In the Empire's interests.

18 years after the Battle of Yavin...
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In the Empire's interests.

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Above Tatooine, aboard a privateer ship. Two days earlier.

"Cindy isn't flying too well." A group of mercenaries sat at a table, playing sabaac, drinking beverages, when one of them noticed that outside of the window, the ship had almost ground to a halt. The one that had just spoken was a human with a black coat over some commoner clothes, but he appeared to be the leader. "I'm gonna go check it out." He got up, leaving the rest of them to continue on with sabaac. Walking into the cockpit, Cindy was slouched over in her chair, apparently knocked out. He shook her a bit and she woke up. "Who are you!?" "It's me, Zeth. Cindy, what happened?" She would point out the window, and Zeth's heart would stop. about 2000 meters from where their ship was, lay the biggest thing that either had ever seen. It was black, 17km long, and huge. It seemed to be fading slightly in and out of existence, as if it had some sort of cloaking technology.( ... ipseii.png) Around the ship were 6 black star destroyers, also equipped with stealth technology.( ... dmkiii.png). "Cindy, we have to warn the Commander!" Before they could do anything, their ship was destroyed by a hail of turbo laser fire, and the planet was surrounded with the ships.

Aboard the Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer Obliteration Modern Day.

Several high ranking Imperial Officers were speaking with one another when Darth Nox entered. Slowly, all of them bowed down on their knees, until instructed by Darth Nox to rise. "Their base, it's here." He said, scanning the bridge. It was huge for a bridge, but was perfect for a ship this size. "We have reason to believe it is here, sir." Spoke one of the officers, who was wearing an admiral's uniform. "Find it's exact location. Probe every nook and cranny on this planet. Find the insurgent base." Spoke Darth Nox, who proceeded to walk up the 5 steps to his 'throne' on the bridge. I will find them, and I will kill them. If that jedi is with them, he will die too.

OOC: Hi! That was just the start to a thread I plan to be doing(that will mostly be about combat and death. If you want to join in, you can be one of the Insurgents(a faction of rebels who destroyed a rather large imperial base just 2 weeks ago, and is known to have 1 jedi among them), or you can be one of the Dark troopers( ... 0215165712) who are Darth Nox's personal cadre of elite storm troopers he uses for covert operations. If you want to be one of them, they are currently doing raids and patrolling the ground on Tatooine looking for the insurgents. Thanks!

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