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Red Arrow - Summertime

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Summer in Star City had a particularly interesting smell to it. A mix of fish from the market, trees from the surrounding firs and salt from the bay all mixed to float slowly through the comfortably warm evening on a light breeze. Little to no rain meant near perfect nights and that made it an ideal time for lots of human activity and quite a bit of crime. Since the Shift had happened the city had taken on a different identity than before. The grunge, laid back, small niche city had exploded in Silicon Valley firms looking to find a foothold while the enjoyable, fun loving, northwest town fought to hold on to its roots. As the new firms entered the market they were finding it difficult to find footing as a joint effort by Queen Industries, Knight Weapons and Development, and Nexus Incorporated, which was run by a man named Gabriel Kho, positioned themselves to stop the outsiders from entry.

Through multiple avenues of corporate intelligence the three businesses had levied hometown interests in their favor keeping certain market advantages tilted in their favor. It was due to these advantages that Red Arrow found himself staring at a drone image of a building holding a five-member team of mercenaries currently hacking a Nexus Incorporated computer system. Positioned two miles away Red Arrow kept an eye on the events through a forearm-projected image while tracking his own target that was slowly meandering its way towards another building a few blocks away. He wasn’t worried about the computer hack, it was covering his own systems work in planting a few lines of code to allow them to monitor the corporation for any of its less than stellar activities but he was curious as to what they were trying to remove from the system. “Echo,” his distorted voice came to life at a low rumble. “What are the hackers looking at.”

“It would appear they are currently looking at a prototype of a projectile deployed EMP sir.” ALICE’s voice came back in a reply.

“ALICE, pull the manufacturing schematic and start tracking those suppliers. Also, patch me through to Echo, I want to be in her ear.”

“Will do sir.”

Stepping off the warehouse roof Red Arrow landed softly behind the man with the aid of the grappling hook built into his bow. Strolling along and quickly walking passed the man he stopped and turned startling the man who appeared to be looking at his phone but was actually double-checking a building schematic. Looking at the red hooded vigilante the man stopped for a moment and then turned to run. Pulling his bow Red Arrow nocked an arrow and then fired it at the man. Approaching the man he looked down and picked the phone off his twitching body as the arrow pulsed voltage through his nervous system. Holding the phone with his gloved human hand Red Arrow scanned the device quickly and then retrieved the arrow. “Next time you are trying to map a building for break in try and be more discrete, like not walking around it every night for a week with various pieces of surveillance equipment.”

Leaping back to the top of the warehouse he had dropped off of Red Arrow scanned the horizon and began to jog towards the building where the hackers were retrieving data on Nexus Incorporated. “Sir, I have tried to reach Echo, she appears to have turned off her communicator.”

“Artemis you got that? Pull her out.” Red Arrow leapt to the next building over joining Green Arrow at his perch.

“Copy boss.” Artemis’s reply had the muffled background of club music letting him know she was running recon on another member of the hacker crew they were currently looking at. Standing over a crouched Green Arrow the man under the red hood zoomed in on the building and activated the infrared scanner in his mask. Counting quickly he nodded to himself and then turned off the heat sensitive setting.

“What’s your read of the situation?”

“They’re pro’s. Security was disabled from the outside, military grade weaponry, surgical in getting in and knowing exactly where to look. Third system hit this week by the same crew. They’ve targeting various military weapons plans. I’m ready to move when you are.”

Doing quick calculations in his head the man behind the mask set his jaw. “Not yet, let them have this piece of the puzzle. They don’t have anything close to what they need to build whatever weapon they are looking for yet. We have a good idea of what they are trying to piece together but we’ll hit them soon enough.”

“Copy that, I’ll keep up the watch party.”
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