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My Character

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Darth Nox

Darth Nox's armor:

A hulking 7 foot tall man with the huge black cape on his back, with of the Emperor's Shadow Guard, but a strange, large grey full-face helmet with a red visor for him to see through isn't the friendliest sight. But you don't need to look friendly when you are protecting the man responsible for keeping the Empire in check and leading it. An experiment subject of Emperor Palpatine, he is a wound in the force and extremely powerful in the dark side of the force. It has corrupted him so much that it has severely altered his physical appearance. He always is around Thrawn, protecting him from any fool who would dare to attack him. His armor protects him from almost everything, and it is an intimidating sight during Thrawn's meetings, a reminder not to mess with him. A recent concerning fact is that some dark side force users have begun to refer to him as "Darth Nox" and that he will lead a new order of Sith.
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