The Path of Self-Reliance

2 years prior to The Force Awakens...
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The Path of Self-Reliance

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The Republic had deserted him, typical of their behavior.

In their insurgent quest to unseat the true, legitimate government of the galaxy, the organization then known as the Rebel Alliance had brought war and suffering to loyal patriots of the Galactic Empire. With brazen attacks, they had struck at the nerve centers of the Empire, disrupting people’s lives and destroying their peace of mind. That was little compared to the havoc they wreaked upon the safety, security, and sanctity that the Empire extended and offered. Like a mother bird, the Empire had spread its wings, taking the hunters’ arrows to shield its young. The Emperor had died trying to hold the galaxy together from the onslaught of these fools who thought that idiot peasants had the divine right or the advanced knowledge to rule.

They had ripped mothers from daughters, forced fathers to fight to protect their sons. Millions had volunteered to fight against the scum that made up the ranks of the Rebel Alliance. Any sane man would have bet on the farmers, sharpening their pitchforks against the coming horde of filth. Any sane man would have thought that the Imperials, fighting for home and hearth, for loved ones, and a way of life that had been gifted through the benevolence of Palpatine, would have taken a firm, resolute stand against this wave of indecency, one that would have been unwavering, unbent against the insanity of the Rebel Alliance.

But then, over the Forest Moon of Endor, insanity happened.

The rebel rabble was victorious.

With an emerald blade of energy born from a kyber crystal, Luke Skywalker, a traitor to his own blood, swung against his father. His father, showing, at the very end, the true compassion of the Empire, chose to attack his master, the Emperor of all the stars, to protect his only son. And on that day, there was nary a dry eye from all the beings of the galaxy, as the Emperor died. A man who had, through sheer force of will, destroyed the stranglehold that the Jedi had choked the Old Republic with, birthing the Empire to cut through the heady humid bureaucracy of the Old Republic. A true humanitarian, who had never asked to be loved, only instead asking for loyalty to a vision that had saved a doomed galaxy.

That day, that loathsome day, had brought about sweeping change. The peasants were in charge.

From that day, there had been the New Republic, a continuation of the tragic failed methods of the past. Long lines for simple crusts of bread, the filing of form after form in order to obtain simple clearance for a building, all of this was rushing back to the forefront.

Jaryn’s parents had been thrilled by it. He had been but a small boy, watching in awe at the removal of Imperial insignia and regalia throughout his homeworld. He had thought, then, that this was an interesting change, one that he would be able to tell his children and their children about. But then, as a child, he had been too naïve in the ways of the galaxy to understand that it would be with saddened tongue and teary eye that he told these stories to his progeny. When the bread riots started, his parents still believed that the way of the many was right, that the people would take care of each other. Jaryn was finally starting to learn that the so called morals of the New Republic were dropped at the first moment of suffering.

When his father’s head was bashed in with a rock by someone who attempted to cut in the line, Jaryn learned that people were only as good as the galaxy allowed them to be. When the chips were down, when the lines were long and the bread was scarce, these people who claimed to be civilized were willing to eat each other. When his mother was taken and raped during the riots before being trampled to death, he learned what the true colors of the people who apparently had wanted to be free were.

Taken in by the system, Jaryn was placed under the auspices of the New Republic Child Services, or the NRCS. The NRCS was barely funded, possibly even worse than the bread lines, though he did have close to enough to eat, most days. Taken from his homeworld, he was moved, like cattle to a more centralized location, where the Republic could watch him, and monitor him. It was there, on the streets of the vertical city planet of Nar Shaddaa, he learned how to fend for himself. Taught how to fight by the other boys in the system, he became one of the best fighters in the orphanage. He learned the art of free running, of balance. His ability to effortlessly weave his way in and out of danger seemed to be a talent, and one that he exploited when it suited him.

When he as young, far too young to be there, Jaryn first watched and then started to partake in violent combat sports, upgrading his skills to include Echani. He used the money that he earned to buy and sell Thorilide on the open market to try to build up enough money to get away from the NRCS. Luckily for him, funding was a problem for the fledging New Republic, and when money was cut to part of the NRCS, he was able to escape and go out on his own at the age of twelve. He tried to throw everything he had into the Thorilide market.

These actions drew the attention of some of the shady underworld dealers on Nar Shaddaa, but also drew the attention of a man who saved Jaryn’s life.

When the two met, Jaryn didn’t know that the man was an undercover agent of the First Order. But the man realized that Jaryn possessed skill that was far beyond the average citizen. Jaryn was Force-Sensitive. He offered to take Jaryn away from the apathy and the pain of the New Republic, to a place where the Empire still existed, a place where order could be found and loyalty was rewarded. He also confided in Jaryn that Jaryn had great power, if he was willing to learn to tap into it.

Finally he had found a home, after the New Republic had essentially abandoned him to the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

He was taken to First Order territory, and that was when Jaryn was introduced to his new family, his new brothers and sisters.

The Knights of Ren.
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