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[Another Earth]

Reed Richards hadn't shaved. Behind the mask, Victor Von Doom smiled. Richards had been working, ignoring his family, causing them strife.

"You have my word." Doom said. "I will not move against you or any of your allies. Should you fail in your fight with Galactus, should The Avengers fail against Ego, the living planet, or The X Men against the usurpers of the Shi'ar Empire, then, the defense of Earth should fall to Doom, as it should."

"You do keep your promises." Richards said. The image flickered, Reed Richards replaced by the rows of motionless Doombots, the gleaming technological arrays of Castle Doom humming perfectly. The Doombots waited, they could wait forever. With Doom before them, they knew what they were.

"Learning circuits activate. See the layers of Doom's plan. Who was it that mislead the heralds, depriving Galactus of his power cosmic, funneling him away from the Earth in hunger? Who was it that released Ego from the Negative Zone? Who has armed the Shi'ar Usurpers with their most vital information?"

Doom pointed his finger to a map of the globe that zoomed back in holographic green lines, revealing the moon. Thousands of objects popped into view in seconds.

"Doom removes the players from the field. I could attack them when they are weak, I could destroy them when I please. But then there would be excuses. Others would whisper that Doom won through treachery. 'He only won because...' they will say, because lesser men are full of excuses."

The perfect eyes traced his every step. The heads followed his every move. Every gauntlet was clasped behind the caped back, all green and steel and gold in a geometric display.

"Their excuses make them weak. And desperate. If Doom were to seek victory through treachery, none but Doom could discern it."

The Doombots learned.

"The board is clear. Our target will make his move."

The projector that had shown the HD image of Reed Richards came back to life, magnifying the stored footage from the Latverian satellites. The image grew, it was rectangular, blocks and domes, something that reminded Doom of Galactus' technology. Two massive jets pointed away from the Earth.

"This cloaked vessel cannot hide from Doom. It belongs to a being that has been manipulating the Earth for millennia. A being who has amassed power, followers, and secrets. Doom wants none of those things, save one. This being has stolen technology from the Celestials. Only Doom is worthy of mastering it. Only Doom is capable."

Doom was on a roll. He was, as always, content. Pleased with the inevitability of the proceedings. Planning a dozen contingencies. Addressing the Doombots was a joy he allowed himself.

"But if it were merely his technology I desired, then I would not have swept clean the board. I would not have planned this fight. I will cast this foe down at the feet of the world, where all my enemies have failed. Then, Latveria will not be denied."

The image resolved, the ship was the size of a skyscraper, moving near the S.H.I.E.L.D satellite without so much as a blip on their feeble sensors, while Doom watched it all.

"How are the decryption sequences coming for the Soviet arsenal?" He asked the panel in front of him.

"All available Soviet nuclear armaments are available for launch on your command." The console chimed. The voice seemed happy to tell him. The groveling circuit would not be employed today.

Doom clenched his metal fist, clashed it to his armor. The Doombots returned the signal in unison, jets and repulsorlifts burst from their boots as the skylight opened, arcs lifting into the air for a dozen spots around the world. Around him, a dais rose from the depths of the castle, containing his newest set of armor.

"You claim only the strongest survive, mutant." He said, as the mechanical hands pulled his armor from him and began raising the cybernetic interfaces. "A suicidal belief to hold in the presence of Doctor Doom."
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