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Arrow: The Hunter

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OOC: Takes place at the same time as:

Huntress: Diventare Un Angelo
Batman / Red Arrow: Welcome to Wonderland
Star City: News to Shake the World

**Rated M**

Connor Queen pulled against his restraints and let out a sigh of frustration. He couldn’t believe that he was hanging from a crossbeam, that he had actually been captured by a woman who in his estimation was an eleven but had first come off as not being crazy at all. Something I should have known was a red flag. You can’t be that hot and not be completely mental.

Tugging against the bonds again the man raised his legs above his head and the woman entered poking his side with something that felt like a cattle prod and he quickly dropped his legs wincing and saw she held no such weapon. “I told you, stop fighting it. I’ll let you go as soon as you tell me where your lovely sister is.”

Eyeing the woman he took in her tattooed form and shook his head dismissively. “I told you, she’s dead. She’s been dead for years I don’t know where she is.”

Touching Connor’s back the woman flexed her hand and suddenly the man tensed violently. “Lies…it is unbecoming of you Mr. Queen. I know she lives. I have seen her, studied with her, trained with her…I know her far better than anyone else. She has betrayed our employer and it is time for her to pay. Now…tell me where she is.”

Flexing her hand again the woman released another jolt of electricity and Connor gritted his teeth as the muscles across his back tensed under the shocking stimulation. Closing his eyes the man’s mind raced through thoughts keeping him centered on something other than the pain. Breathing came hard but he did his best to consciously control it. Shock after shock flittered across his body as the woman placed a tattooed hand under this chin. “Tell me, or you will have more issues to deal with than simply random burn marks across your body.”

Placing a hand on his abdomen the woman began to slide it toward a far more sensitive area when the earthquake shook the building. His restraints slackened as the roof began to buckle and Connor watched as the woman weathered a large piece of roof falling on her as if it were nothing more than a raindrop falling from the sky. In one quick motion Connor found himself free of his restraints being drug toward the doorway. Shoved out into the street Connor watched as a building crumbled and yellow light exploded into the street it’s energy coalescing like a mist for a moment before coming together rapidly forming what looked to be a bridge and then dissipating into nothingness leaving the crumbled remains of a building along with the yellow mist swirling around the rubble.

Pulling himself to his feet Connor turned and saw the tattooed woman staring at the chaos around her and shake her head. Knowing nothing of her the man took off down the street taking the opportunity to leave her behind. It took the woman only a few minutes to catch the former playboy billionaire and stop him in his tracks. “I’m not done with you yet Queen.”

Another tremor shook the city and a car alarm went off further down the block. “That might be the case, but I told you, my sisters dead. Whoever your hunting isn’t my sister.”

“She is your sister Queen,’ the woman seemed to get exasperated at the whole ordeal. “I know you’ve seen her. I’ve been tracking you for weeks. She disappears as if she were a ghost once she leaves your apartment. I want to know where she is.”

“Why?” Connor’s voice raised an octave out of irritation. “What’s so important about a woman whose dead?”

“She’s not dead. I know that much.” The woman seemed to soften for a moment when talking about the woman.

“What makes you so certain? That lady friend you keep referring to is a booty call. Nothing more.”

Snorting a laugh the woman shoved her hands into jacket pockets and nodded down the street. “She’s got answers I need Queen, now get moving.”

“Right.” Connor stated raising an eyebrow thinking now the woman had truly lost her mind. Pulling on a pair of Nike’s the man ducked as a shriek filled the air and group of gorilla’s appeared out of no where and then disappeared before the apparition of a Chrell warrior became visible for a split second and then vanished. “So…you want to tell me what it is exactly your doing here? Because whatever you are supposed to be hunting seems to be causing some interesting things to be happening in this city.”

“I told you, looking for your sister.” Pulling a gun the woman ended the conversation by setting a hand on a Jeep Wrangler and started it through an electric charge. “Get in.”

Beginning to say a witty retort the street split down the middle more of the yellow fog filled the air around them causing the woman’s tattoo’s to glow for a moment before the fog turned as if a sentient being and raced down the street leaving the cracked and broken asphalt in its wake. Getting in the vehicle Connor swore internally as he wished he had his gear with him and his communication device but instead was relegated to being the woman’s passenger. After only a few blocks the woman accelerated to a speed that would have been suicidal on normal streets and these streets were far from normal.

Bouncing over a curb the woman dodged a group of armed men who opened fire at a van sliding down the street. Glancing in that direction Connor thought he saw a man surfing the van for a moment before an explosion rocked the street sending their vehicle sliding sideways before the woman continued her dangerous driving. Gunfire rang out again and then without warning the woman turned left as more road was torn from its place and a residential building collapsed into the street. Gritting his teeth Connor shook his head and pulled the emergency brake bringing the already slowing vehicle to a stop. “If you want to live, I’m driving.”

Opening his door the man forced the dark haired woman into the passenger seat and then looked at her. “Which way.”

“City Core. If I know your sister she’ll be in the thick of this mess.” Taking the next left Connor ran over a stop sign and then got on one of the main streets of Star City. Weaving around slow moving cars the man made it a point to run several red lights before flashing his high beams causing a few more vehicles to move out of the way. Gunfire filled their rear window and the woman swore. “Get us off this main road.”

Taking his next right Connor barreled through a barely assembly blockade and then took several more turns before slamming on the brakes as one of the largest buildings in city center was suddenly consumed by the yellow fog. “Oh shit…”

Pushing the vehicle into reverse Connor backed away as fast as possible until the fog seemed to harden beginning to pulse. Stopping the jeep Connor got out of the vehicle and saw tendrils of the fog turn to lightning and evaporate a small coffee stand nearby. Standing next to him the woman let out a sigh and then pulled out both her metal batons. Raising an eyebrow Connor looked and saw men with weapons he hadn’t seen before approaching. “Well, this just keeps getting more interesting…”
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