Star City: News to Shake the World

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Star City: News to Shake the World

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OOC: Related to all incidents happening in:

Huntress: Diventare Un Angelo
Batman / Red Arrow: Welcome to Wonderland
Arrow: The Hunter

Star City

“This is Becky Sommers reporting Live from City Core in downtown Star City. We are…wait…oh…oh God….”

Twelve hours prior

Sage Mawir sipped her coffee while looking at the Star City Gazette. She saw another shoddy article about the rise of a cleaner water source and then read about a fifth murder in as many nights by someone using a bow and black fletched arrows, specifically crows feathers. Standing out on her balcony the woman looked out at the city half-heartedly reading the article and its companion talking about a Batman sighting fighting alongside of Red Arrow ending a gun involved car chase. Setting the paper on the concrete balcony railing the woman took another swig of coffee when her phone beeped, a text message.




“Great, guess I’m gonna need another few mugs of coffee” Staring at her mug the woman shook her head. Sometimes she hated her job.

Six hours prior

Stepping off the elevator Sage Mawir walked through the bullpen of cubicles to fervor of activity. People jogging here or there, moving quickly and even sprinting from one office to the next. It was a normal day to all of them; to anyone outside of this office they would think it was pure chaos. Looking around the brunette haired woman set down her Yeti mug and watched as a man in his late thirties approached a half frown on his face. “You’re early Mawir, you know your working overnight tonight right?”

“Yeah boss, I do. These tremors are causing hell on the freeway. Figured I’d start the night early. Might as well start to investigate the tremors—“

“—Nope, Already got Tori working on them. You’re going to cover the Comets clinching a first round bye in the playoffs. I hear your dating one of them anyways.”

Rolling her eyes the woman mumbled to herself and sat down watching the current events feed roll in from the associated press.

One hour prior

Sage’s legs shook as the earthquake rippled the asphalt under her feet. She stood, barely, in front of a camera overlooking the Fountain District as another building came crashing down about a hundred yards behind her. Adjusting her posture as best she could the woman shook her head and kicked off her heels as the camera man adjusted to make her still look proportional to the shot. Waiting for her lead in back in the studio to finish Sage winced as the dust and debris cloud moved passed her and then she started talking. “As you can see Ian this earthquake and its associated aftershocks have left no section of the city untouched. I am standing only blocks from where yet another building has succumbed to the violent shaking. This is the fifth building in only the last half hour to be destroyed by the phenomenon—“

Watching the light go out on her camera Sage shook her head and felt the ground shake again as she was brushed aside by the news that an entire dock had separated from the wharf over by the newly refurbished section of the Waterfront. Watching another building lean Sage saw one of the massive skyscrapers in City Core crack and then shiver as if shaken by a giant before a yellow light shot skyward from it. Looking to her cameraman, she nodded. “Let’s go.”

“What!?” he said. “I got kids, you think…”

Jumping in the passenger seat the woman motioned him to hurry up.

Twenty seconds prior

Standing, heels back on, Sage prepped herself for the introduction of the latest development from City when more yellow light shot upward startling her. As the camera began to roll she immediately, fell into her usual routine. “This is Becky Sommers reporting Live from City Core in downtown Star City. We are…wait…oh…oh God….”

Running away from the building as the yellow fog engulfed it, the building next to it seemed to come alive for the briefest of moments before vanishing and reappearing as if untouched. The glass on the building broke on the lower levels and the maintenance crane on the top came plummeting downward. Men approached the news crew with guns waving them away as suddenly the yellow light took on a physical form grabbing one of the armed men by the leg and throwing him into the air. His body slammed into the side of the building now covered in a rippling, leathery skin that covered the building.

Falling down the woman watched as the men opened fire on the cluster of reporters. Closing her eyes, she heard the bullets getting closer when suddenly they stopped. Looking up she saw Red Arrow standing over her as the Queen Consolidated building began to sway back and forth. Barking out instructions Red Arrow seemed far too calm for the city ending destruction that was happening. “Move! Now! If you don’t run you are going to die!”

Pulling herself to her feet Sage started to run but stumbled over rubble. Beginning to fall she felt an arm wrap around her and within moments was a football field away from the disaster she had just been near. Setting her down, Red Arrow turned pulling his bow out. Stopping him the woman did her best to maintain her composure. “Thank you, my name is—“

“Becky Sommers, News channel Four. Keep yourself out of this area. I don’t care what story you think you have the right to cover you will die tonight if you get in the way.”
Jumping over a large piece of broken building the man disappeared as Sage stuttered out her real name.

“Sage…” Looking around the woman saw her cameraman struggling over rubble his shoulder shot through and his camera looking the worse for wear. Taking the camera from him, she helped him toward their news van only a few yards away noticing it had new dents and a thick layer of dust covering it. “Well, it could’ve been worse right?”
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