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Dark Knights

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Somewhere Over the Skies of Bludhaven, New Jersey

His combat skills were impressive. He could tell his abilities had grown since training had begun. Though it wasn't child's play he was still defeating his six sparring partners with little injury to himself. They had gotten a couple of lucky shots in. His ribs and jaw would be bruised in the morning but like the saying went, you should see the other guys. They were tiring, nearly at the end of their ropes. Derek smiled slightly and waved for them to come at him again. The men sighed and stood up, preparing for another round.

"That's enough. You're all dismissed."

The men started moving toward the door, "Not you, Nolan. I want you to meet someone."

Derek nodded at the other guys as they left the room. He liked them. They were a good group of officers. Apparently hand picked by Agent Hansen to be his backup in the field when needed. Derek approached the older gentleman in the suit. They extended arms and shook hands. Derek liked Agent Hansen. He was matter of fact. Always professional and reasonable. It was Hansen that had been placed in charge of the Batwing project. In fact, he had given the blimp they were currently on its nickname; the Belfry. Hansen motioned to a gorgeous, dark skinned woman next to him. She was wearing a professional suit, her hair pulled up behind her, "Captain Derek Nolan, this is Agent Jamie Cruz. She's going to be acting as your handler."

The pair shook hands and Hansen continued, "I'll be returning to Washington soon. I'll still be overseeing the project as a whole but Agent Cruz will be here to run the day to day operations." He nodded at them both, "I'll leave you two to get acquainted."

Hansen left the room and Cruz smiled and motioned for Nolan to follow her. They walked silently into the hall and down to the next room that housed the Batwing exo-skeleton. The pair stood staring at it for a long time before Cruz spoke, "Impressive isn't it? My understanding is it took Dr. Emerson and his team at Chase Incorporated quite some time to put it together. I think they got it right though."

Derek nodded, "Yeah they did. The body armor is just as awe inspiring. Kevlar based with some awesome weaponry in case I need to get out of the exo."

Cruz turned away from the suit and stared directly at Nolan, "Are you ready for this? Do you understand the gravity of this project?"

Derek turned and looked at the wall. Pictures of other costumed individuals graced the structure. They were positioned under various city names. Cruz continued, "This is the beginning. If the project works here other cities will get their own heroes. Heroes that work within the confines of the law. Do you know what that could do for this country? No more reckless vigilantes that aren't held accountable to anyone. This could change everything."

Derek nodded, "I know."

He continued to stare at the pictures listed under Bludhaven. A shadowy image of Nightwing. Green Arrow was listed, though they had him under Star City as well. Then there was an image of the Batwoman. Fiery red hair flowing behind her as she flew by on a motorcycle. These were the vigilantes that inhabited Bludhaven, alone. There were so many more. Metropolis. New York. Los Angeles. Gotham. These cities were in need of the Batwing project as well. He would make sure it was a success.
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