Number Of Mods Discussion

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Number Of Mods Discussion

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The Moderators and Administrators have discussed whether or not we should reopen this for the everyone's inputs. After talking this through, we will allow for the community to talk about whether or not a third moderator is even necessary.

I want to make this abundantly clear, this is not "overriding" Nich's decision in the previous thread. The moderators still hold reservations over the necessity of this discussion, but they are willing to give it a chance.

There are rules that must be followed, here, however. We will not be lenient toward them:

1. Only discuss the topic at hand: whether we need a third moderator at this point in time. We are not considering the future, we are not considering the past. We are considering here, and now, nothing else. Our current activity pool is very small, this is what our reasoning boiled down to. We briefly considered the possibility of future member count increase, but as a wise Jedi Master once said, "Difficult to see, the future is." Do not bring anything else into this discussion. There will be no "side-points" to be made.

2. If you speak off topic, your post is subject to editing and/or deletion. This is your only warning. This would include, but is not limited to, any additional discussion revolving around what has occurred this past week or what you feel should be considered the limits of moderator and/or administrator duties.

3. If any one of us sees reason to lock this thread (the discussion turns into arguments, people start calling each other names like being a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder, etc. so on and so forth), we will do so and future opportunities for discussion will become forfeit. This is an opportunity for you to either voice your concerns, or voice your support, or something in between. Do not ruin it for everyone.

4. More of a point of note than a rule: This thread will be locked in seven days by one of your administrative (read: Moderator or Administrator) members, regardless of where we are at in the discussion. If the discussion is deemed closed (based on lack of activity alone) before then, we reserve the right to close it early. However, we are not going to sit around count the hours between posts, itching to click that "Lock" button. We will do so with merit, if it comes to that. Seven days should be more than enough to voice what needs to be voiced, and if further consideration needs to be taken, it can be taken within that timeframe as well.
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