Kingdom of Naboo Recruitment

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Kingdom of Naboo Recruitment

Post by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt »

For any who might wish to join feel free to pm me or send me an e-mail and let me know what you are interested in.
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Re: Kingdom of Naboo Recruitment

Post by Maul_Junior »

So Tabby's not around, and hasn't been for a little while, she's dealing with personal stuff. If you're interested in joining the Naboo storylines/faction, post here until Tab comes back. If you're not sure who I am, I've been involved with Naboo for at least 9 years now with Tabby, off and on. I run the RSF--the Naboo military, and the RIF--the Naboo Intelligence service.

Naboo is currently under the auspices of the New Republic.

I'm working on reviving Naboo. There are a few ways for new people to integrate into the storylines:

50th Anniversary. There's a big celebration going on atm, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Naboo throwing the Trade Federation off the planet. Good time to get onto Naboo, even if you're just visiting for the festivities.

Politics: We're going to be kicking off Naboo Parliament (first of its kind in Naboo history) here very soon. Queen's still in charge, but Parliament influences policy. If you're interested in becoming a Naboo politician, pick (or make up) a town, and you can have a Parliamentarian.

Currently Claimed Towns:

Deeja Peak
Harte Secur
Sel Jakka

Political movements: While there are obviously various internal politics, Naboo has a.....unique political blend, because in the last 50 years it's been occupied/ruled by:

Trade Federation
Old Republic
Rebellion (homegrown resistance movements, as far as I remember they didn't occupy Naboo)
Loris Empire
and the New Republic.

As a result, feelings towards each of the different groups are....tricky. Nearly every faction (save the Separatists) currently has supporters in Naboo politics right now. There's even a small independence movement, that wants to see Naboo separate itself from any and all governments, and be 100% soveriegn (not that the RSF has the navy to pull this off).

So if you want to join in, pick a race, pick a gender, pick one of the factions above, and pick a city (again, canon or made up), and become a Naboo politician, after you pick the name.

Fringer: Naboo's position in the Mid Rim gives it a decent amount of Fringe types, though not as many as the Outer Rim. That said, Naboo certainly has a few things worth smuggling offworld for profits elsewhere. The RSF is usually decently busy patrolling the system and surrounding space for Fringe types.

Forcer Academy (working name): *Soon*, a son of Naboo will be opening up a school for Force Sensitive children--young adults and adults need not apply. To be clear, this Academy will not be affiliated with the Jedi. Actually, lightsabers and Jedi will be banned from the grounds, except by permission of the headmaster. This school focuses on giving the children an education, not fighting abilities. Think Earthsea magic school plus Hogwarts plus Xavier's/Jean Grey School for Gifted plus actual boarding school set in the Star Wars universe.

The majority of the Force training is philosophical, drawing from many different groups, including Jedi, Sith, Grey Jedi, and the Fallanassi. Actual, practical Force training is limited in scope compared to places where the main goal is to train Force Sensitives. There is a strong emphasis on letting the Forcers find their own way.

The School is open, additionally, to non-Force Sensitives, who will be given the same education and philosophical classes as the Forcers, though they will skip Force Training. Students may come from a variety of ages, but will be graduated when they reach maturity. There will be several hundred students attending, though only a small fraction will be Forcers. The school will take in any Forcer/Jedi/Sith, of any power level, as long as they behave and are actually school age. After the Forcers graduate, the faculty will try to place them with Force institutions that the student is interested in. That said, this isn't a refuge. If you bring trouble to the school, you may find yourself out on your ass.

Other: Have some other good ideas? Sweet, I'd love to see them. Post on the thread. Don't want to make it publicly known? I'd love a PM.

These are the Naboo opportunities that I am currently aware of, and are likely not the ONLY Naboo opportunities at the moment. If you have more you'd like added to the list, send me a message and I'll edit them in. If anyone feels like joining the Naboo faction, please give me a quick bio of the character you're interested in bringing to the table:

Naboo Background (see Bolded above, "Other" is fine):

Parliament only:
*Political Sympathies/Backers:
*Representative of:

The RSF/RIF is not necessarily taking applications at this time, unless you've got a good story to go forward. The RSF is always happy to have new Fringers to hunt d--play with. :D
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Re: Kingdom of Naboo Recruitment

Post by Darkheyr »

Alassra Valathorne could totally do a state visit to Naboo and talk about how awesome the new age of peace and understanding in the galaxy is, after Sivter!

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