Exodus Galaxy Rules and the Story Coordinator

2 years prior to The Force Awakens...
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Exodus Galaxy Rules and the Story Coordinator

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It is 2 Years Pre-TFA, and the New Republic is still bringing several systems back into its fold, while they are under a armistice agreement which imposes strict disarmament and punishing reparations on the remaining Imperials. Many of the remaining Imperials have secretly established the First Order in the Galactic North and are expanding into the Unknown Regions and are beginning their efforts to retake what they had lost.

The Last Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has been gone and not heard from for over 10 years after his attempt to train a new generation of Jedi Knights was destroyed when Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren attacked. All attempts to locate Master Skywalker have been failures.

Here in the Exodus Galaxy, many new individuals are beginning their first steps into the larger picture of the new Galaxy of Star Wars.

While the Jedi Order has been destroyed, their are still a few individuals that are retired Jedi Knights that quit, or were exiled by, the Jedi Order for reasons of their own, that live quietly around the galaxy.

Further still their are a few individuals around the Galaxy that have grown up, some with the same capabilities of a Jedi Knight, that can use the Force, but are untrained, and completely ignorant of the abilities that they possess. Some are thought of as Priests or those that have been gifted with these abilities, while some are outcasts to their own homeworld because the people fear them and their abilities.

The Exiled/Retired Jedi would know that the Knights of Ren will be searching for them if they expose themselves to much, while those that are the Untrained/Unknowns would begin to 'sense' that there is something out there searching for them, but they would not know who or why.


Members are allowed to have 2 Jedi/Force User Characters. These characters are limited for the time being to be more in line with the new canon presented in Episode VII The Force Awakens...for the time being. As we learn more from official books/movies this guideline will/could change.

(Revision/Addition 2-7-17)
Each member has a limit of two main characters who can use the Force or are Force-sensitive. Main characters are defined as those that members intend to use in more than one thread and are often, or always, written from the point of view of that character.

Side characters (this includes villains) that use the Force are allowed but must be rare and not overpowered. If a member would like one of these Force-using side characters to appear in a thread created by another member, they must consult the other members of the thread first, either by private message or through an OOC thread.

A side character that uses the Force cannot become a main character if the member limit of two has already been reached. Any side character that ends up fitting the criteria of a main character after the limit has been reached will be a violation of this rule and the writer will have to cease writing them that way immediately.

This rule may be revised later as we get more information on the new canon.

Jedi/Force User characters will be limited in powers to that of a Jedi Knight.

There will be NO Jedi Masters at this time. Luke Skywalker is the only known Jedi Master. As we learn more, this will/could change.

Members are to refrain from using Canon Characters (Luke, Leia, Han, Rey, Finn, Kylo, etc...) unless they are used for character development such as messages from, brief meetings, etc.

For those members that wish to create their own worlds or governments, this is of course welcome...BUT...these governments cannot amass huge armadas are ships and can never be equal to either the New Republic or First Order. The object of this forum is not to write stories of a 'possessive' nature or amass powerful objects (Death Stars, Starkillers, Fleets of SSDs, Huge Galactic Empires, etc..). We are here to write fun and adventurous stories set within the Star Wars Universe as we know it. If Galactic Domination is your cup of tea, then there are other forums on the site that do not have any restrictions, and you are free to write whatever your heart desires on them. The MBT is the 'only' forum on this site where things that happen could effect other members stories.

Canon Worlds, and any 'Legend/EU' Canon Worlds, and their Armed Forces, Governments, Major Canon Races and Factions (Bothans, Chiss, Mandolorians, Black Sun, etc..) Major Corporations 'cannot' be destroyed, overtaken, or ruled/owned by any member of this site. With that said, those members that wish to write or create an original Corporation, Military Squadron/Group aboard a Canon Government's ship, may do so. Ownership of large fleets (hundreds of military ships) is also forbidden. Members can be Captains/Commodores/Group Leaders of small battle groups and/or Squadrons, but there will be no SSDs, or massive ships of this scale until we have more information on these types of ships. Again, the object of the MBT is story over possession of these massive ships/companies/worlds. This isn't a sim.

Custom races/species, planets and possibly ships are totally fine so long as said species and/or ships are not completely overpowered or ridiculous or custom planets don't turn into government simulators with people trying to control resources or build fleets for conquest purposes.


For the purpose of making sure that our stories do not infringe on other members stories, and that the MBT's continuous/collaborative storyline stays orderly , we have a Story Coordinator to help if you have any questions about something your about to write and if it might contain something that might be seen as disruptive to the timeline of the MBT. The Story Coordinator is here to keep a sense of 'direction' and continuity for the MBT. They are 'not' here to stifle your stories, but they do have 'some' control to make sure that your stories do not effect the MBT in a drastic way that could substantially alter the Star Wars Universe, and possibly other members stories currently, or even sometime in the future.

The "Reasonableness Clause" of the New Galaxy is this:

If a member absolutely knows...KNOWS...that they are creating a story that will not drastically alter our little piece of Star Wars Universe, they don't have to consult the SC (Story Coordinator). Write your story and have fun. 'Drastically alters' is defined as some event that you are creating will not alter the current Structure of the Star Wars Universe as we know it (Blowing up Canon/EU Worlds, killing Canon Characters, Altering the Political or Territorial Boundaries, Bringing in Powerful Weapons and/or Abilities, etc...

If you 'think' that there might be the possibility of something, a part (Character, Equipment, Abilities, Destruction of a Planet/People) of your story that another member might have an issue with...its probably best to ask the SC about it, just to be sure. You don't have to go into every detail of what you want to do for your story with the SC, just any part that might be considered questionable by others. Why take the time and creativity to write a long post, or even several posts, if someone is going to get upset about something your about to post? If the SC says its fine, then its fine.
There is 'NO' Statute of Limitations on violating the rules concerning the content of your stories on the MBT. That way, the argument, "I've been doing this for a day/week/month/year and no one stopped me!" doesn't hold water, for the very legitimate reason that the Moderators/Story Coordinator can't read everything all the time. If you post something without speaking with the SC that is found to be an issue, and is deemed to have violated the above mentioned conditions, your post will have to be amended and/or removed (by yourself or a Moderator).

Now if the SC and a member can't come to a agreement concerning a part of a story, THEN the Moderators get involved. At this point the Moderators will take in all the information on the subject and either offer a compromise or make the judgement on the situation. These judgements will be final, and no further discussion/arguing will be allowed. The Moderators hope that it will never come to this, as compromises can 'always' be made in the name of good common sense and cool heads.

Now in the past we have had MBT 'Events', where everyone gets together to be a part of some sweeping story where we have altered the normal Canon timeline with our own flavor. These types of events need to be first brought to the community at large. Just a basic plot, players, and just a basic outcome. These types of events need to be approved by the majority of the 'active' community, because usually we are altering the canon in some way.

As a way to more easily keep up with other members goings on, for the MBT Only, it is requested that members create a page on our Star Wars Exodus Wiki.

If a member does include canon elements, whether they've spoken to the SC or not, they must make an Exodus wiki page for the element, so that we can keep track of what has been introduced and what has not been introduced. Furthermore, this will help track Exodus divergence from Legends or Disney Canon, allowing everyone to be more informed. If you cannot create an element for your entry, whether due to time constraints or you don't know how to do so on the Wiki, then you can send a PM (Private Message) to the Story Coordinator and he will do it for you.
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