle Machines, their Saucers.. >> he grimaced. <<You get the idea..>> The hand he is holding over his wound begins to glow a bright light. <<You have to destroy their Pyramid before Sunrise..>> The glow continues to envelope him <<Destroy the Pyramid..>> as he is engulfed in flames. The Holo ends, leaving the silence behind..

“This was sent to Chancellor Tra’dora ten years ago, by a man calling himself the Doctor. This was shortly after the Cybermen made their appearance on Agramar. The people spoke of a man calling himself just that, attempting to stop the Cybermen. He apparently died there. On his deathbed, he felt it important to get this to the Senate, and I tend to agree from what I’ve seen from them so far.”

“I am firmly against this, Admiral.” Marek stated. “This feels wrong.” He stated. No good could possibly come from this. “I am duty bound to inform the Jedi Council of this..”

“noted” the Admiral said. “I can have the shuttle take you back down to Tattooine when you are ready.”

Galen Marek stepped forward. “No, Admiral. My place is here.” Someone with some sense needs to keep an eye on this he thought. The man on the planet called himself the Doctor, but it certainly didn’t look like the man he just watched die on the Holovid. “I need to call my partner..”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MOS EISLEY HYPERCOMM TERMINAL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,

<<Understand your concern, Luke, we do. To the Doctor, you must listen>>the Hologram of Masters Yoda, Kenobi and Windu looked back at him. <<A valuable ally he is.>> Master Kenobi nodded. <<Indeed, Luke. The Doctor has appeared in many of the darkest times in the Republics history, as far back as the Hyperspace war. On occasion he has looked like a completely different man, but it is always him.>>

“I understand, Masters. Thank you for confirming what I believed to be true.” His Holocams bleeped, and a quick look he knew it who it was. “Galen is on my Comm, Ill connect us,” And imputed the Comm into the panel. Galen’s Holographic form stood next to him. “Hello Galen. Were speaking to the Council presently..” Luke greeted his partner.

<<Excellent.>>> Galen nodded to the council <<Greetings masters.>> and continued without a breath. << The Republic is planning to utilize a Super laser against the Daleks Pyramid. Their repurposing a Deflection laser used to move or destroy asteroids to do this.>> he stated. The masters all look at each other. <<Where is the Pyramid compared to the Settlements.>>> Master Windu asked.

Luke answered this one. “Several, but the Tattooine Regulars are bringing survivors to Mos Eisley. I should be going with the next ship going out, in fact.. I find it hard to believe that the Republic would attack them in such a way. I should let the Doctor know as well.”

<<The Grand Admiral showed be a holo of the real Doctor, who died some ten years ago on Agramar. The man who is calling himself the Doctor is an imposter.>>

Yoda closed his eyes, as if concentrating. Opening them again, he spoke. <<Appearances, deceiving they are. Traveled with him, I did.>> Followed by a laugh. <<<Adventure, Excitement.. A Jedi not crave these things.. But Fun, it was however.. In my youth..>>>

Obi wan smirked. <<The Doctor has had many looks throughout the history of the republic. We believe that the Doctor isn’t one person, but more of a Title. >>>

“I’ll be careful, don’t worry. I need to go, however. The Next evac ship is about to leave..”

He cut the comm, and retook his Holocomm. This was going to get worse before it got better. He stepped from the SPA offices, and into the early morning air. It was cool on his face, as he heard the tell tale sign of TIE fighters. He rushed outside, and looked up. At least a Squadron was zipping over head, as several Republic Troop transports were landing in the street. Red and White armored troopers rushed out, with the 501st symbol emblazoned on their palstrons. A non helmeted soldier walked towards Solo and the rest of the group called the Tattooine Regulars.. the spacers who had fought and died in the streets of Mos Eisley. Luke joined them..

“Glad to have you here, General. “ Han Solo said, and motioned to Luke. “This is our Resident Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker..”3

The Doctor watched from the distance. They were in good hands now, he felt. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he headed down the street, and entered and oddly out of place Corellian Security Services Street Shelter, the words CORSEC emblazoned on the top placard. Its blue painted surface stood out in the sandy, adobe buildings, as its rectangle shape made and odd contrast to the sand blown rounded surfaces of Mos Eisley. The Doctor pulled out a key, and entered, the door sliding up into its Roof area. Within minutes, an odd sound echoed down the streets, and the TARDIS was gone…



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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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"What do you mean it's my fault?" Anakin punched in the coordinates for Naboo as he spoke to his wife.

"If you hadn't pushed her so hard, she wouldn't be feeling so bad for not passing. She doesn't need the stress of becomming a Jedi, and making her father happy."

"She's not doing it to make me happy. She want's to be a Jedi as bad as I want her to be."

"Are you sure about that?" Amidala gave him a deep stare as she turned her seat and sat back, looking directly at him.

"If she didn't, then why would she continue in her training? She knows that there is no shame in not serving as a Jedi."

"I don't think she does. I think she believes that if she quits her training she'll be disappointing not only you, but the entire Jedi council, and her brother and sister." Amidala paused as she felt the ship jump into hyperspace as Anakin pushed the throttles into place. "Anakin, I'm not saying you are a bad father, I'm merely suggesting that Leia isn't meant to be a Jedi."

"All she has to do is get her mind free from all the thoughts, and let the Force flow through her and she would do fine. But her mind is always busy with thinking out things. She's just to much like you."

"Is that a bad thing?" Amidala's eyes narrowed in on him, waiting for an answer.

"Yes..." Anakin paused as he looked over at his wife. "Not what I meant. It's bad for a Jedi to be concentrated so much on just the diplomatic side of things, she needs to learn to be part of the active Force to be a true Jedi."

"So, you are saying that being a Jedi is more important than being a senator, like me."

"No, not at all Padme. I'm saying what Leia needs to learn if she want's to be a Jedi."

"So, you're saying that it's her choice?" Padme began to smile as she had caught him.

"I'm saying it's always been her choice. She chose to be trained in the Jedi ways. I didn't force it upon her."

"Maybe not, but you want it so bad, that she doesn't think she has a choice." Padme turned in her seat to look back out at the passing stars. "Ani, I want her to be happy. And I don't think she is happy right now."

"Of course she isn't happy. No one is happy if they fail. She'll do better next time."

"Anikan, you need to let her know that you won't be disappointed in her, no matter what path she may take. Let her make a real decision for once. Through her entire life you've pushed her to be a Jedi, give her a choice. Besides, I'd like at least one of my children to think I've done something worthwhile with my life."

"So, this is about you." Anikan smiled as he turned to see the negative expression on his wifes face. "It was a joke." After a few more moments of her face not changing Anakin took a deep breath. "I'll let her know that it's okay with me, if she want's to pursue a different path. I would like to see her happy as well, my Love."

"Thank you Ani." Padme rose from her seat, and after kissing him she made her way to the back of the Nubian class shuttle. "Want anything to eat?"

"Sure, I could use something." Anakin replied as continued to watch the stars go by.
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“Twenty minutes to sunrise, Grand Admiral.” The Sensor tech reported from his station In the pit. “THe Executioner is nearly in it postion to fire.” Thawn nodded. “Excellent. Word from the surface..”

“The Corellian named Solo has stated that they are nearly complete with the relocations to Mos Eisley, well out of the blast range we gave them.” The Comm tech reported. The Bothan sensor looked up abruptly. “Admiral, There is activity from the Pyramid!” The Bothan brought it up on the Tactical Holoscreen. The Pyramid appeared to be splitting on its edges, and expanding. Small blips began to deploy from the newly opened edifice. The Tech brought up the information on the blip. A Saucer shaped vehicle, fighter sized, with what appeared to be a single Dalek visible, from neck rings up. “We are deducing that they are fighters..”

“Deploy TIE’s to the pyramid, and shields up. Go to general quarters, all vessels.” He stated, moving down to tactical. The Admiral took a seat at his chair, and keyed the enable switch. The entire batlle showed in front of him, allowing him to sit in its midst. He was the lord of Battle in this chamber. He had the advantage. In here, the enemies of the Republic would never be able to gain a foot hold. In front of him was the Executioner, its Super Laser nearing its journey to its test of fire against the enemies of the Republic. Its power in his hands.

He was the God of War…


Han Solo brought the Millennium Falcon in on the far side of Mos Eisley, where the Republic forces had set up Prefabricated relief buildings to deal with the wounded, and to log the refugees. He combat dropped the cargo ramps, as the front forks moved to the sides. “This is the group from Anchorhead,” he said to the Officer in charge through his head mic, “..And from the surrounding area. “ and tore the mic from his head. “Chewie, keep her warmed up, we may need to head back out again.” And headed towards the cargo ramp, the Wookiee’s acknowledgement ringing through the interior spaces. THe sky was beginning to lighten as Tattoo I began its march across the sky as he approached the Duty officer, a pretty human woman in Phase IIIF armor with the Helmet hooked on the belt clip. She looked almost as if she had just left university a short time ago, Solo thought. “Hey, sweetheart, What’s the..”

“What did you call me?” The woman snarled. Crossing her arms and staring hard at him..

Solo sneered. “Ok, Ensign Sweetheart..” he said, and continued. “Who’s still out?”

The Ensign looked at her pad, her face reddening. “The Resulla, the Pasculle, and the Honus Lewwl’m, the one the Jedi is on.. Those ships are the last out, and are reporting that all areas have been cleared… Captain Tightpants...”

Solo chuckled. “Tightpants.. That’s all you could come up with,'" he smiled his best lady-killer smile at her, which usually melted the coldest of hearts. “After all this is over, why don’t you and I go have a drink at this little place I know, and talk about all the good times were gonna have.”

The Officer smiled sweetly at the Corellian smuggler, patting he chest. “Lets… Not.” She turned, moved towards the refugees that had just disembarked from the Falcon.

Solo chuckled to himself. Oh, yeah.. she can’t resist me, and closing his eyes at Chewbacca’s chiding chuckle. The Wookiee had heard there entire thing...

A woman approached Solo, one of the Refugees. “Excuse, me.. Are you involved in the operations here?” she was a little past middle age, and had the look of one of the farmsteaders. A gruff looking man approached from behind her. “Beru, leave the man alone. He has work..”

“I’m looking for our border, her name is Raisa.. Have you seen her. She was in Toshi Station, getting parts for the Vaporators last night.. She had bright red hair, and about sixteen years old.” The woman said. “She’s all alone here; her folks abandoned her some time back.”

He could see the pain in the woman’s eyes, and his lady-killer wouldn’t help. “Hold on..” He patted her shoulder and pulled his comm. “Anyone at Toshi Station..”

<<This is Skywalker, were getting the last of the farmers out now.>> Lukes voice could be heard. A smile crossed the woman’s face, as opposed to her husband, who rolled his eyes. “Is there a red haired kid there named Raisa, Bright red.. Teener..”

Off mic, Solo heard Lukes voice. <<<Raisa.. Is there a Raisa here?>> a moment later <<She is on board, alive and well. We’re about to take off..>>

“See ya here, kid.” Solo said, smiling and turned back to Beru. “Safe and sound. He’s with my buddy Lu..”

She smiled “Luke,” And squeezed her husband’s hand “We know him. He’s our Nephew...” Solo smirked. “Small universe...”


Galen approached the bridge, after another update to the Council. They seemed satisfied with the precautions that the republic was taking in this incident. The Scout Commander, Lesures, was in conversation with the Excellion’s captain, Palleaon. The Captain looked less than pleased. “You stated that this would work on a much lower power than your ordering for input. “ Palleaon stated. “This will not allow for a second shot, as is part of the strategy that was agreed upon.”

“The Dalek Pyramid had erected a shield.” The commander stated, nervously. “Quite unexpected, but not a real dilemma. The Super Laser will still be able to punch through it, and the outcome will be the same. The pyramid will be destroyed. We won’t need a second shot.” Galen could see sweat pouring down his neck. He wasn’t just nervous.. he was scared.

“What will be the collateral damage..” Galen said, stepping into the conversation.

Palleaon looked at the Jedi. “Approximately 100 kilometers, instead of the before agreed upon 20.” The Captain then turned back to commander, expectantly. “Unacceptable.” Galen nodded in agreement. “You will cause permanent damage to the ecosystem, not to mention the rise in seismic activity. You could slice the planet in two with that kind of damage.”

“Hardly, it will only cause surface damage. It will simply vaporize the ground around it.. The inhabitants within that area have all been pulled out of the blast range by the Spacers, so there shouldn’t be any loss of sentient life. Word also got out to the Jawas, who have moved their operation well out of range.”

“…And the Tuskan Raiders?” Galen asked. “What of them..” Palleaon shook his head. “They attacked the Daleks directly. No survivors in the area..”

Galen’s lips tightened, and taking a line from Luke.. “I have a bad feeling about this.” He moved away from the two officers, allowing them to continue the conversation. “Luke, can you hear me..”

<<I hear you, Galen. Were still at Toshi Station.. Were about to get out of the area.>>

A wave of relief cross Merak, as he looked at the count down. Two minutes. “Good.. Make sure they go at top speed..Your running against a clock..”

<<Yeah, we’ve got everyone, I think. Were shutting the ramps now, We’ll be off in a couple of seconds..>> and in the background, Galen could hear a girls voice. <<WAIT! THERES SOMEONE STILL THERE!>>
Galen said into the mic. “Luke, what’s going on.”

No answer


<<Looks like we missed one someone. NO! Don’t Go out there!>> a pause. <<Galen, there’s two people left. I’m gonna get them both out of here on a swoop.>> and muffled <<Get going! Ill get them out. Im gonna borrow your swoop!.. GO GO!>>

“Luke, you don’t have time!”

<<There’s always enough time. Galen. Always.>>

“The blast range is bigger than they said it would be, you don’t have time..” he glanced up a the clock “One minute forty. .”

<<Sorry Galen, I cant just let them Die!>>

“You can’t save everyone, Luke.. “ as the line went dead. “LUKE!!”


Luke rode the Swoop hard, towards the building that the person who had jumped out gone into. The Jedi Knight lept off the bike before it had stopped completey, and rushed into the building. He let his force senses lead him, towards where the person had gone. In the doorway was a dissected Dalek Machine, still smoldering.

THe red haired girl from before, the one Solo had asked about, was moving one of the bodies. “Help me!” she yelled. Luke reached out with the force, and grabbing the body of a Zabrak woman, moved her over. Underneath her corpse was a little Zabrak boy, maybe three or four. THe Red haired Teener was right, he was alive. Probably was protected by his mother from the Dalek death ray. But they wouldn’t be long..

Luke grabbed the little boy, and holding him close with one hand, grabbed the Teenagers wrist. “Were leaving, now.” While calculating in his head, the time it took from Galens transmission to now. About one minute, and maybe a half. “Whats your name..”

“Raisa.. Raisa Zephre..” the teenager said, her green eyes wide. “Thats Tullar Westin.” She said. Luke let go of her hand long enough to pull the swoop over to him with the force. “Well, lets get out of here. We have plenty of time..”

There was no answer from the Girl, as her eyes were transfixed to the sky.. From the location of the pyramid, it looked like thousands of black specks were surrounding the area, and moving towards them. Bright green blasts were fired from the surface, and into orbit, at what Luke assumed to be the Republic Fleet. He looked over at the sun as it was peaking over the Jungland Wastes.. “Oh no.. “ he said, and got onto the Swoop and tied the little boy to his front with his robe. Raisa got on in front of him, wrapping her arms and legs around his middle, and holding on to Tullar.

A brilliant green flash shown in the sky, “Don’t look at it, close your eyes!” and felt her head buried into his Chest, keeping the baby covered. He gunned the Swoop, as from behind him, all sound was gone, just an eerie silence as the world around him went green. This swoop had a top speed of nearly 600km per hour, with one rider, with a full grown man, a teenager and a baby, It would cut it down to about 400km. It still wouldn’t be fast enough…

No.. It would be fast enough..

Seconds later, the first part of the displacement hit them like a wave, nearly pitching them off of the swoop. A moment later, they were enveloped by sand, drawn along from the displacement wave. Visability was impossible, he was now relying completely on the force. He would swerve as large chucks of Tattooine would nearly hit them, carried along with the wave. He couldn’t hear anything over the after effects of the Super Laser’s impact. It was definalty a lot stronger than they had been led to believe. Another large chunk of the Jungland Wastes hurtled at them from behind, which missed them only by the grace of the force. More and more of the Chunks were pelting them, too many to dodge. Luke had to split his attention between the larger pieces, and the ones that would do little damage to them. He could feel them pelting his back, as the pain would have became unbearable if he had not threw off the pain with force techniques.


Something caught his peripheral vision, something blue.. a flashing light.. Keeping pace with them…



The Sky darkened, as the force told him that another chunk would hit them. He swerved to move, but the force litereally screamed at him to move. He looked back…

It was the size of Toshi Station.. there was no way to avoid it…

“Im sorry…” the teenager said…

He faced forward again, and all he could see was a flash of blue.. and a light, like a door opening..


Galen’s face screwed up into a momentary overwhelming wave of sadness, fear and regret, as he felt the loss of his partner. His best friend..

His brother..

Gone.. just gone.

“Completely destroyed, Admiral. There is no trace of the Dalek Stronghold..” he heard the Commander say. Palleaon added. “The Dalek attack from the surface destroyed the RSD Desnover and the Callibus. No survivors.. All of their assembled fleet was destroyed in the blast. We counted near one thousand ships..”

"Well done, all." the admiral said, as applause rippled through the ship...

It didn’t matter to Galen, even as he looked at the 300km crater, and nearly 5km deep.

He had to see for himself. “I am going to use your Hypercomm, and then I am leaving, Admiral…” and woe to those who would stop him…
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Devon Vos dropped the small crate he'd been carrying from his ship's port side forward cargo hold and then hopped on one foot as the crate smashed his right toe, it had been the most disturbing sensation, pausing for a minute he broke from a standstill for dorsal access hatch of the Infinity's End. As he clambered up the ladder through the small hatch onto the topside of his ship he stared at the sight to the west of Mos Esiley, an eerie green glow was dissipating in the atmosphere . Suddenly the land beneath the city began to tremble then shook violently as if the very planet had just been horribly violated, as he clambered to the edge of his ship he shouted at one of the passing techs,

"What the hades just happened!?"

The man just stared at him slack jawed, "The republic did it man, they saved us!"

Devon glanced back out towards the west and that part of him that always seemed to know when something was wrong was screaming at him that something was now indeed very, very wrong...
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Mos Eisley Spaceport: Tattooine

Post by zephre »

Han Solo ran over to the last ship comming in, the Honus Lewwl’m, from the last pick up near Toshi Station, followed by the two people whom had inquired about the red headed kid earlier and medics from the Republic Hospital ship Cadusuas. The cargo ramps dropped, and the survivors exited the YT 1200 freighter. The first to be brought out was the wounded, ranging from broken bones to burns. The remaining refugees straggled out, dazed by what had occurred. The dirt farmers had a hollowed eyed look, the look of people who had just been the innocent bystandards in a war they had not expected, nor could understand. The Captain of the Honus Lewwl'm, a Twi'lek named Sontus Imullua, was last to exit the ship, followed by his crew.

Beru Lars had been watching the crowd, and not seeing her Nephew or Raisa, stopped the Captain. "What happened to the Jedi Knight that was on board, and the red headed girl. THey were on your ship.."

Sontus stepped away from them, and looked at Solo. "Dont know, Dont care.." he said, and walked past. One of the Crewman stepped forward. "The Girl the Jedi was looking for jumped out as we were closing the ramp, saying someone was out there, and the Jedi took the captains swoop, and told us to go on." the man said. "We did." and followed his Captain. Solo grabbed his comm, "Chewie, fire up the Sensors, see if theres any life forms out there within the blast range." and looked at the two locals. "If he's out there, we'll find them.."

"No.." Beru looked downcast. "He's not comming back.." tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "Niether of them are.." and folded into her husbands arms. Solo's comm chimed, and Chewbacca's explanation confirmed the farmers wife's conclusion. Solo shook his head, what a waste. More of Chewbacca's growlfs caused Solo to move away from the pair, with a promise to return. "What did you say? How big of a crater?" he said, standing under the loading forks of the Infinitys End, close to where the Lewwl’m had landed and close to the Rasulla. "300 Km?" Solo said. "A 300 Km hole, and at least 5 km deep?.. Thats impossible. THat would have taken out Bestine... Yeah, Ill bet the Rads are through the roof.."


As the Republic shuttle approached Mos Eisley, inside was eerily quiet, Galen Marek was deep in throught. He had failed his friend, his Master and his adopted family. The least he could do was find the body of his partner, and take him home. If there was a body left. He wondered what he would have done if the circumstances were reversed. Would he have attempted to save the girl, or leave her to die. Luke had shown the true Jedi edict, by attempting to save the girl. Had he had more experience, he may have been able too..

"Sir" the Pilot said, catching his attention. "Were about to land in Mos Eisley. Can we do anything to.."

"Nothing.." he said, harsher than he intended. "Nothing.. thank you.." and stood. Marek moved to the Ramp as it descended, and walked out into the dim morning sky, the usually bright suns obscured by the debris cloud from the impact point of the Super Laser, streatching across the sky. Tattooine felt off now, wounded. Raped..

He spied the Corellian who was the Ersatz leader of the Tattooine Regulars, as they were being called standing under another YT 1300. THey were the real hero's of the Battle of Mos Eisley, as the Admiralty was calling it. The Spacers who fought and died at this space port.

Galen pulled his cloak around him, and made his way over towards Solo..
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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The Council sat as they watched the video from GNN.

"Luke missing, good it is not." Yoda stood from his chair and used his cane to walk from one side of the room to the other. "Help the Skywalkers we must."

"I agree, we should send someone to retrieve Taya from her mission on Zhantou." Mace looked over at Kenobi.

"I'll go, I'd kind of like to see how my padawan is doing on her own." Obi-Wan gave Mace a bit of a smile. "Besides, it's been a while since I've gotten out and did something. A little adventure may do me good."

"Perhaps you should take Taya's starfighter and R2, it may help Taya focus on her destination."

"Send her to Tatooine we should." Yoda walked back across the floor. "There she may be of use to Galen, then from there they both can go to Naboo."

"Sounds like a plan." The voice came through the doors as a small figure entered the room.

"Master Knight, it's good to see you are well. Heard we did of the assasination attempts on you." Yoda moved around to look at him.

"Your timing is good." Obi-Wan stood from his seat. "You should make yourself at home, it's my turn to have an adventure."

"Thank you Master Kenobi, but I fear that I may be leaving again soon. Looks as if I may be needed back on Bothwai to help with some disputes."

"You have been a great help in their time of need." Obi-Wan walked over to him. "I see a dark time comming on us all, I just hope we are ready for it." {{Keep your mind on the present my young padawan}} the voice echoed through his mind, as it seemed to do from time to time. Almost like a communication from his old Master, whenever he needed it. "But for now, I think I'll go relieve Taya from her mission. Master Yoda, please feel free to take my place until I return. Your wisdom may be just what we need."

"The Force has a purpose for sending me here, I am sure. See the reasons we will."
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Naboo: Theed

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The Sky darkened, as the force told him that another chunk would hit them. He swerved, but the force literally screamed at him to move. He looked back…

It was the size of Toshi Station.. there was no way to avoid it…

“Im sorry…” the teenager said…


Leia Amidala Skywalker sat bolt upright in her bed, her eyes wide. She could still feel the sand pelting her, the stones and debris pelting her back. She could feel the consitriction of the Teenager and the little boy, and the heat of the wave. It felt like a piece of her heart had been torn out, leaving a horrible emptiness. Tears streamed from her eyes, still feeling the horrible sensation. In the dream, her twin was dead, killed by some incredible disaster. It had been such a horrible experience, and it felt real. She looked around wildly. There was no sand, or giant boulders lying about. Only the clothing that she set out for the morning, her luggage which she hadn’t put away since she had arrived, and her familiar belongings when she was a child was present. Leia was on Naboo, in their family home in Theed. It had felt so real.
Too real.

After a few moments, She got up, went into the adjoining fresher and entered the water shower. The cool water felt good, as it ran down her back and through her shoulder length hair, and helped her solidify her thoughts. It had been a dream, Just a dream. Her Twin wasn’t dead, he simply couldn’t be. Leia could always find him, through the force, no matter how far he was away. She closed her eyes, and reached out with the force, to feel his very bright presence in the force, where he has always been.

Until now..

He was gone. The place where Luke Skywalker resided was empty. Just..


Three weeks Earlier..

Leia looked over the skyline of Coruscant, watching the steady flow of traffic as people made their way to where ever they were headed. Sentients from all around the Republic came her, for business, for pleasure. It brought life to this world, the excitement. Leia could see the Senate building from the balcony, as well as the Jedi Temple, two aspects of her family that they had all lived with their entire life. She was leaving soon, to Naboo. Leia was supposed to go there, and reflect on her failure of the Trials. She laid her head on her hands, knowing that it would be the last time she would see the excitement of the Capital City for some time, and she would miss it. Father had understood, and had been supportive. “Not everyone passes the first time. You just need to reflect on why you didn’t do as well as I know you should have.” And had even gone so far as to offer to her that he help her with her problem, which was against the Councils wishes. It had been a kind gesture on her Father’s part, but It wasn’t a problem that he could help her with. It was something that she had to work out for herself. Leia had felt the evil in that temple, the shear darkness, and knew that if she had entered, she would have come out a completely different person. Someone she wouldn’t feel comfortable becoming. Would she be able to face it the next time? It wasn’t something she could reason with, or debate. It was pure evil.

A hand touched her shoulder, startling her from her thoughts. Looking over her shoulder, Luke’s broad smile brightened her mood for a moment. A huge notch was easily visible from the knighting ceremony, when they cut off his Padawan Braid. “Shouldn’t you be heading off with Galen to Gyndine?” she said, standing up and facing her brother. He was wearing his dark brown Jedi robes, under which he wore the Light tan tunic synched at the waist by the Utility belt, over the tunics belt. She hadn’t worn her own robes since the news of her sabbatical, choosing civilian attire.
“Not without saying goodbye.” He smiled, followed by a puzzled look. “What are you looking at?”

“You need a haircut, and you have a huge notch in your hair where your braid was.” Leia said, pulling at where the braid had been. He brushed his hair with his fingers, and looked at her. “Better?”

Shaking her head, she grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the Kitchen, and pulled a chair. “Sit”

“Leia.. I don’t need..” he started, and she finished for him. “I’m not going to let you go on your first mission as a Knight looking like an unmade bed,” As she wrapped a towel around his neck. “Galen doesn’t look like a mess..” Luke laughed. “He doesn’t let his hair grow past a centimeter before he cuts it all off.” And disappeared into her room, and coming out with a set of scissors and comb. Leia went to work on his hair, starting in the back. “This won’t take long, I promise.” She said, as she clipped around the area where his braid had been. “Then you can go heading off to Gyndine, and I can head off to Naboo.” She said, combing out her brothers dark blond hair. “Are you excited?”

“Scared spit less.” He admitted. “It’s different than doing missions with Master Yoda.” Luke said “I can’t rely on Master Yoda’s experience to see me through it, I’m doing it on my own.. I mean I know Galen will be there, but if you think about it, He’s only a little more experienced than we are.” He shook his head, which she grabbed it, holding it still. “The decisions I make may mean life or death to someone else.” Leia began on the sides. “Do you feel that you’ve made a mistake?”

“A mistake?” He asked. “What do you mean.”

“By choosing the Jedi Path..” She said, trimming around his ears. “That, maybe you may have been better suited to do something else.”

“No. This is exactly what I wanted to do with my life. “ Luke said, smiling. “From the first time that I felt the force, I knew it was my calling.” Leia nodded, and continued to trim. Luke glanced back to his sister. “How about you?” he asked. “What would you rather do.”

Leia stopped cutting. “What do you mean?”

“What would you rather do, other than be a Jedi Knight.” He said again.

“Nothing, it’s the path I’ve chosen as well..” she said, finishing up the haircut. “Were Skywalkers, it’s expected of us. You, Taya and I will carry on the traditions started by our Father.” Leia said, as she pulled the towel from around his neck, careful to not spill his hair onto the floor. Luke stood up from the chair. “We’re also Naberries, and that shouldn’t be ignored either.” He said. “I want you to take the time to really think, not meditate, or reflect or even contemplate..” he said, holding her shoulders. “Just think. There’s no doubt that you’re the smartest of the kids, with Taya taking up a close second.. “ and thought a moment, “That would put me in last place.. Dren..” and shook the thought from his head. “Anyway. Whatever you choose, Mom and Dad will be proud of you, and Taya will be proud.” He smiled.

Leia found it hard to keep her lip from quivering. “What about you?” she said, brushing hair from his face.

“I’m already your biggest fan. I couldn’t possibly be more proud of you.” And the siblings hugged. After a few moments, they separated, and Leia reached over for a mirror, showing him his newly trimmed hair. “Hey, I look good!” he said, making a face in the mirror. “I could be in Holofilms..”
Leia rolled her eyes. “Think again, Bantha Brain. I’ve see you act.”

He laughed, as See Threepio entered the kitchen. “Mistress Leia, the Speeder is ready to go to the star port. And, Oh, Master Luke, your hair has been trimmed. You were beginning to look similar to some ragamuffin. Master Galen commed, sir, He is waiting at the Rogues Shadow for you, and said that you need to get your hind end in gear.. Really, I don’t know where he gets such a notion. Humans don’t have Gears in the Hind ends, which would be more descriptive of a Quadruped.”

“Thanks, Threepio.” He said. “I better go, before Galen takes off without me.”

“He doesn’t know how to fly, Luke, I think your safe..” she smiled. “Be careful” Leia said. “Make sure you come back..”

“Of course Ill be back, by the time I’m done, Ill need another Haircut.” He said, smiling

Leia opened her eyes, the memory of the last time she saw her brother still fresh in her mind. She was laying on the fresher floor, curled into a ball..

The universe had just became a much colder, dangerous place.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from Galactic Zero: Gallifrey<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The great Citadel of the Chronarchs, which has stood for ages, shown scarlet in the orange sky. Situated on the continent of the Wild Endeavor, ringed by the Mountains of Solitude and Solace, its spires piercing the sky. It was fall, late in the season so the vegetation was beginning to turn for winter, which was little different than spring or summer in reality. Silver leaves turned to bronze, and would soon drop off, giving the illusion of a rain of fire as the twin red suns reflected from the surfaces.

Two of the Chancellery Guards escorted the Old Woman in the wheelchair, motorized for easier movement as they followed her through the Walk of Ages, past the statues of Rassillion and Omega, and into the Grand Hall of the Chonarchs. Lady Romanadvoratrelundar had always enjoyed the view from the Grand Hall, with its unobstructed view of the Mountains, and the forest that surrounded them. She smiled thinly as the assembly of Cardinals stood and gave her a respectful bow. Prime Minister of the council, Flavia, gave Lady Romanadvoratrelundar a thin smile. “Haven’t you died yet?”

The creaky voice of Lady Romanadvoratrelundar spat venom. “Not soon enough for you, Madam Prime Minister? Do I offend?” and wheeled the chair to the center of the hall. Flavia smiled more broadly. “Hardly, Lady Romanadvoratrelundar, I just find it curious that you have continued on in such discomfort. Especially when we are amidst a crisis.”

Lady Romanadvoratrelundar cocked her head, and shifted in the motorized chair. “I am not privy to such information in the Hall of Archives. I was effectively retired, if I remember properly.”

“By my predecessor, my Lady, not by me.” The Prime Minister of the Council retorted. Chancellor Cossol cleared his throat. “Madam Prime Minister, as amusing as this exchange is, there is pressing business at hand. Flavia nodded. “Just so, Lady Romanadvoratrelundar, we must call you to service again. There has been an appearance of a Dalek Invasion Pyramid on the republic world called Tattooine. It was destroyed by the Republic, with the assistance of your Mentor..”

“The Doctor!” Her sharp eyes lit. “Wonderful! Davros must be beside himself now..”

Flavia continued. “They utilized a Super weapon of incredible proportions to do so, causing permanent damage to the planet. Our estimates are that it will be completely uninhabitable in no more than two hundred years because of this. More so to the point, it was powerful enough to have possibly destroyed his TARDIS.”

Lady Romanadvoratrelundar squinted, thinking. “Not possible. TARDIS’s are incredibly difficult to damage, let alone destroy. Where is this belief founded upon.”

“The Doctor, and the TARDIS are no longer in the time stream. They are simply gone.” Cardinal Rassaforda reported. “We have looked to the Nexus multiple times, and there is nothing. He is simply gone.” Lady Romanadvoratrelundar snarled “I always told him he should get a new TARDIS. That one is an antique..” she wiped a tear. “Damn him.”

Flavia waited a moment before continuing. “We need you to go and confirm the TARDIS’s destruction. If it was destroyed in the Republics blast, then that would explain the permanent damage to Tattooine. If you cannot find any evidence of the TARDIS, then we must assume that the Republic is now in possession of a devastating weapon. The Ahzgaard are already concerned, and are considering moving their Spheres from the Republics borders, and are considering military action, especially if the Daleks become involved with the Republic.” She then stepped from the diaz, and walked over to Lady Romanadvoratrelundar. “I humbly request that you take up your mentors tasks in that galaxy, which includes his continued search for the Master.”

Lady Romanadvoratrelundar considered. It had been a very long time since she had been in that galaxy, perhaps too long. It had been at least seventy years since she had been there in her own Chronology, and not since the Great Sith Empire in their time span. Still, the thought of going back to field work excited her…

What frightened her was, she would have to regenerate..

Lady Romanadvoratrelundar meeting with the Chronarchs ended five hours ago, long enough to put her affairs in order, which considerably less time than she felt would be appropriate, since she had been on Gallifrey for over seventy years. In that time, she left no real footprint on the planet of the Time Lords.

Sad, really..

Lady Romanadvoratrelundar approached her Time and Relative Dimension in Space capsule, followed by one of the Chancellery guard, who had been assigned to assist her in her Endeavour. It was currently masked as a small guest house in her garden via the Chameleon Circuit. Reaching inside her dress, she pulled out the TARDIS key, and inserting it into the lock, the door opened. Rolling inside again felt good, especially since she hadn’t gone anywhere in it for a considerable amount of time. “Hello old Girl, think we have one more romp in us?”

As if by an answer, Her TARDIS creaked. She entered the Command chamber, with its central control interface. The familier sound of the Nexus interface pleased her. “Will you be alright, My Lady?” the Guard said. “Perhaps you should have a companion until you can Regenate.”

She patted him on the hand. “Ill be quite allright, dear boy. I have a companion.” and shouted. “K9! Here boy”

From the lower level, a Republic T3 Astromech moved forwards. “All is prepared, mistress..”

“You see, I have the best help in the galaxy.” She smiled broadly, showing her aged teeth. “You should go now.. Ill be fine..” and with a bow, the Guard left, leaving the Time Lady and her Companion alone. “K9, do you remember how to work the TARDIS?”

“Of course Mistress..” He said. “Were are we going..”

“TARDIS knows, don’t worry. You just need to get us started..

“Perhaps you should lock your Chair then, it may become Bumpy..”

Lady Romanadvoratrelundar smiled at her Astromech. “It is part of my plan..”

K9 began the operations, as the sound of the machine sang like music to Lady Romanadvoratrelundar..




What surprised her was how quickly the TARDIS began its journey, and even more surprised on how quickly she was pitched out of her chair, as she felt her brittle bones break, and her neck snap. Her Body began to glow almost instantly, as she lost consciousness..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT: TATTOOINE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

She awoke, and felt a sensation that she hadn’t felt in some time.. Teeth. She could clearly see K9 above her, and with perfect hearing, could hear him saying. “Welcome Mistress. We are on Tattooine..”
She slowly brought her legs under her, and carefully stood. They were young, strong legs. “How do I look?” she said to the Droid. “Young, Lady Romanadvoratrelundar”

“Oh, we’ll have to shorten that, wont we..”

“Shorten what, Mistress” the Droid asked,

“My name!” she said laughing.

She pulled the dress and undergarments off, and examined herself. She was young indeed, as she hadn’t had this taut a body since she was in her twenties. She had heard her voice, which was clear and melodious. She felt her hair, and felt it was a bit shorter than her liking, but it would grow, as it only went past her shoulders. Moving to a mirror, she could see her new face, which was devoid of wrinkles, and very smooth. Bright, brown eyes, large and well shaped stared back at her, as did a small nose and a pretty mouth. “not bad.. At least I didn’t grow a tail.” And then looked behind her. “Did I?”

“No Mistress, no tail..”

Smiling broadly, she rushed deeper into the TARDIS, to where she had kept clothing for such occasions..

Ramona stepped out into the Tattooine sun, wearing a bright pink longcoat, riding pants and a seven foot pastel colored scarf, and a large, wide brimmed hat that had belonged to her Mentor. In her pocket was the Sonic Screwdriver and her favorite affectation, a Light Foil that a friend had given her so many years ago. At that precise moment that the Doctors TARDIS disappeared, as she saw the glow from the west dissipate, followed by a ground quake.. “Cmon, K9, lets see what we can see..” and the two of them headed out into Mos Eisley, leaving behind the TARDIS, disguised as a small utility shack…
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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"I can't believe that Luke Skywalker is dead." Shay looked up at the moniter showing the events on Tatooine.

"He's not dead, they just haven't found him yet." One of the other children came up from behind Shay and sat down with his tray.

Another child suddenly came running into the room, passing up the food line and took a seat. "You won't believe what I heard."

"What?" Shay asked as she leaned in.

"I heard that Master Kenobi has stepped down as grand master, and that Master Yoda is taking over again."

"That's bantha fodder, Kennith. There's no way Master Yoda would come back to the temple to stay, he's too old."

Kryst sat listening to everyone and then leaned in. "Well, regardless of whether Master Yoda would come back, Master Kenobi wouldn't step down."

Shay looked around and saw the person she was originally waiting for, getting in line for food. "Hey! Zhastia, come here."

The young Zeltros female looked over at Shay and smiled and then made her way through the line, and sat down. "What's all the commotion?"

"Well, Luke Skywalker is missing. And Master Yoda is in the temple. Then Kennith here said that Master Yoda is the Grand Master again, because Master Kenobi stepped down."

"Heh, I highly doubt that that would be true. Besides, I heard that Master Yoda is only here to find a new padawan to train. And I heard that he likes them younger than most. I would fit right in at 12 instead of the usual 13 year olds."

"Zhastia you're way to full of yourself for Master Yoda to take you on." Zac came walking up from behind her. "Besides, if he is looking for a padawan, he'll want only the best. And the best is me."

"Yeah, and you say I'm full of myself." Zhastia smiled at him. "Besides, who won our last battle."

"You cheated." Zac snapped back. "If you hadn't swiped my legs, I would have won that fight."

"All is fair in love and war, Zac." Zhastia twisted her body to look up at the boy who was only a year older than she. "Besides, you should have saw it comming."

"I was... distracted." Zac said softly.

"Not my fault, you should keep your head in the fight, and off of everything else."

"It's you and those pheremones." he sharply replied as he sat down.

"Sweety, you're so easy I don't need to use pheremones, and so far, haven't. Why else do you think you still don't like me." Zhastia smiled and took a bite of her food.

Suddenly without any warning another younger student walked up to the table. "Hey, guy's." the voice was small and so was the young bothan. "I heard that Xanamiar Knight is back, and looking for a padawan."

"Master Knight. Sounds funny doesn't it." Zac said as he leaned in to hear the young bothan. "But, I don't think we can trust a bothan spies information."

"Why not, it's the best in the galaxy." Zhastia said as she tossled the young bothans hair. "Besides, with ears like those, you'd think they could hear anything."

"So, that's where you get all of that 'secret' information. From your own personal Bothan spy."

"Nah, I get most of my information from Shay here. Only because she loves to talk." Zhastia finished her meal and looked over the rest of the students. "Guess I should get back to my training. Come along Shay."
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(OOC: Joint post by Xanamiar and Zephre..)

Baran Kaad watched the Zelt and her Human friend walk away, watching the “Braids” as the Corellian Padawans called the Main Order’s Padawans, heading off towards what he understood as the Training center. He personally didn’t like the nic name, as he thought it was rude, as it had been impressed on him by his parents that treating others as you would want to be treated were a rule to live by. As he looked around the Cafeteria, they all seemed distracted, talking about the loss of one of the Orders Knights. From the sounds of things, This Skywalker was well regarded, and the fight he was in on Tattooine with the Battle Machines was practically on loop on GNN. There was a Master on the Council named Skywalker, so probably of some relation.

He followed them into the Training chambers, and sat down in front of the observation monitors.

The two girls squared off, taking positions in the octagon chamber. Inset in the walls were numerous training implements, as well a the Masters nook.
"What form are we practicing today, Shay?" Zhastia said, pulling her lightsaber from its mount, ensuring its settings to a safe level.

"I think it's Artaru." She says softly. "But we can skip it, if you want." Streatching and warming up her muscles.

"Nah, you know how much I enjoy practicing it."

"Yeah, but you know how much I hate you practicing it." Her friend said. "Artaru it is then." And closed her eyes a moment, finding her center, attuning herself to the force.
"Fine, usual rules." Shay asked as she set her datapad down on the rail.

"Of course."

"Practice sabers only, otherwise, no rules, right?"

"Sounds good."

“Who's playing the Darksider this time?" Shay gritted her teeth, knowing the answer that was going to hurt.

"I will, it's always fun."

"Yeah, I figured as much." Shay reached out her hand, and using the Force drew a practice saber into it.

Zhastia smiled and unclipped the practice saber that she had hanging from her belt.

"Oh, one more thing." Shay spoke up as she ignited her saber.

"No using two sabers, you can use a dual sided saber, but not two."

"Okay, sounds fair enough. Are you ready?"

"Yep." Shay smiled largely at her as she raised her saber and did a makashi salute. "Ready when you are."

Zhastia smiled and raised both hands, with one she ignited her saber, and with the other she used the Force to pick up one of the remotes on the wall, and toss it at Shay. Shay reacted before the remote got anywhere near her, by jumping towards

Zhastia and their sabers connected.

"I knew you'd try something dirty." Shay smiled as she pulled her saber back, allowing Zhastia to strike again, and she blocked.

"Hey, don't blame me, you know I enjoy this way to much." As she spoke she slammed her saber hard enough into Shay's that she could use the Force to pick herself up and do a flip over Shay, as she landed she slashed for Shay.

Shay immediately blocked behind her back, and used the momentum to turn and face Zhastia. Zhastia smiled and pulled her saber back, then struck again at Shay. Their sabers collided, and Zhastia felt Shay pushing back on the locked sabers.

She began backing away until she felt that she was close enough to the wall, using the Force she jumped up, planted her feet against the wall, rolled into a backwards somersault and landed on the other side of the room. Using the Force she tossed several of the remotes at Shay, as she ran back towards her.

Their blades clashed, but as they did so, Zhastia flipped to Shay's right side, and slashed again. Shay barely got her saber up in time to block the slash, as Zhastia flipped over her head again.

"This isn't as much fun for me you know." Shay said exasperated from having to keep on her toes.

"But it helps you, sweetie." Zhastia seemed to almost be out of breath as she spoke.

"You're working to hard on it. You need to slow your breathing down."

Baran watched the duel on the Monitors, smiling at the skills both of the girls were showing. He wished he could join in, but he was ordered by his Master to not draw his saber unless threatened, Baran decided to watch from the chamber entrance, as the monitors didn’t refresh fast enough to keep up..

Shay locked blades with Zhastia, and looked into her eyes. "You aren't using the Force enough. Artaru is about using the Force to help you in the flips. You are depending upon your body to much. Use the Force." Shay suddenly flipped backwards several times, landing on her feet, she reached over and picked up another saber, activating it.

"Ahhh.. I see how it is..." Zhastia ran at Shay, and started to attack her using Djem So. Forcing Shay into a Soresu posture. Shay bumped into the wall holding the remotes. Without realizing it she turned it on.

Baran propped himself in the open doorway, watching. He had to admit, they were good. Really good. He was rooting for the Human Girl, however. She seemed to be at a disadvantage, and the fact that she was pretty didn’t hurt either.

The remote sprung to life, floating above both of their heads. Suddenly firing several volleys at both of them. Shay blocked the remote easily, since she was already blocking the volleys comming at her. However without thinking about it, Zhastia flipped over one bolt and then blocked a second bolt. Using the distraction Shay decided to start an all out attack.

Shay ran directly at Zhastia and began to attack. However, instead of driving Zhastia into a defensive posture, Zhastia flipped over her, springing off of the wall and back over her head, attacking her on the way through, then she sprung off a second wall, again attacking on her way over her head. Zhastia landed lightly onto her feet, and ran straight at Shay.

As she reached her, she deactivated her saber, and in one move, kicked Shay's right hand, throwing her saber out of her hand. The saber slammed into the wall at the same instance as Zhastia flipped onto Shay, knocking her to the ground. Zhastia's saber came to life and was pointed at the girls throat.

"Give up?" Zhastia asked.

"Nope!" Shay responded as she moved both arms forward, using the Force to Drive Shayla off of her, and into the wall, knocking Zhastia's saber lose.

Shay wasting no time, sprung to her feet, reached out her hand and started running towards Zhastia. As she got there, her lightsaber returned to her hand and was activated coming at Zhastias neck. Zhastia smiled as she ducked out of the way of the saber, reaching out for her own, and then blocked the next blow.

"You're learning to read me like a book, hun." Zhastia said as they stood with both sabers locked.

"I have to, or you'd kill me."

"I wouldn't do that, you're to precious to me sweetie."

Both sabers crackled as neither of the girls backed off... both of them locked in almost a dance, of seeing who would give first. Then as if they were reading each others intentions the raised their hands and using the force attempted to force push each other. Neither of them were getting anywhere, as if the Force pushes were canceling each other out. Suddenly with a wave of energy both girls went flying across the room, slamming into the wall.

In unison a laughter broke out.

"That was just too cool!" Shay screamed out.

Zhastia got up, and walked over to Shay, offering her a hand. "Okay hun, we shouldn't do that."

"That was Wizard!" Baran said, clapping

In unison the girls looked at one another. "Wizard?" Then they looked over at the boy who was now walking towards them.

"I'm sorry, but what exactly do you mean by Wizard?" Zhastia asked

He looked confused. "Wizard, as completely amazing.. You don’t get to Corellia much, huh.."

"Nope. Never been there personally." Zhastia said as she leaned over, picking up a towel to dry the sweat off of her neck. "Who might you be?"

"Oh. sorry.. " he said, rubbing his close cut head. "I'm Baran Kaad. I'm here with my Master, Kanner Jakub. Paddies aren’t allowed in the meeting, so I thought I'd come down to the Cafeteria and get some food." he said. "Then I heard you two were going to practice, so I thought I'd follow you.." he said to Shay, smiling, then quickly added "..Both"

"Well, I'm Zhastia and this is Shay. We'd love to talk, but I'm not done with my 'practice' yet." Zhastia smiled at him, and turned to Shay and just simply nodded. "You're welcome to come in, but the door needs to be shut for this."

He smiled, and took a place in the "Masters Nook" an area recessed into the wall for an observer to keep out of the way. "Thanks, I think I will.."

Shay walked over to the wall and picked up several of the remotes, one by one she activated them until there were seven of them floating around Zhastia's head. Shay grabbed a piece of black cloth and wrapped it around Zhastia's eyes.

"Are you ready?" Shay asked as she began to back away.

I believe so." Zhastia concentrated on using the Force to see the room, and to see the remotes.

Something seemed off, she began to think. It hit her that it was the newcommer, he was throwing off the feeling she was getting around. She shrugged it off, and began to concentrate on the remotes.

With a deep breath, she ignited her saber. Immediately several of the remotes started to fire on her.

She started to jump, duck and flip over the shots being fired. Only using her saber a few times.

Then she could feel another presense. Shay had begun turning on more of the remotes.

She reached out with the Force drawing another saber to her hands. As she activated it, all of the remotes began firing on her.

With as much grace as she could muster, she started ducking, and twisting her body in order to avoid being hit. Then another droid sprang to life.

She began blocking most of the shots coming at her, suddenly she felt the pain of a hit striking her leg.

One of the PROXY droids, similar to those that were used during the Trials, was moved out from the wall by a tether

Baran stood up. "WOW, that’s pretty wizard too!"

"Who did that"

"That!" pointing at the Droid

The PROXY's Hologram unit came to like, beginning to form the skin. Forming into skin, and black robes.. The Servos creating it bring it up to a over 6 foot height, as it took on the form of a Zabrak, Red and Black Sith Tattoo’s adorned its features..

"Wasn't me!" Shay yelled out as she started pushing buttons on the control panel. "Came from outside the room."

"Shay, what's it set too?"

"It's settings are set by Anakin Skywalker. It's called Nightmare."

It pointed to the Corellian. "Baran Kaad"

"Shut down the program." Zhastia said as she deactivated the sabers, and removed the blindfold to see the dark hooded figure.

Shay pushed several buttons on the controls, and the remotes dropped to the floor.

"What about the droids?" Zhastia asked. “It’s a Dumbot, it doesn’t just activate on itself..” she said. “They follow whatever the training program has it do.”

"I have no control over it."

"Get out.. It wants me.." Kaad said. Pulling his lightsaber, bright green.

"Can't, doors are locked." Shay cried out as she moved quickly over the keys

Zhastia rotated her hand around the handle of her blade several times, turning up the power on it. Turning it into a normal light saber.

"Well, at least they aren't Force Sensitive." Zhastia smiled and looked over at the Zabrak form. "I know this Zabrak." She said. "This should be fun."

Baran nodded. “If nothing else, interesting..”

THe Zabrak lit Dual blades, and advanced at blinding speed, the energy a whirling arc of death,

Without a pause in motion, Zhastia connected blades, and pushed him off of her. With a push back from the Zabrak, she flipped backwards, springing off of the wall, and drove herself barreling into him.

Zhastia and Baran both took on a Soresu stance, taking every hit with ease. With every slash, she used the least amount of energy she could to block each and every stroke. Baran parried the bottom blade with relative ease.

She turned and looked over at Shay, winking at her. Immediately Shay tossed her, her training saber. It may not do much as far as damage, but it could still block. Turning it on, she started to block with her left hand, and attack with her right.

The droid slams his saber into both of Zhastia’s blades, and Baran’s as it starts to advance on them.

“Baran, I have an idea. When I say so, get out of the way.”

Baran nodded at her. Zhastia blocked a shot coming at her, and the PROXY droid pushed hard against her. Zhastia flipped over backwards, planted her feet into the wall, and pushed off it. “NOW!” she yelled. In the same moment Baran flipped to his side. The droid seeing Zhastia coming at him put his saber down to block her blow, but had no idea what she had planned. As their blades connected, Zhastia dropped using the momentum of her spring off the wall, to pull the droids blades down with her, she slipped under its legs. Causing the droids blades to cut through its own legs. Zhastia sprung to her feet, turning as her foot connected to its back knocking it towards the ground. In one fatal motion Baran raised his saber taking its head off.

The Training door rips from its mounts, as Master Kota rushed in, as the head of the PROXY rolled to his feet. Looking up at the scene, and seeing the rest of the PROXY unit on the floor, dead he put his saber away.

"Are you all right? All of you?" the former republic Gereral asked

"Fine Master Kota." Shay and Zhastia answer in unison.

He nodded, and got on the comm. "All clear in Chamber 12. Move on.." "Some form of Virus has hit the Training programs.. Remotes and PROXY units were turned to lethal variance, but I see that you have taken care of these two.. well done"

"Thank you Master Kota." Zhastia responded to the commendation.

"I got the remotes turned off, Master Kota. But the PROXY units wouldn't respond." Shay spoke up.

He nodded. "That seems to be part of the Virus." he said, "Your fortunate, there were several injuries" he breathed out, "No fatalities, luckily. Most of the others avoided fighting them.” He said.

"Just a few minor scratches here, I think, Master."

"Good. Rejoin your Pods until this can be cleaned out of the system,

"Yes, Master." Zhastia reaches down and rotates her hand around the saber, turning it back down. "Come on Shay, we can practice in the courtyard." Shay looks up at Master Kota on her way out, and whispers. "You just had to make her my roomy, didn't you?" The Former Republic General smirked at her whisper, "No more practice today, not until this is dealt with” He said sternly and to the Corellian "Find your Master" The Corellian nods, and heads out of the Training chamber, leaving Kota alone with the damages Automation.

Baran caught up with the two girls. "Wow, he's a Jerk"

What do you expect of an Ex-general of the clone wars?"

"Ok, he's a general jerk, then.." he said, smirking.

"Perhaps, but he is a Master of the temple, and we SHOULD listen to him." Shay speaks up.

Zhastia looked back behind her to Shay. "You know I listen."

"Yes, but you never act on what you hear."

"Shay, I love that you know me so well."

"Well, count me out.” She said, shaking her head “If you are going to go pratice anyway, find someone else!" Shay starts walking the other way.

'just you and me then?" Baran asked, as a booming voice echo'd through the hall way. "BOY! Come here.."

A corellian Jedi stood at the end of the hall, hands behind his back.

"Guess not!" Zhastia said as she continued to walk away from the boisteroius voice.

Baran moved to his masters side, and away from the Zeltron. "Hey, later if you and Shay want, maybe meet at dinner?"

"You never know." As she disappeared from view, turning a corner..

Baran walked up to his Master. “Greeting’s Master.”

THe Bald head of the Corellian Jedi glinted the lights from overhead. “Follow me..”

THe pair walked down one of the Service hallways, and finally stopping ensuring they were alone. Jakob pulled out a scrambler, in case of any electronic monitors. “Well done, Jakob.” Baran said. “It seemed the Virus worked Nicely as a diversion. Did you find the information that The Master wishes?”

Jakob nodded. “Indeed, though it will be nearly impossible to get to presently.” He said. “It is protected by many layers of security.”

Baran Kaad nodded. “Then we will have to double our efforts.” The Darksider said. “I personally can’t wait until I can be away from this place. I do hate hiding myself to these dullards.” Jakob nodded in agreement.. It was exhausting keeping the Dark side of the Force at bay, especially for an extended period of time. Baran crossed his arms "We should go back out to the Main hall, before someone stumbles onto us, and the Jedi would be up in arms if they found a body here.."

“Indeed, my Master..”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TATTOOINE: MOS EISLEY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

“Galen!” Beru Lars shouted, and ran towards the Jedi Knight, followed by her husband, Owen. Marek stopped and turned, somewhat surprised to see his Masters family. They had always been very kind to him, treating him as a member of their family. “Lukes…” Owen continued for her. “Luke didn’t make it out of the blast, Galen. He was trying to do a rescue.. ” And spat on the ground. “Damn the Republic..”

Galen nodded, he could understand his anger, as he attempted to keep his own under control. “Go to Naboo.” He said, reaching into his pouch, and pulling out a cred-stick “This will get you there,” and stepped back from them without another word, continued towards Solo.

The Corellian looked up, and saw the Jedi Knight approaching, and saw him give the older couple something. They apparently knew them. “I’ll get back with you Chewie..” and stepped out from under the Infinity’s End, with a look back at Devon Vos, a look of ‘watch my back just in case,’ he turned to face Jedi. “Your Solo..” the man said. Crossing his arms, Solo nodded. “Sure, we can go with that. What can I do for you..”

“I need a Tracker, someone who knows how to find people.” Galen said. “I have money if that’s of any interest to you. Your partner is the Wookiee, correct.”

Solo nodded. “Chewie is my partner, and Money is always of interest but if you’re going out there to look for the Kid, you’re not gonna find him.” He said, with a sigh. “He was caught in that blast..”

The Jedi shook his head. “I need proof. If you won’t assist me, then point me in the direction of someone who will…”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Devon Vos watched the Jedi as he stalked up and basically demanded the attentions of Han, Jedi in general weren't so bad, just like regular folk though some were better than others and the whole lot of them had atleast in his estimate gotten alot better since the end of the Clone Wars. His own hand instinctively went to rest on the but of the DeeCee that had been an almost permant fixture in his life since he'd first picked it up during the wars. It was the standard issue weapon of the Republic special operations command, it's versitility making it the perfect weapon for it's commandos,

“I need proof. If you won’t assist me, then point me in the direction of someone who will…”

Devon's eyes moved to Han who glanced back to him at the question, he and Han Solo had known each other since near the end of the Clone Wars, Han had been transfered into the Special operations command only a couple of weeks before the offical end of the war had come and they'd kept somewhat in touch since then just as most of the squads under General Zey had. Solo nodded to his unasked question,

"I can take you out there." he spoke as he stepped forward taking in the Jedi, he was still green, though he didn't have any of the tale-tale signs of a freshly minted padawan turned knight, "Assuming you can get us clearence with them, I won't even charge you."

He motioned skyward towards the capital ships that were clearly visible in the mid-day sky, "But with a blast of the magnitude of the one people say happened out there, the chances of us finding anything are remote at best. "
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Galen nodded. "I'll get your clearence. Please be ready in a half an hour.." And turned one his heel and headed towards the Command Center, which had been set up next to Chamlans. Solo watched him as he disapeared, and looked up at Devon. "I think he's gonna be real dissapointed." he said. "He's looking for his partner, the young Jedi that we were fighting alongside." and looked out into the desert. "He was a good Kid, wouldnt mind him watching my back, thats for certain..."

Galen Marek strode into the Command Center, and directally up to the counter. "I need clearence to go out into the blast area." he stated to the officer of the watch. The Officer, a male Togruta, looked blankly at the Jedi knight. "ALot of people want to go out there to look for family members, especially around Bestine and Motesta." and shook his head. "I have the Strictest orders, that area is a no fly zone, by order of Grand Admiral Thrawn.."

Marek was about to interject, until a womans hand flashed a Ident wallet to the officer. He Straightend instantly. "Maam!"

"He is a Jedi Knight, who needs to go into the zone.. I DO hope that we can overcome this little bypass, yes?"

Galen looked the newcommer over, who was hardly wearing a military uniform, and he was certain that the long scarf wasn't issue. The woman beamed at the Officer, who nodded. "I will have to inform the Grand Admiral of this, Senator.. You understand of course.."

"Whatever.." She smiled again, speaking in a lyrical tone. "Just give the clearence.."

The officer punched it into the computer station in front of him. "Ship Name?"

Galen, unsure of what was going on pointed towards the Vessel. "That one."

the Officer nodded. "The Infinity's End..Devon Vos's ship." had continued to clack away. Galen turned to the Senator. "THank you, Senator.. "

She beamed "..Lady Romana.." she said. "From Gallifrey.." and fished somthing from her pocket. "Jelly Baby?"

Stepping away from the counter, he looked at her, ignoring the small candies she was offering. "I'm not familier with that world, where exactally is Gallifrey." he stated. Romana grinned wide. "Oh, does it really matter? Were getting clearance to poke around, and you didnt have to do any Jedi Mind Tricks on him, so lets be happy about that, shall we?" and patted his cheek, and took one of the small candies, and ate it. The Officer looked up. "The Infinity's End is cleared to go into the No Fly Zone.."

"Thank you," Marek said, and exited the command center, followed by the woman. "Come along, K-9." and they were followed by an old T-3 Astromech. "Yes Mistress.." it said in his high tinney voice. Galen had to do a double take at the droid. It looked as though it had just rolled off of the assembly line..

Galen stopped. "What makes you think that your going."

"Since I can walk right back inside, and revoke the clearence." Romana stated, "I need to look for somthing as well.." and thought a moment. "Actually, I need to find Nothing, but thats a different story all together.."

"That makes no sense." the Jedi countered. "Would you care to explain that?"

She walked past him. "Not particularly. All in due time.."

"You dont want to go, Lady Romana.." he said, streatching out with the force pursuasion. It would be too difficult to convince her otherwise, and Galen wasnt in the mood for a lenghty debate. She stopped in her tracks, and turned. She reguarded him a moment, before she gave him an icy look. "Thats cheating, Jedi.." and turned back towards the direction of the Infinity's End.

They arrived at the Ship, around the Half Hour mark. "Vos.. I have your clearance.." he announced at the ramp..
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Devon glanced over at the remote vid feed for the boarding ramp entrance and stabbed the intra-ship comm,

"Then welcome aboard the Infinity's End Jedi Galen." as he let go of the activation stud his eyes narrowed on the screen as he watched a woman almost as young as the Jedi saunter up the ramp behind him along with what looked like an old T-3 astromech, shoving his DeeCee back into it's holster then stood to his feet and started towards the back of his ship, he met them in the ship's main corridor, Galen stopped as he met them in corridor,

"Who's she?" he asked motioning over the Jedi Knight's shoulder, "I agreed to take you into the zone, not you and whoever else wanted to tag along!"

The look on the Jedi's face betrayed just a tad bit of frustration at the question and just as he was about to awnser the woman stepped around him flashing a leather document binder that would have normally held identification documents but instead just had what looked like a blank sheet of paper,

"LAdy Romona, Senator of Gallifrey, and I'm the one who got you cleared and I can just as easily get you revoked." Her voice was melodic in an almost enchanting mannor and would have disarmed him but for the blank paper,

"Lady I'm not sure who you think you are but you can flash that blank paper at me all day long and claim to be the chancelor himself but that ain't gonna get this ship one milimeter off of the tarmac with you and your mech onboard."

Devon smiled at the slightly surprised look on the woman's feature, though the look didn't last long...
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Romana's brows raised, and was about to say something, then thought better of it. Frowning, She looked at the Identwallet, at the Psychic Paper. Shaking her head, she pulled out a set of what looked like Horn rimmed spectacles, and placed them on her face, making her eyes look bigger than they already were, and examined it closley. "Ah, well that explains it.." and showed it again to Devon, then and Galen. "Its only Slightly Psychic Paper.. WAY to long out of date." Romana took a long look at Devon, then with a wide, somewhat disturbing grin, removed the spectacles as she shoved the wallet back into her Jacket pocket and sighed.

"Your Pardon, Jedi. Wont be a tick.." and moved closer to Devon, close enough to whisper. "I am an associate of The Doctor, who was my Mentor and whom you have been fighting alongside in the fight against the Daleks, from my understanding. He has gone missing, and I have been dispatched to learn wether or not his TARDIS was destroyed by the Superlaser, which would be horribly alarming, Or got nabbed by the Daleks, which would be devestatingly horrible." Romana paused, and continued on. "So, since you are some form of Forcie, or Psi, or are just alarmingly intelligent, you can tell that I'm not fibbing. I just need to Not find the wreckage of his TARDIS and Ill be on my way.." and stepped back, and exposed from her pocket a small handfull of candies. "Jelly Babie?"

Galen closed his eyes, clasping his hands behind his back. What ever this woman had in mind, it seemed to coencide with his own needs. THe Jedi needed to find some form of proof, one way or the other..
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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The small starfighter came out of hyperspace and detached from the ring. After a few clearance checks with the planet, Obi-Wan piloted the small ship down to the palace grounds and landed it onto the large pubic square that was now empty.

"Master Kenobi." Crystal said softly as he got out of the fighter. "A pleasure to see you, and no offense, but what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to talk with Taya. Where is she?"

"Is this about the disappearnce of her brother, Luke?" Crystal asked as she began walking back to the palace with him.

"I'm afraid so, so you've seen it then?"

"Yes I have."

"Has Taya?" Obi-Wan noticed two men standing at the entrance of the palace, as they began getting closer, one of the men started to walk away. "Who was that?" Obi-Wan asked as he watched the man vanish into the palace.

"Taya hasn't seen it, as far as I know, and that is the Zhans adviser. He's the one who convinced the Zhan to ask for the Jedi's help."

"Keep your eyes on him, there's something... Strange about him."

"Yes Master." Crystal nodded then began to walk up the steps.

"Oh, Taya. Where is she?"

"She left yesterday about mid day, I haven't seen or heard from her since she left."

"Do you at least know where she went?"

"Yes Master, she went to see the working class, and find out why they are protesting the government. I've done much studying since I came here, and have found nothing that really requires our presense. In fact, I was about to call the council and suggest that we leave. There really is no reason to keep the working class from protesting a government that is so corrupt."

"You are suggesting we allow them to go to war."

"Master, they've been at war for years, it's just that one side never fought back til now."

Obi-Wan gave a slight laugh as he put his hand on her back. "Remember Crystal. We sent you here with a purpose. There's something else here that you are overlooking, find it and it will all make sense." Obi-Wan smiled at her as they reached the Zhan.

"Zhan, this is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Master Jedi."

"Finally, you have come to relieve these children and take care of the problem at hand?"

"Actually Zhan. I have come to relieve one of our Jedi Knights to attend to a personal matter. I however will not be doing anything. This will be all let in the hands of Crystal here. She will find out what is behind things, I assure you. However, I must go out and find Taya."

"This is an outrage." The Zhan yelled out as Obi-Wan turned away.

Obi-Wan turned back toward him and looked at him. "If you'd rather us leave, just say the word, I have no problem withdrawing the support of the Jedi, Zhan."

"You expect me to just accept the fact that you refuse to do anything for me?"

"I expect you to accept the represenative that we have sent you. I will return before evening. If I don't make sure you contact me on your commlink. I will have R2 with me." Obi-Wan turned from the Zhan and Crystal and walked away.

"You Jedi are very complicated people."

"You have no idea Zhan. No idea at all." Crystal turned and walked into the palace to return to her investigation of the records.


Taya sat in deep meditation as she felt as if something was suddenly taken away from her. Something that was always there, but then suddenly, it was gone. The Force flowed through her, and showed her many things, but nothing of relevance to the missing feeling she was getting. Suddenly the Force flooded her with a vision of Obi-Wan walking through the hills, looking for something... Looking for her... She rose from her position and ran outside, hopping on the speeder she had borrowed she drove it quickly through the hills to search him out.
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Devon studied the woman as she took a step back and then with a total personality switch disarmingly offered him one of the candies she apparently had a substantive store of, none of the spacers in Mos Esliey had known where the Doctor fellow had come from, prior to that day no one could remember ever seeing him but he'd been right about the Dalaks and everything else and if this woman was indeed as intertwined with him as she indicated then he felt in that spot that he always trusted that he could in fact trust her as well,

"Fine, but stay out of the way, and if I say jump you say..."

"How high?" then woman finished for him, a wisp of a smile tugging at her lips.


With that he slapped the door controls to his left and the ship's ramp began it's slow retraction till it sealed behind them with a hiss of compressed air, within minutes the pre-flight was done and Devon was cinching down his crash webbing,

"Buckle up folks this is likely going to be a bumpy ride, the atmosphere is still roiling from whatever it was that the republicans used out there."
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Naboo: Theed

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Anakin settled the Highland down on the Private landing platform near the main house, overlooking the Naberrie estate, His wife’s ancestral home. The Jedi Master sat there for a few moments, just looking at the country house, remembering times past, and how far they had come. Nineteen years ago, their family was increased by two. Today, it was decreased by one. He closed his eyes, reclining back into the acceleration couch. His son was gone. Just gone.

Six years earlier...

“Taya, Your never gonna beat me!” Luke said, grinning from ear to ear, as he put on the Helmet, adjusting the goggles over his eyes. “I’m just that good, and you’re a little kid!” he chided. His baby sister Taya rolled her eyes at him, and then shrugged as she put down her goggles. "What a fodder head." She said only loud enough for Anakin to hear her.

“Language!” Anakin scolded quietly, as he finished the final checks on her racing pod, ending the scold with a smile. The vacation on Tattooine had proven to be enlightening for all of them. His children got to see where he had spent the earliest part of his life, and had gotten to spend some time attuning themselves to the force. It was a family trip, to visit his Brother Owen and his wife Beru. He mused as he wiggled the power couplings, ensuring they were making a solid connection, that the family included his own Padawan, Galen and his former Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who was teaching his oldest daughter Leia, along with his droids, Threepio, Artoo and his newest creation, PROXY. They were all in Bestine for the day, on a shopping trip. Galen had announced that he would go and escort Padme, and keep an eye on PROXY, who was testing his Holoprojector. The droid was attempting to resemble a Human male, who just happend to look like a young Obi Wan, much to his former master Chargrin. Obi Wan said that the PROXY unit couldnt capture his natural good looks

Galen had also had no interest in Pod Racing, though he was invited to join in. His Padawan was of the most serious mind, and thought of anything that didn't increase his knowlege of the force was trivial. He agreed, however, to keep Padme, Owen and Beru busy so they could preform thier stunt..

“Sorry Dad.” Taya shrunk back into her seat, chastised, and snarled as Luke snickered at her. “Shut up.”

“Hey, Dad, tell her she doesn’t stand a chance..” Luke said as Anakin checked the couplings on the Pod that Luke was in. Anakin glanced up. “I don’t know, Luke.. I was nine when I was racing..” and turned the spanner, tightening the connection. “Yeah.” His son stated, “But she’s no where as wizard as me..”

You are going to lose so badly, Anakin thought, chuckling to himself as Luke continued to boast. “We’ll just have to see, wont we..” and stood up. “Artoo, take one more once over, make sure I didn’t miss anything.” The Little astromech whistled in response, and rolled off to perform the task. Anakin stepped back, with his oldest daughter, Leia who was sitting on a bench, to the side. She had insisted in coming along with them to the old Pod practice route near Mos Espa, instead of going off to Bestine to do some shopping. Leia was the image of Padme at her age, and even shared her mother’s hairstyle of the time. “I’m surprised that you didn’t go to Bestine with everyone else.” He said, popping a fizzy glug from the small cooler. Leia regarded her father a moment before answering. “Someone has to keep an eye on you all, especially if your all going to be involved in this barbarian sport..”

A genuine laugh overtook him. “Well, I’m glad you came.” He said, putting an arm around his child, and kissing her cheek. She smiled slightly. “I didn’t feel like shopping, under the circumstances..besides, I want to see Luke lose.. “

Anakin looked at his daughter, swallowing the cold beverage. “Why so?”

She shook her head. “Luke’s been unbearable since he’s won every little match that He and Taya became involved in. He needs to be taught a lesson in humility.” She said, crossing her arms. Anakin nodded. “I can see that,” and took another sip. “Luke has an uncanny knack with anything that flies, so it seems. However, Taya has an advantage on the ground. They’re both very competitive, as we both know all too well.” She nodded. “And Taya is smarter than him, too… And funnier, and better looking, and a better everything else, and Lukes a big, dumb, Thicko…” and leaned back on the bench, pouting.

Anakin nodded. There was more to this, he realized. “Ok, Kiddo, Out with it… What’s wrong.”

His daughter rolled her eyes. “He’s a Jerk. A big jerky Jerk Thicko Jerk from Jerktooine..” She spat, and followed it with a sigh. “He told Galen that I had a crush on him, and wouldn’t stop teasing me about it.” She admitted. “I DON’T have a crush on him. I mean, how could I...” Anakin nodded. A lot of things made sense, as the girls had been sniping at Luke for a couple of days now. Taya and Leia, when they focused their ire against something, was an immovable force. Anakin almost felt sorry for his son.

An alarm from Artoo alerted him. “What is it?” The astromech droid fired off a series of droid speak, fast enough that the Jedi master needed to look at the reader. “All right, everyone out of the pods.”

Taya looked up, Alarmed. “What! Why?” She screeched. “I can beat him!”

Anakin shook his head. “Sandstorm.. Should be hitting in about an hour..” he said. Luke shook his head. “We have an hour, Dad. We can do it..”

“I said out..” thumbing an out motion to accentuate the point. “Now, shut down the engines..”
Taya looked at Luke, and Vice versa..

The two pods suddenly took off, streaking across the desert floor. Anakin screamed at the two of them as they turned into dots in the distance. Leia likewise was yelling as well, but in opposite to what his own commands to return. “GO TAYA! BEAT HIS BUTT! MAKE HIM EAT POODOO!!” and looked up at him, with an almost surprised expression. “Barbarian, huh?” and pulled out his comm. “Both of you, turn around right now, and get your selves back here, now!”

<<Crackle Crackle Sorry Dad.. Can’t hear you Crackle Crackle..>> he heard Luke say into the mic, and followed by Taya’s voice. <<Your not suppose to say Crackle, dummy. Your suppose to go ShhhHHshhshssssshhssss>>> followed by Lukes laughter. <<<Crackle>>>

“GET BACK HERE NOW!” Anakin commanded. “I am not kidding!”

“Can’t they hear you, Father?” she said, a worried look on her face. “Yes, they can.” And back into the mic. “Finish the circuit, only one lap!” he said, moving over towards the Skyhopper, grabbing Leia’s hand. “Keep an eye on that storm, Artoo.”
Within seconds, the two of them were in the air, following the route. Within minutes, he was following the race between his children, moving along the practice course. It wasn’t as hazardous as the one he had competed on as a child, but it was still not a safe track. They were almost completed the first lap. “Ok, power them down.. “ he said into the mic.

They continued into the second lap. “Maybe you should warn them about the Dark Side.” Leia said, shaking her head. Anakin gave her a stern look, and continued following. “Ok, finish the second lap, then power down. I’ll be at the finish line..” and brought the Skyhopper around, taking it to the area they had all agreed to be the finish line. Anakin brought the airspeeder down at the point, and turned on the sensors, that would register the win.
“Their not going to stop, you know..” his daughter said. The Jedi Master nodded. “I know..” Leia tugged on his shoulder of his overalls “Here they come!”

“AND!” He said, as they zoomed past, onto the third lap. “There they go..” Leia finished. Anakin looked at the sensor. “Lukes in the lead.” He said, shaking his head chuckling..

“Cmon, Taya..” Leia said. Anakin crossed his arms. “You really want him to lose..”

She pulled down the binoculars. “It will serve him right.” Leia said. “He’s really cocky, when it comes to things like this. Luke needs to get beaten once in a while.” Anakin nodded. “Yeah, I can see that. It has nothing to do with him teasing you about your Crush on Galen.” And pointed as the pods came swing around the last turn. “Here they come!”
“Artoo, whats the status on the storm?” as the Droid speak went across the interface. “We won’t have time to take the pods back to the sheds, where gonna have to leave them here.”

Leia looked up, surprised. “I thought we had an hour before the storm hits?”

“Until the storm hits, yes, but they are always preceded by downdrafts that will shove those pods into the sand. That was the main reason I didn’t want them to go..” he told his daughter, and looked back at the two siblings.
Anakin watched as the two pods streaked across the landscape, towards the finish line, with Luke in the lead. It was then that Taya’s blue pod drafted off of Lukes pod, and streaked to the side, pointing her vehicle to a large scraped ramp, which hadn’t been used in probably ten years. Hitting the afterburners, she blasted off of the ramp, going across Lukes green Pod, causing him to swerve, and her crossing it ahead of him, winning the race. Anakin and Leia rushed towards them as they brought their pods to a stop. In his head, he could almost see the crowds from the Boonta Eve races, as he could during the entire race.

Furious wasn’t the word Anakin would describe his mood. It would be a mixture of relief and anger with a slight bit of terror mixed in. What he saw next slowed his run, and he could hear them through the ear piece..

“Way to go, T! That was completely wizard!” Luke congratulated his baby sister. “I thought I had you, then WHAM! Right across my bow!” he laughed and Taya just looked at him, “Thanks” she said simply as their Dad and Leia approached. He had that look in his eye, the one where they were in trouble. “Are you both ok?” Leia went to Taya’s side, and gave her a hug. All of them could see the concern in his eyes, mixed with the anger.

Taya just nodded, as Luke exploded. “DID you see Taya Win! That was..”
“I saw it.. Incredible control Sweets! Great job!” he said, a huge grin ear to ear, and gave her a huge hug. “You definatly had Luke going for a while, thinking he was going to win..”

“Yeah she did.” Luke said. “Wow…” her older brother said.

“It’s a pity your both Grounded..” He said, releasing Taya from the hug.. Luke’s mouth dropped open. Taya brows beetled. “That’s not fair.”

“Of course it is. Your Grounded for the duration of our stay here on Tattooine.” Anakin said, crossing his arms.

“What will mother say when she finds out were grounded for Podracing..” she countered, hands going to hips. Luke glanced over at his sister, and was about to say something until he was stopped by his father. “Go on..”
“She will wonder wont she? I certainly won’t lie to her, "Mom, Dad made us go race pods, and then grounded us because we did it. I don't think that's fair, do you?"

A very dark look crossed his face. “Your both not grounded for Pod Racing.. Your Both grounded for not listening to me when I told you both to stand down, and then you ignored me, without knowing the full situation. Your Grounded for not listening to me. I you wish to tell you Mother of this, that is your business, but make certain that you inform her that you were just as guilty as we all are.” He said, a complete and immovable pillar. Taya stared at him, then suddenly, brought up her two fingers, wiping left to right..

“You don’t really want to ground us, do you?” The girl said..

“I don’t really WANT to ground you.. No..” he said, turning towards the Skyhopper, and looked over his shoulder, grinning. “But I am going to anyway. Good try though.” And burst into laughter, breaking the tension of the moment. The laughter was infectious, as soon all of them were laughing, even Taya, though it was probably more from embarresment, drowning out the high pitched whine. “Luke, did you shut down your engines?” Anakin asked.

Luke shook his head. “No, why?”

Anakin suddenly snatched up Taya, and pointed towards the closest crash barrier. “RUN!!”

Anakin led them behind one of the crash barriers, and ducking behind last as the high pitched whine suddenly stopped, and Lukes Pod exploded, taking Taya’s with it. Anakin looked around the barrier, and sat back down. “Well, there goes the pods.. Their little black spots now..”

Luke smiled wide. “The Jawa’s will be happy!” All of them just looked at him.

“Ok, lets get out of here, before someone notices.” He said, and sending his children off, watching them as they went. He could hear Luke say to Taya. “I could have told you that wouldn’t work. Your still a little kid!” he said, putting his hand on Taya’s shoulder, who shrugged it off, and rushed to catch up to Leia, with a look over her shoulder “At least I tried, Bantha Breath..”

Anakin shook his head, wondering if those two would ever get along. What disturbed him most was that his eleven year old daughter attempted to use the Force Persuasion on him, He would have to speak with
Mace about this, as he was her Master..

Anakin Skywalker wiped tears from eyes, and smiling at the same time, from the memory. So much had changed. He stood up from the controls of the H-Type yacht, and went into the sleeping quarters, where Padme slept, though he was certain that it was not a comfortable rest.

He caressed her shoulders, and she responded instantly, her eyes opening and looked to her husband. “Were home, Love..” she sat up, and looked to him. “You’ve been crying.” She said, wiping his eyes. “I was thinking of happier times.” He said, which she understood, he was certain. “You need to be stong, for Our Daughters, now.” She said, as her lip quivered. “As do I.”

They stood, and headed down the ramp. See-Threepio was waiting for them as they descended. “Oh, Master Anakin, Mistress Padme, Terrible news…”

“We know, Threepio..” Anakin touched the droids shoulder. “We know. WHeres Leia?”

“She has locked herself in her room, and has refused to leave it. I have been speaking to her, through the door so that she could hear a friendly voice..” and the protocol droid realized that they were looking behind him. He turned, and saw Mistress Leia..

Their eldest daughter rushed forward, and embraced her parents, who enfolded her in an embrace. “I saw it..” She said.. “I saw It as he was killed.. Murdered..” she said through sobs.. “By the Republic..”

Anakin held his daughter tighter, as her sobs became uncontrollable, as she fell suddenly limp in their arms.. He lifted her, and rushed her inside. “Threepio, call the Doctor!” and disappeared inside…
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Mos Eisley Spaceport: Tattooine

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“Not a problem, Captain Vos.” Romana said, taking a place in the common area. “Quiet as the grave,” and motioned for the T-3 unit to join her. “And I’m a capable engineer, if you need any assistance in that area, please, feel free to speak up!” the Woman said, the wide grin again crossing her face. Once the pair was no longer in the Commons, she turned to her Droid. "Alright, K-9, start looking for the remnants of the TARDISes Matrix. If the Doctors TARDIS Exploded, then we should be able to sense it once were in their No Fly Zone."

"Yes, Mistress, I will begin at once!"

She smiled. "Good boy!" she said, rubbing his side. She stood, and headed towards the cockpit..

Galen took a place at the Communications station. “If I hadn’t said it yet, Vos.. I’m grateful.” The Jedi said, putting on a head piece. “Were looking for any form of remains, or evidence of my Partner, whether that be a body, or the swoop. Anything that proved he was killed, or somehow got away.” He said, and looked away, remaining quiet. He should have stayed down on Tattooine, instead of Luke. He didn’t trust his partner to be able to deal with the Admiral’s, however. It wasn’t like he had done a fantastic job himself..

He felt the turbulence from the hull, as they entered the No Fly Zone…

The Jedi opened himself to the force, and began his search as Romana entered, and took a place at the Engineers station.

"So, tell me about yourselves.. It may take our minds off of the deadly cloud of doom!" she said, and ate one of her candies..


Han Solo watched the Infinity’s End take off, and head off towards the area that was hit by the super laser. The corellian got onto the comm. “Hey, Devon. It’s gonna get rough out there, let me know if you need an assist.”

From behind him, Chewbacca led the pair he had spoken to earlier. “Whats going on, Partner.”

Beru Lars smiled at the Corellian. “I wanted to thank you for your kindness earlier, Captain. Your first mate suggested that you may be heading towards Naboo..”

Solo looked at the Wookiee, who simply shrugged. The Corellian brows lowered, to which the Wookiee raised his. Solo rolled his eyes. “Ya know, We do have some cargo going towards that way. We can…” he said, as Chewie grollfed “..Drop you off.”

Owen Lars nodded. “Thank you, Captian.” And handed him the Cred Chip. “That will hopefully be enough. We can give you more if you need it.” Solo looked at the chip, and thumbed the reader. More than enough. “Should be good. Get comfortable in the common area, me and my partner need to have a quick meeting.

They both nodded, and headed off towards the common area. Han turned on Chewie once out of sight. “What are you thinking, Partner. We aren’t going to Naboo, and even if we were, we weren’t taking passengers.”

Chewie growlfed and grawwed, as Solo shook his head. “Look, he was a good kid, but still..”

His partner again explained his position, this time more convincingly. “Fine.. FINE!” Solo shook his head. “We’ll take them to Naboo. It wouldn’t hurt to make some contacts with the Jedi, granted..” and sat at the controls again. “I must be going soft..”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Devon chuckled at the overwraught commentary from the woman, he normally wasn't much for small talk and the reality was that he needed to keep his mind on the job at hand,

"Lady if you're going to insist on having a conversation then leave me out of it, I'm going to have my hands full just keeping the ship steady, I'm not sure what the fleet did but it really frelled things up good. This is ten times worse than any Sand storm I've ever seen on this rock and it does appear to be letting up any."

He glanced over at the instument pannel and scowled as he watched the readout on the outside wind speeds steadily climb, as a precaution he activated the ship's particle shields, if the speeds got much higher even the sand would become a hazard to the ship's hull integrity, he was rapidly begining to regret agreeing to this stunt...
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"The Republic hit it with a Superlaser, Thats used for deflecting and destroying Asteroids and Meteorites that are vectored to hit inhabited worlds." The Jedi said. "They hit the Dalek Pyramid, destroying it, and destroyed the surrounding Cities of Bestine, Arnthout, and pretty much everything around it." he shook his head. "It's done permenant damage to the planet." He said, as Devon's ship went deeper into the dense cloud. As they went deeper, at about 45 minutes mission time, it was becomming appearent that it wasnt just sand and wind as The Turbulance became more violent. Galen's heart sank. "There's no way my Partner could have survived in this.."

Romana turned to the engineers panel. "Captain Devon, your hull is heating greatly. You may want to bring up your shields.." She said. "This cloud isnt just sand.." she turned back to the two men. "Water vapor, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. This is an acidic cloud, probably from volcanic activity."

Galen looked at her. "Your certain?" and looked over her shoulder. "Tatooine isnt prone to Volcanic Activity."

"If your superweapon is a strong as It sounds, it created a Condiut to the Molten core, and the space where the Dalek Pyramid was created a throat." she stated. "Hopefully, Tatooine will cap it itself, as long as it doesn't start with heavy siesmic actiity. However, it will effect the Moisture farms heavily for some time either way."

"Mistress.. There is a Quantum Dislocation Pattern within the area of the Plume. There is no evidence of the Doctor's TARDISes destruction." The K-9 stated. "But there is a signature of the TARDIS being here, moving under its own power."

"Elaborate?" she asked.

"Had the TARDIS been in mid shift, it would have avoided harm, but may have relocated partially phased at its location, thus giving the appearance of disapearing.."

"Good Dog!" she patted the T-3's head. Leaning back, she pushed hair from her face. "Well, thats one mystery dealt with.."

Devon's threat board came alive, showing a sudden increase of tempratures of 700 celcius quickly approaching, as fire began to sporadically rain down, impacting on the shields. The Turbulance was far worse than it was before.

Ramona shook her head. "I think its time to turn back, Devon. We wont be able to continue with this equiptment..

The Jedi closed his eyes, and streached out... One last look before they had to turn back..
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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As the sun sat Obi-Wan saw a speeder comming at him. He looked down at the R2 droid who had been following him. "I'm going to take a wild guess that that is Taya." He said as he put his hand down and patted the droid.

After sever beeps Obi-Wan laughed. "All these years with you, you'd think I'd learn a little of your language." Obi-Wan turned to face the figure of Taya in the speeder as she stopped a few feet away. "Taya..."

Taya looked up at him and spoke before he could say anything else. "One of the family is... missing?" She looked over at R2 and back and Obi-Wan. "Luke?" She asked as if she already knew the answer.

"Yes, I'm afraid he's not only missing, but presumed dead." Obi-Wan prepped himself to take be able to hold Taya up, but she gave him a small shrug.

"Assuming that a Skywalker is dead, seems to be a running problem with the council, Master Kenobi. I assure you, he's not dead, he's merely missing. He'll show up when you least expect him." Taya smiled gently at Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan nodded at her. "Your father has asked that all the family meet him at Naboo."

"What of the mission Master?"

"Crystal can handle it alone, and I'll be here for any support she may need."

"Well, I have to return the speeder, then we can take a walk back to the city."

Obi-Wan nodded and they all got up into the speeder. Taya blasted off toward their destination. Obi-Wan felt as if he was back on Coruscant in a speeder driven by his old aprentice. "Do you really have to drive so wildly?" He asked in a jesting way.

"Don't blame me, remember, my father taught me to drive at a very young age."

"You'd think with enough practice you'd be getting better." Obi-Wan smiled at Taya.

"You'd think with all the riding you've done with dad, you'd be used to it."

"If you'd work as much on your saber fighting as you did your wit..."

"I'd be a rival with you with a saber?"

"At least!" Obi-Wan said as the speeder continued it's way to it's destination. As they reached the small run down homes, Obi-Wan got out of the speeder quickly. "This is where the people live?"

"Most of them. It would seem that the nobles are the only ones who are allowed to live in the Zhan's city. That's why they are protesting."

"Why so suddenly? You'd think with living conditions like these it would have been years ago."

"Never had anyone who would rally against the nobles before." Thaof's voice beckoned through the open doorway.

"My apologies for taking the speeder for so long. But thank you for the recomendation."

"You got what you were looking for then?" Thaof asked as he looked over the newcommer.

"Yes." Taya replied as she looked over at Obi-Wan. "My apologies. Thaof, this is Master Kenobi of the Jedi Council, he has come to inform me of a personal matter that I must go and take care of. He will be here to assist Crystal. He will also be the person you should probably talk to if you need anything."

"I hope all is well with you Taya." Thaof said as he reached out to Obi-Wan. "It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance Master Jedi."

"Thank you. I will be back tomorrow to see how things are going, and get caught up on what is all going on here."

"We will have lunch ready for you tomorrow then." Thaof said as he let go.

"That is not necessary, but I appreciate the kindness. I will be here for lunch tomorrow then."

"Thank you Master Jedi. And thank you Taya for your kindness towards our family and our village."

They both began their walk back to the city, and Obi-Wan looked over at the girl.

"Your kindness?" He pondered as they continued to walk.

"Yes Master, I helped them with some chores around the village."

"You mean the Force helped them." Obi-Wan gave her a stern grin.

"Nope, I didn't show off at all. Just helped out where I could." Taya started to walk a bit faster to avoid the prying eye of Obi-Wan.

"You'll do fine. Master Windu would be proud of you."

"Thank you Master."

During the rest of the walk Taya got Obi-Wan up to speed on the endeavors and as they reached the palace Obi-Wan stopped.

"I have something else to tell you."

Taya stopped and looked back at him. "What's that."

"Give your prowess with ships of any kind. The Jedi Council has given you a Jedi Starfighter to use for your travels. They don't think you should just be catching rides where ever you can. R2-D2 is now your's to help you on your journeys. It was your fathers wish that R2 here stayed with the family. You should hurry up and get to Naboo now.

"Yes Master." Taya said with a slight excitement to her voice as she ran towards the ship.

"Taya." Obi-Wan said as she reached the ship.

"Yes Master?"

"Remember to take good care of both the ship and R2. They will both take care of you."

"Yes Master." She replied and jumped into the ship as R2 was loaded up into it.

"Ready R2?" She asked as she booted up the ship. She looked at the screen and laughed. "I'm sure I can't be any worse." She stated then took ahold of the throttle and shot the ship into space to hook up with the hyperspace ring orbiting the planet.
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Devon had seen some real dren storms in his life, even lived through the biggest one in galactic history that most people knew as the Clone Wars, but what he was seeing was worse than anything he'd seen since the end of the war, reaching over to the controls he redistributed the power again adding more to the ship's protective systems and then banked the ship gently around. Sudden movements in conditions like this more often than not resulted in damage rather than expediency,

"So who exactly are these Daleks?" he asked glancing from the Jedi next to him then to the woman behind them, "What exactly is a tardis? I'm pretty familar with just about every known ship type and that's one I've never heard of before."
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TATOOINE: Infinity's End cockpit..

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Romana smiled brightly at the captain of the Infinity’s End, still wearing the large spectacles. “The Curious Corellian! I do love that! Your people are my absolute FAVORITE species in the galaxy!” she said excitedly, clapping her hands. “Your people have the Never Give Up, Never Surrender attitude. The Doctor is a huge fan as well, by the way.”

Taking on a more serious look, she began. “The Daleks are the Mutated Descendants of a Xenophobic near human species called the Kaled from the Skaro system created by a mad Nihilist named Professor Davros. After a rather remarkable planetary war, Davros created the Dalek battle suits to put the sword to their enemies. Well, centuries of mutation and genetic engineering in essence weeded out the Kaled, leaving only the Daleks. The Daleks no longer leave their Battlesuits, since their bodies have become little more than a small mass of wobbly flesh with a horrid little face and tentacles, They are hateful, violent and aggressive to the nth degree, with anything they can’t subjugate, they eradicate.” She said. “The first interaction the Daleks had with the Republic was around 700 years before now, when the Doctor, Myself, and Yoda discovered them near the Planet Griss, which they were turned back by Republic UNIT soldiers and the Jedi order.” And cocked her head. “I wonder if little Yoda would remember me?”

Galen shook his head. “MASTER Yoda would remember you, I’m certain..” he stated. Romana nodded. “Perhaps, I looked entirely different then, Regeneration and all that.” She said. “I’m only on my third, really.” And paused.. “Right, back on topic!” she grinned wide. “The Daleks are currently broken into three groups. The Dalek Empire, the Cult of Skaro and the Renegades. The Empire is the worst, since they are the most organized and under the rule of the Supreme Dalek. THe Cult of Skaro was an offshoot of the original Daleks, who attempted to learn to be more accepting of other cultures. They even learned some Poetry..” she said, and in a high, screechy voice. “FLOWERS ARE BEAUTIFUL: EXTERMINATE FLOWERS! or something along those lines.” She waved it off. “The Renegades are the free thinkers, and have broken their ties to the Daleks, and are noted as attempting to live in peace and harmony with other species, and have even attacked Imperial Daleks, and the Cult to protect worlds that they deem necessary. Unfortunately, they are also the most limited in resources.” She concluded.

There was a long pause, as she took off her glasses. “As for the TARDIS, it is the Doctors vessel. His is a Old Type 40 TT Capsule, while mine is a much more streamlined Type 150 TT Capsule. TARDIS stands for..” she paused, and took a deep breath. “Time And Relative Dimention In Space.. T.. A.. R.. D.. I.. S..” she continued. “It is the basic conveyance for the Celestial Intervention Agency based from Gallifrey to keep Paradoxes at a minimum.” She stated. “The Doctor came here to attempt to intercede between the Daleks and the Republic, but unfortunately, they emerged earlier than expected. The real problem with the situation was the Super Laser that the Jedi Knight had mentioned earlier. The Old Species, such as the Gallifreans, the Ahzgard and the rest of the Shadow Proclamatio are very worried about the Republic, unsure whether to herald them as the next great government, or…” and pauses, looking down.

Merak leaned forward. “Go on..”

Romana looked up. “Or a warning to all the peaceful governments beyond this galaxy.. Watch out, here comes the Galactic Republic.. they have a Weapon that can destroy planets…” and shrugged. “Did that answer your questions, Captain Curious Corellian?”
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NABOO: Theed:

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“No.. Luke..” Anakin heard Leia say as he watched over his eldest daughter, in her deep Meditative state. His twins shared a bond, not only as siblings, but in the force regardless of how different they were. “What do you see, Kiddo. Tell me.” He said quietly, reaching out to touch his child. Leia shook her head. “No..” she said, in a whisper. “Not you..”

Anakin nodded. “Your Mother then..” he said, “Ill get her for you..” and began to stand. Leia shook her head fervently. “No.. Not Mother..” she said. “Taya.. “ she stated, and her eyes again focused on nothing. Anakin nodded. “She will be here soon, Kiddo. Just rest..” Her father watched her for a few more minutes before he stood, and exited the room, allowing Threepio to enter. “Keep an eye on her, Threepio. If there’s any changes, let us know instantly.” Threepio took his Masters place as Anakin entered his wifes office that she used when they were on Naboo. Padme looked up from the desk. “Any changes?”

Anakin shook his head. “No, no change. She is still in the deep meditation.” He said, running his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know what the physician will be able to do.” And looking over the desk. Flimsys, Holocrystals and other information retention devices were scattered on its surface. “What’s all this?”

“Leia said that Luke was murdered by the Republic. I’m looking into it.” She said. “I’m looking for a smoking gun, which isn’t here.” She said, and leaned back In the chair. “I received a message from the Chancellor, that there is a meeting tomorrow morning with the Grand Admiral and the Commandant of the Scout Services to go over the situation. As the Senior Senator and part of the Armed Forces committee, I have to attend via Holocomm.” She looked up. “Any word from Galen?”

Anakin shook his head. “No, none yet.” He stated, leaning in front of his wife. “Once he learns more, he will.”

Padme wrapped her arms around his waist, and sobbed softly. Anakin just stroked her, reassuring her that all would be well…

Even though he knew it wouldn’t..
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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The Jedi Starfighter came in at the homestead at a rather fast pace, fast enough to alert all those in the home that it was there, even if they weren't force sensitive enough to feel her presence. The ship came to a grinding halt, and landed perfectly on the landing pad in the back of the homestead. Taya opened up the ship and hopped out, landing gracefully onto the pad.

"Come on R2, we should go in." R2 whistled and was unloaded from the ship, then followed Taya into the house.

Taya walked up into her parents room and noticed her father consoling her mother. "Sorry I'm late. Obi-Wan had some problem finding me." As she finished her sentence her mother looked up at her and gave her a half way smile and backed off from Anakin to reach out to their daughter. Taya walked over and they both gave her a rather large hug.

"You do know that more than likely Lukes fine, he is a Skywalker after all. Those Skywalkers are rather resiliant when it comes to supposed deaths."
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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Anakin smiled at his youngest daughter, as Padme released her embrace. "Your here, that’s all that’s important." He stated, and led her out of the room, leaving Padme to prepare for the meeting with the Chancellor in the morning. "And in fact, you timing couldn’t be better. Your Sister is asking for you." He said. "She has placed herself in a deep Meditative state, refusing to sleep, or eat. Leia is seeing something, but she won’t tell me, nor anyone else what." as they approached the eldest daughters door.

The pair opened the door, and entered. Leia was sitting on her meditation matt, eyes closed. Threepio turned to see the newcomers. "Oh, Mistress Taya, wonderful to see you," The Droid said, low as if whispering. "Mistress Leia is still within her meditations, and I have been keeping an eye on her.." and paused uncomfortably. “She says that the only sentient that she wishes to see is Mistress Taya..”

Anakin nodded. "Thank you Threepio.." he said quietly, moving closer to the droid. "Let’s leave the two of them alone.." and with that, The eldest Skywalker and the Droid left, leaving Leia and Taya alone...

As the door closed, Leia's eye's popped open. Her eyes had taken on an unfocused, almost milky white appearance. “No.. Luke.. Their dead.. You, Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen.. Killed by Bandits..” she said. “Long time dead…Listen to the Doctor.. Its you, but not you..” and suddenly focused, as he eyes took on her more normal, brown eye look. She looked like she hadn’t slept in days. “Taya..” and smiled weakly. “You’re here..”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover)

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One of those infamous pregant pauses filled the cockpit of the Infinity's End punctuated only by the occasional clatter of debris clattering against the transparsteel of the cannopy and the durasteel hull of the ship,

"Fair enough," Devon finally spoke, "Sounds just crazy enough to be true."

One last substantial gust of wind struck the ship as it burst free of the storm as if to say, "And good ridence!" The view in either direction along the storm was ugly and that was saying something on Tatooine since the planet was galaxy renown as being entirely inhospitable and unfriendly to start with. Devon wondered for a momment what had become of the numerous tribes of sand people that had previously inhabited the dune sea,

"So did both of you find what you were looking for because there's no way i'm taking my ship back in that maelstrom till it calms down some?"
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Romana looked at the old T-3 Astromech. “K-9?”

Through the droids vocoder, he spoke “There is no indication of TARDIS coral, or any additional proof that the Doctor’s TARDIS was destroyed. The Quantum Dislocation Pattern, it seems, was brought about due to the destruction of the Dalek Pyramid. Upon further analysis, it is possible that the Daleks had access to TARDIS Coral, or were attempting to grow the substance at an accelerated rate, which may account for the slight slowing of the time stream inside the No Fly Zone.”

Galen raised an eyebrow. “Slowing of time?” He asked. “I don’t understand. I didn’t feel any difference.”

“You wouldn’t have, Jedi Marek.” The Droid stated. “It was only slight, and with the violence of the storm wouldn’t have given any indications to those who are not trained to sense them. It would be most akin to the saying losing Track of Time.”

It was Romana’s turn to act surprised. “Can you detect how much was lost?” she asked. The Droid cocked its head. “Approximately one hundred and twenty minutes in current Galactic Standard Time.. The Dislocation pattern is dispersing at a steady rate of twenty seconds per GST minute. .

“That could cause all forms of trouble; It should probably be kept as a No Fly Zone for at least the next day or two.” She said, crossing her arms, and chewing on her thumbnail. “There are other Troubling matters here, but nothing that would require us to return to the area strait away.. “ and looked at Galen Marek. “What of you, Jedi Marek. Have you learned anything from our Journey?”

The Jedi shook his head. “All I need. My Partner is gone. I could sense no essence of him there, as if he had just disappeared,” and rubbed his stubbed head in frustration. Romana nodded. “Just like the Doctor.” The Time Lady suddenly smiled. “Well, that’s sorted.”

Galen looked up. “What do you mean..” Romana rested her head in her hands. “When we find the Doctor, we will find your Partner..” she said “Was the entire event recorded?” Galen nodded. “It was, from the Excellion, The flag ship of the Chimera fleet.” Romana squinted. “I need to see those recordings..” and looked at Devon. “Devon, you wonderful, WONDERFUL man..” she said lyrically. “Can I ask you for One TEEENY weeeny little favor.. Not much of one, only a schooch.. like take us to the Excellion?” she asked, a wide smile on her face as she nibbled another of her candies.. And offered them again.

“Jelly Babie?”
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